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These are older vidtuts, so some references may be noticeably out-of-date, but most of the fundamentals are still relevant today.

Title - click to watch! High-Quality What's it about?
How to use gestures DOWNLOAD avatar, social
How to manage your inventory DOWNLOAD inventory, control
How to use HUDs DOWNLOAD build, control
How to change your appearance DOWNLOAD avatar
How to open and sell boxes DOWNLOAD shop, control
How to use the building grid DOWNLOAD build
How to fill in your profile DOWNLOAD social, control
How to create and send a notecard DOWNLOAD inventory, social
How to use Undo DOWNLOAD build, control, workaround
How to make a flag that waves in wind DOWNLOAD build
How to make tiny prims DOWNLOAD build
Assorted Tips & Tricks
Learn more about what's inside!
DOWNLOAD control, build
Advanced Snapshot Magic DOWNLOAD snapshot
How to send a postcard DOWNLOAD snapshot, social