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Function: llWhisper( integer channel, string msg );

Whispers the text supplied in string msg on channel supplied in integer channel.

• integer channel output chat channel, any integer value
• string msg message to be transmitted
Channel Constant Description
DEBUG_CHANNEL 0x7FFFFFFF Chat channel reserved for script debugging and error messages, broadcasts to all nearby users.
PUBLIC_CHANNEL 0x0 Chat channel that broadcasts to all nearby users. This channel is sometimes referred to as: open chat, local chat and public chat.


  • Messages sent on channel zero[1] and DEBUG_CHANNEL are throttled to a rate of <200/10sec, per region, per owner/user.
    • Once the rate is exceeded, all following messages on channel zero or DEBUG_CHANNEL will be dropped until the send rate is again below 200/10sec for the previous 10 sec. Dropped messages, despite being dropped still count against the limit.
  • Text can be a maximum of 1024 bytes. This can convey 1024 ASCII characters, or 512 UTF-8 characters such as á
  • Whispers can only be heard within 10 meters of the speaking prim (rather than the root). This is contrary to how listens work, where a message can only be heard by any prim in the object if and only if the root prim is capable of hearing it.
  • A prim can not hear itself, this to prevent problems with recursion. It can however hear other prims within the same object.
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If you prefer, you can make use of certain mnemonic constants such as PUBLIC_CHANNEL instead of channel 0 and DEBUG_CHANNEL instead of channel +2,147,483,647.

        llWhisper(0, "This is an incredibly useless program.");
For communicating with the user or owner it is preferable to use llOwnerSay or llInstantMessage or llRegionSayTo as they won't spam other users.

See Also


•  listen


•  llListen
•  llOwnerSay
•  llRegionSay Sends chat region wide
•  llSay Sends chat limited to 20 meters
•  llShout Sends chat limited to 100 meters
•  llInstantMessage

Deep Notes

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  1. ^ Channel zero is also known as: PUBLIC_CHANNEL, open chat, local chat and public chat


function void llWhisper( integer channel, string msg );


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