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Many video tutorials are categorized by one-word tags that tell you what they're about. Since a vidtut can belong to more than one category, multiple keywords are used as needed, with the first keyword being the main topic. You can see the tags in action @

The version the vidtut was filmed in can also be a tag (e.g., "2.0.1").

Main tags

Tag These video tutorials teach...
abuse How to deal with troubles which violate our Community Standards.
audio Topics related to sound, like muting annoying noises and playing parcel music. Also, voice chat.
avatar How to customize and use your avatar — your virtual self in Second Life — with greater confidence.
basic The most essential skills you need for a successful, happy Second Life.
build How to make stuff using Second Life's own building tools.
control How to move your avatar, camera, and handle the user interface more effectively.
explore How to travel around inworld and discover cool new stuff.
external tool 3rd-party programs outside of Second Life, like those for sculpted prims and animations.
graphics Visual settings and such. Broader than the "windlight" tag.
group Various things related to the groups system, like group permissions and communication.
inventory How to sort and manage your account's inventory, which contains your clothes, objects, textures, etc.
land Land-related stuff, like buying & selling parcels, land control options, and more.
machinima How to make movies in Second Life.
marketplace The Marketplace which will replace Xstreet.
media Shared Media, and to a lesser extent parcel media.
performance Tips 'n' tricks to make Second Life run faster for you.
promo Advertisements.
script How to make stuff using Second Life's own Linden Scripting Language.
search How to find stuff inworld with the Search tools.
shop Consumer-related activities, like how to buy stuff and what to do with it.
snapshot The joy of inworld photography using the Snapshot tools.
social Interpersonal skills, like chatting with other Residents and getting along.
tech Technical aspects usually oriented towards advanced users, like Debug Settings.
video Topics related to watching videos with parcel media in Second Life. Being deprecated by the "media" tag above.
web How to use parts of our website,
windlight Topics related to graphical beauty featuring WindLight atmospheric rendering.
workaround An alternative path to deal with a bug or annoyance. Also, troubleshooting tips.
xstreet The Xstreet virtual marketplace. Going to be deprecated.