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Release Notes for Second Life Server 1.24.10 (106457) (December 22, 2008):

  • Add support for openspace/homestead/normal regions

Release Notes for Second Life Server 1.24.7 (98039) (October 2nd, 2008):


  • Multiple touch_start events are generated if Left Mouse button is clicked & held
  • Three security fixes

Release Notes for Second Life Server 1.24.6 (97433) (September 25th, 2008):


  • Added llEmail throttle as a server-side spam reduction measure
  • Memory leak identified in LSLScript handling code
  • Mono Domains are unloading when they should not be leading to server lag spikes
    • Partial fix
  • SVC-2908: C# error messages with Mono Compiled scripts
  • SVC-3080: Mono is not initializing rotations as ZERO_ROTATION
  • SVC-3072: Error message using llBase64ToString under Mono
  • SVC-3030: MONO only: An IF that checks a function that doesn't return a value causes the compiler to crash.
  • SVC-2347: User defined integer variable called rez will not compile in MONO.
  • SVC-2403: Mono Beta: Full recompile of an object (Mass Recompile) does not report compile errors to the user

Release Notes for Second Life Server 1.24.5 (96115) (September 12th, 2008):


  • SVC-2925: Instant Messages of certain lengths (object name + IM text) are not delivered with 1.24.1
  • SVC-1571: Rezzing a coalesced objects with 1024 scripted prims fails
  • SVC-2990: Listen and sensor (maybe other) events persist between states in LSL2
  • SVC-2973: MONO - timer() event triggers before on_rez(), & state_entry()
  • SVC-2908: C# error messages with Mono Compiled scripts
    • partial fix
  • SVC-2751: Mono Beta - LSL attach() event survives reset

Release Notes for Second Life Server 1.24.4 (September 3rd, 2008):


  • SVC-2938: Second Life Server If llGetNextEmail(string address, string subject) is called with a value in the SUBJECT field, the call will fail as no email will be picked up by the email( ) event.
  • SVC-2962: When creating a new list from a string and old list, it adds the string to the old list as well
  • SVC-2927: Abandoning land changes land name and description even when done by an Estate Manager.
  • SVC-2750: State changes are several times slower on MONO servers

Release Notes for Second Life Server 1.24.3 (August 29th, 2008):


  • Mono is an alternate way to run ordinary LSL scripts. It has advantages of speed and memory management over the current script engine. For more information, see Mono.
    • Note: Although no special viewer is needed to run Mono scripts, to create them you will need a viewer version of 1.21 or later.
    • The 1.21 Release Candidate Viewer is expected to be available the week of August 25th.
  • Enabled group moderation features for voice chat.

Changes that require both 1.24 Server *and* 1.21 Viewer (available here under "Release Candidate"):

  • Script performance now measured in "events per second" (eps) instead of "instructions per second" (ips)
    • 1.21 viewers will show "Script events" in the statistics window (ctrl-sht-1), but the metric will only have useful data for regions running 1.24.
    • Earlier viewers will show the legacy "Script perf" in the stat window, but its value will only be useful for regions running 1.23.
    • Once 1.24 is deployed gridwide, the only way to obtain useful script performance info will be with a 1.21 or later viewer

  • New feature to return all objects on an estate
    • MISC-713: Add "Return All Objects" as an estate-wide feature for a specified resident
  • New info added:
    • Add Time Stamp to Parcel Object List
    • Add Time Stamp to Top Scripts Colliders List
    • Add more categories to Help -> Report Abuse..


  • Three security fixes