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Out of Date

The volunteer information on this page is now out of date and will be kept for historical purposes. Please do not update information on this page.

Apprentice Mentors are required to attend one orientation session in order to be placed into the Second Life Mentors group. Mentor Coaches are volunteers in the Apprentice Mentor group who are able to offer these sessions to help new mentors become familiar with the available resources and guidelines. This is an entirely opt-in role for the Coaches.

Guidelines For Planning

  • Hosts must be part of the Mentor Coach role.
  • Orientation plans must include information about the topics listed in the checklist (bottom of this wiki). Pointing at relevant notecards meets requirements for 'going over' such topics is one way to convey the information about the topics.
  • Use of the provided orientation class handouts/notecards is encouraged as it fulfills the intended objectives, however, feel free to be creative and use any presentation screen or gadgetry you may have to offer. Please remember all materials given out need to be PG and nothing involving promotion or advertising.
  • A registration link will be provided that will allow you to submit your Second Life name along with an assertion that the checklist requirements are met to receive orientation hosting certification. When your orientation plan is completed, feel free to sign up using the registration link which will let us know your plan meets the checklist requirements. If future orientation plans change for improvements, no new registration is required, though the check list requirements stay the same. VTeam members may not be able to read through plans, but we can try to provide feedback on creative ideas if it is desired!
  • Registering for orientation hosting certification allows you to enter the Apprentices group with a special Coaches role, used for rallying Apprentices for attendance as needed.

How To Schedule Your Session

  • When ready, Mentor Coaches should email lexie@lindenlab.com one week in advance of their orientation session with the following information: Date, time, and name of a Mentor Buddy if one is planning on attending that orientation to guest speak. If you need to make changes to the scheduled session time or date after it is confirmed, please email that also.
    • Please put [Coach Orientation Schedule Request] in the subject line of the email.
    • Advanced notice is needed so that we can be aware of application processing needs.
    • All orientations should take place at SLVEC classroom.
    • Please check the orientation schedule page to confirm your session has been scheduled. If there are any conflicts with your chosen date or time we will contact you.
    • Coaches may offer one orientation session per day, a total of 2 per week and should only schedule sessions one week in advance.

Hosting Guidelines and Techniques

  • Sessions should be 30-60 minutes long. Mentor Coaches should find a replacement Coach for their session if they are unable to attend, as well as notifying a VTeam Linden of the changes as soon as possible. Please remember many attendees have arranged their daily schedules to be present. Coaches should make every effort to not miss a scheduled orientation or be late.
  • Mentor Coaches may host alone but hosting in pairs is a great idea!
  • To host an orientation using voice, please check in with a VTeam member for approval. Orientations do not have to be hosted in English.

Please Note: If an apprentice attends your session and they do not speak the language of the session, please direct them back to the orientation session page to pick a different class in their own language.

  • It is acceptable to ask for questions to be held until you ask for them. Stick to orientation questions and topics only. Questions you need assistance answering can be directed to a VTeam Linden by you or the resident with the question.

How To Submit Your Attendance List

  • Please take attendance during your session. You may collect attendance manually or by using a visitor counter. This attendance list with [Attendance List] in the subject area should be emailed to LindenVTeam@gmail.com in the following format as soon as possible.
    • Coach Name
    • Mentor Buddy Name (optional)
    • Date of Session
    • Time of Session
    • List of Attendee's Names
    • Attendance Total
  • If someone is not counted or there is a dispute over attendance, please let them know you will check with Mia Linden about the issue, and she will investigate from there. This will not be your burden.
  • Please let the attendees know they will be moved to Second Life Mentors group within approximately 48 hours. Weekend orientations may take a little bit more time to process attendees.

Sample Orientation Outline

Coaches: A sample session outline that meets checklist requirements can be seen here

Remember, VTeam will ask that you meet the check list requirements, but will not review every outline. Once you are registered as a host, you may make changes to your outline at your discretion, but be sure to keep the basic check list information intact.

Presentation Materials

Some presentation materials such as the presentation screen and some information notecards are provided. However, you are free to use your own. For information on materials offered at the SLVEC orientation classroom area, please click the link below. You are welcome to leave the presentation screen (or a prim of your choice) at the "media texture" slide for easy viewing of the Tao of Volunteers during your orientation.

Mentor Orientation - Orientation Materials

Orientation Checklist

If you choose to create your own orientation plan, please use the checklist to ensure your plan goes over the following; you may go over the following in a manner that fits your style and add your own ideas to the mix:

  • Tao of Volunteers (video or text)
  • Volunteer Mission/Purpose (An explanation of our open ended way of doing things, and some choices available for volunteering.)
  • Hot Spots for Volunteering (Welcome Areas, Help/Orientation Islands, Infohubs, etc.)
  • When To/When Not To Volunteer (Activate title when in best spirits!)
  • Volunteer Resources
  • Mentor Buddies explanation
  • Communication Guidelines, Etiquette (also consequences)
  • SL Volunteer Island
  • Incentives / Parties

Use of a personal class template is encouraged for all Coaches. Copy and paste during your session is acceptable as well as ad lib. Please feel free to adapt this information to a format that is fun and functional for you! Be creative if you like and feel free to experiment!

How To Sign Up

Click the link below to sign up to become a Host!