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Mesh Import User Group

The Mesh team holds a weekly user group focused on all things related to the mesh import project. For full information on the user group and an archive of past transcripts, check out the Content Creation, Mesh Import, Scripting User Group page.

Fixes and feature requests

To see features and fixes other Residents are asking for, check out the most popular open issues. To bring more attention to an issue, please add your vote!

Found a new bug or want to request an improvement? Here's how to report it.

Discussion forums

To discuss the latest news, or anything related to Mesh, go to the Mesh discussion forums.

Latests posts from the forum:


  • List of Mesh-enabled regions - Mesh is enabled on the entire Second Life main grid, so you don' need to be in a special region. However these sandbox regions may still be useful for exploring and creating mesh content.
  • Mesh tests