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Movement! Or, how to get your avatar around in Second Life. Get going and see the list of sub-topics below.

Is there something that REALLY NEEDS a new Video Tutorial? Tell Torley!

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  • From the Basics series: "Moving & Flying"

<videoflash>EK2bczvyHoM</videoflash> (or DOWNLOAD HIGH-QUALITY VERSION)

  • From the Second Opinion newsletter series: Tips & Tricks #2 - the second item covers the wonderful uses of the Space Bar (video dates to Dec. 2006 - a classic from the Archives)


  • From the Basics series: "Moving & Flying"

<videoflash>EK2bczvyHoM</videoflash> (or DOWNLOAD HIGH-QUALITY VERSION)


  • From the Basics series: "Teleporting & Landmarks":

<videoflash>HL5aqEERlrI</videoflash> (or DOWNLOAD HIGH-QUALITY VERSION)


Space Navigator (3D Mouse)

As of Second Life 1.20, this 3D mouse has optimized compatibility with the inworld experience, including Flycam. Torley presents a special mixed-reality demo just minutes after opening the box!



  • En Garde!: Tutorial for a strategic fencing game by Reiner Knizia (uploaded Sept. 2007)