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List of Attendees

  • alphaomegav2005 Savira
  • Archetypus Deed
  • Ari Blackthorne
  • Arrehn Oberlander
  • Bela Pausch
  • Benski Trenkins
  • Bratty Slade
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Colossus Linden
  • Couldbe Yue
  • Darrius Gothly
  • Eris Auxifur
  • Freya Olivieri
  • Gabba Loon
  • Grant Linden
  • hibit Spad
  • Jarnz Dench
  • JubJub Forder
  • Juliette Pashinin
  • Lazlo Delicioso
  • Madeliefste Oh
  • Magggnnus Woodget
  • Meta Linden
  • MikeD Panache
  • Nemurimasu Neiro
  • Petunia908 Pinklady
  • Phenom Chaos
  • Pink Linden
  • Rayne Saltair
  • Rex Cronon
  • RezAds Thor
  • Rose Mackie
  • Rya Nitely
  • Saikiki Moriguchi
  • Sian Birke
  • Sin Toshi
  • Siz Linden
  • Snickers Snook
  • Suspiria Finucane
  • Toysoldier Thor
  • Vilandra Miles
  • Xugu Madison


[15:58] alphaomegav2005 Savira: Hello everyone
[15:58] Pink Linden: Hi PEtunia, hi alphaomega
[15:59] Pink Linden: Hi Darrius
[15:59] Pink Linden: it's fun to cam back and watch everyone TP in
[16:00] Pink Linden: hello hibit
[16:00] Darrius Gothly: Hello Pink. Hello Colossus. Howdy Everyone.
[16:00] Petunia908 Pinklady: hi all
[16:00] Juliette Pashinin: Hello Darrius :)
[16:00] Pink Linden: where is everyone from?
[16:00] Pink Linden: hi rex
[16:00] Darrius Gothly: Umm .. Second Life. I thought you knew that. LOL
[16:00] Rex Cronon: hi pink
[16:00] Benski Trenkins: Even lindens land on eachother's head :))
[16:00] Rex Cronon: hi everybody
[16:00] Rya Nitely: I came from home
[16:01] Sian Birke: Hi everyone.
[16:01] Colossus Linden: Hello everyone :)
[16:01] Freya Olivieri: hey toy!
[16:01] Rex Cronon: hi
[16:01] Pink Linden: again with attendance so high please do make sure your avatar rendering costs are as low as possible.
[16:01] Saikiki Moriguchi: logging in from from usa...arkansas
[16:01] Benski Trenkins: Netherlands here (yes it's late for me, I know)
[16:01] Toysoldier Thor: hey freya
[16:01] Toysoldier Thor: ツ
[16:02] Darrius Gothly: East coast USA
[16:02] Bratty Slade: usa, DC
[16:02] alphaomegav2005 Savira: The uk
[16:02] MikeD Panache: USA, Ohio
[16:02] Ari Blackthorne: sling
[16:02] Pink Linden: hi Xugu, hi Ari
[16:02] Juliette Pashinin: Indiana here :)
[16:02] Ari Blackthorne: Hey! :)
[16:02] Petunia908 Pinklady is stripping :p
[16:02] Rya Nitely: Australia
[16:02] Pink Linden: helps us know when to have these to know what time zones we're getting to folks in.
[16:02] Pink Linden: Hello Madeliefste
[16:03] Rya Nitely: 11 Am in australia
[16:03] Ari Blackthorne: Do I need to turn on voice?
[16:03] hibit Spad: west coast
[16:03] Colossus Linden: Hello all
[16:03] Xugu Madison: evening all
[16:03] Sian Birke: USa, MD
[16:03] Gabba Loon: I'm in the UK
[16:03] Colossus Linden: Thank you all for coming today
[16:03] Pink Linden: helps us preserve the log for those who cannot attend
[16:03] Pink Linden: sorry for the chat lag
[16:03] Rex Cronon: hi
[16:03] Xugu Madison is in the UK
[16:04] RezAds Thor shouts: what the frell just happened!
[16:04] Colossus Linden: Before we get started, I'm going run through some Commerce Office hours guidelines which enable us to accomplish as much as possible in the short time that we have.
[16:04] Colossus Linden: 1. Stay on topic
[16:04] Colossus Linden: We have a lot to get through, so please keep all questions and comments to the topics for the agenda. Many users showed up to discuss the agenda that has been set.
[16:04] Colossus Linden: 2. If you do have a comment or question regarding a topic which is not on today's agenda, don't fret. Please ping Pink or me privately with any off-topic questions or comments. We'll get to them as soon as we can.
[16:04] Colossus Linden: 3. Please save your questions and feedback for the Q&A sessions.
[16:04] Pink Linden: operators are standing by...:)
[16:05] hibit Spad: lol
[16:05] Colossus Linden: You will have your chance to ask questions and we will answer as many as we can. We can actually get to more of them if we can quickly provide the information we have before questions start coming in.
[16:05] Arrehn Oberlander: Is this an oblique way of saying "Don't ask questions about the controversion new listings policy?"
[16:05] Pink Linden: Q&A sessions are in this meeting to be clear
[16:05] Colossus Linden: You will have your chance to ask questions and we will answer as many as we can. We can actually get to more of them if we can quickly provide the information we have before questions start coming in.
[16:05] Arrehn Oberlander: err, controversial?
[16:05] Colossus Linden: So, let's get started.
[16:06] Colossus Linden: Today, however, we're focusing on some redesign and feature efforts that will be coming to fruition soon

We have been listening and hearing request for features. We had a lot of integration tasks to tackle after the acquistion of Xstreet and we are now getting back to some of those front end features.

[16:06] Colossus Linden: Sorry, you can ignore the "however". copy and paste error :)
[16:06] Colossus Linden: Today, we are going to talk about 3 of them


[16:07] Pink Linden: welcome paeoti, JubJub, rose
[16:07] Colossus Linden: For each of these topics, we'll start by giving you a description of what is coming and then we'll open up to the crowd for questions, comments and concerns
[16:07] Colossus Linden: Now I'm going to hand this over to Grant Linden who can tell you about our work toward a new homepage. Please hold your questions for after he has finished his summary description.
[16:07] Grant Linden waves to everyone. We are currently working on a home page refresh that combines the best of the "marketplaces" page and the current home page.
[16:07] Colossus Linden: And to be clear, we are talking about a new homepage for Xstreet SL
[16:08] hibit Spad: yeah
[16:08] Grant Linden: and unfortunately I don't have examples to show to you today
[16:08] Grant Linden: This page will highlight promotions as well as surface some high level item categories on the home page.
[16:08] Grant Linden: Currently a user has to navigate to the Marketplace to see the list of categories.
[16:08] Grant Linden: This is a light design refresh and not the end solution to the front door of the Marketplace. categories
[16:09] Grant Linden: Colossus has reached out via the forums for various "tags" that might be helpful to highlight - like stampunk, tiny, Neko and such.
[16:09] Grant Linden: And we can also surface some of those popular tags.
[16:09] Grant Linden: At this time I don't have any visuals to share. When we do I can gather more feedback. When we do, PinkI will post them to Pink Linden's flickr stream.
[16:09] Grant Linden: Do you have that url, Pink?
[16:09] Pink Linden: we will also provide a link in the stream to a discussion thread and vice versa
[16:09] Pink Linden:
[16:09] Grant Linden looks at the Bunnah
[16:09] Grant Linden: thank you :)
[16:10] Grant Linden: I would like to stress that our goal is to be rolling out improvements on an ongoing basis and I don't want anyone to feel that there is a missed opportunity once a design is circulated for review.
[16:10] Grant Linden: I am also interested in residents providing me with examples of retail destinations they find useful.
[16:10] Grant Linden: and with that I will open the floor up to questions on this effort
[16:10] JubJub Forder: Will the "Marketplace" and "Marketplace Home" links lead to the actual Xstreet Homepage?
[16:11] JubJub Forder: and will Homepage featured continue to be there?
[16:11] Grant Linden: yes, we can redired them to the new page
[16:11] Grant Linden: yes, featured items will continute to be there
[16:11] Darrius Gothly: Are there plans to provide a "limited run but live" preview page in parallel with the existing "standard" page?
[16:12] Grant Linden: there are no current plans to roll the page out in that way, but I will have visuals to share before we go live
[16:12] Ari Blackthorne: Mt question is related to search results - will you be covering that separately?
[16:12] JubJub Forder: you speak of categories... will featured listings be at the top of those lists? or will they be ordered by price?
[16:12] Grant Linden: we will be covering search later
[16:13] Colossus Linden: Ari, we will get to search later.
[16:13] Ari Blackthorne: Gotcha /me waits patiently with smiles
[16:13] Pink Linden: hehe I almost typed that too in stereo
[16:13] Gabba Loon: Is it possible that you only have to log in once, currently if you navigate from the Second Life website to Xstreet you have to login again
[16:13] Vilandra Miles: and to get the option back to stay online ones logged in?
[16:14] Colossus Linden: Gabba, the homepage refresh will not change the login. However, that is an eventual goal
[16:14] Snickers Snook:
[16:14] Grant Linden: the categories are the navigation to browse the catelog that are currently on the left hand side of the marketplace page
[16:14] Grant Linden: we are working to improve login, but that will not be part of the home page project
[16:14] Arrehn Oberlander: Will preferences to see Mature items persist across your own logins? Currently this appears to need to be checked each time one logs in.
[16:14] Pink Linden: there is a team inside the lab currently working on single sign on. we don't have a date yet.
[16:14] Snickers Snook: That jira (which i created) calls for a unified login AND logout across all the sites
[16:14] Colossus Linden: Vilandra, that is on our list of requests. Thanks.
[16:14] Archetypus Deed: You asked for useful retail destinations. Is this because they will also be featured on the new homepage?
[16:15] Darrius Gothly: Will you make it easier to get to and keep sight of your Account links .. traffic, sales, reviews, etc.?
[16:15] Grant Linden: well, I am interested in sites that the merchants like?
[16:15] Grant Linden: as in Amazon, Etsy, etc.
[16:15] Snickers Snook: I liked onrez before you shut it down
[16:15] JubJub Forder: will popular items continue to be emphasised above featured listings?
[16:15] Grant Linden: there are things about Onrez that I have documented for later features
[16:15] Ari Blackthorne: Yes - Ditto - OnRez was stunning as for usability and shopping.
[16:16] alphaomegav2005 Savira: The biggest issue with the marketplace homepage at present is that it's mainly adverts for featured items, ideally i'd want to have a more customized page, similar to the my google or bbc pages, where featured items may still be present in conjunction with modular boxes with customized search results, say the latest in the vehicles catagory or items with a tag, along with you have previously viewed 'you might like' modules in the vein of amazon, would this be possible as part of the redesign?
[16:16] Couldbe Yue: you want some hints as to how a real shop site is structured?
[16:16] Archetypus Deed: so retail sites in general not necessarily SL related
[16:16] hibit Spad: what about the "mature" listings? will my choice of displaying those items stick around a little longer then it does curently?
[16:16] Grant Linden: that's great feedback, alphaomegav
[16:16] alphaomegav2005 Savira: Thanks
[16:16] Darrius Gothly: I would like to second that idea too .. very good.
[16:17] Toysoldier Thor: The sites we like are the sites that LL has encouraged us to look at and migrate to over the past few weeks.... you Lindens figure out who your xstreet competition is
[16:17] Grant Linden: hibit, can you tell me what you mean about mature items "sticking around"?
[16:17] Colossus Linden: We have spotted that the adult preference is not being saved and it is on our backlog. Thanks.
[16:18] Snickers Snook: the 18+ selection is only good for that browser session
[16:18] Snickers Snook: It should be sticky
[16:18] Ari Blackthorne: It sticks with Opera 10.10 browser - but fails in Safari and FireFox
[16:18] Grant Linden: I see
[16:18] hibit Spad: thank you Collosus
[16:18] Ari Blackthorne: Login doesn;t stick though LOL
[16:18] Darrius Gothly: .. and IE
[16:18] Colossus Linden: Thanks Ari, that is useful information to have. I'll pass that along.
[16:19] hibit Spad: sometimes it doewn't even stay around for the same login session
[16:19] Pink Linden: any more questions for grant?
[16:19] JubJub Forder: will popular items continue to be emphasised in preference to/above featured listings?
[16:19] Saikiki Moriguchi: in the meeting earlier there was mention of the xstreet and SL L$ accounts were merging and we wouldn't have to use the xstreet terminals that because of the script limits coming out soon?...and the terminals will use up too much memory?
[16:19] Ari Blackthorne: Oh and what I said is true on both mac and Pc (don;t know about Linux) - so it might be something "lucky" with Opera - Dunno.
[16:20] Pink Linden: Saikiki tis is off topic, let's discuss in IM
[16:20] Saikiki Moriguchi: srry
[16:20] Grant Linden: we won't be making any change to the display of popular items with the redesign
[16:20] Benski Trenkins: Is the new site going to be lighter than for instance the blogs and the current site? lots of people used to browse on smartphones, me included, but just like the new forums, the Xstreet site is getting too heavy for that.
[16:21] Rose Mackie: Poor's the pity on that Grant,
[16:21] Vilandra Miles: .
[16:21] Vilandra Miles: there is another thing I noticed. previous, when I deposited money to xstreet to buy something I didn't need to refresh the item page before buying. xstreet recognized the new available money on my account. now it doesn't and tells me to load my account while I can see more then enough credit on my balance on that page then. ;)
[16:21] Pink Linden: Benski, to be clear it's not a new site, just a new home page for the moment.
[16:21] Grant Linden: at this point we are not talking about a "new site" but just the home page
[16:22] Benski Trenkins: ok
[16:22] Benski Trenkins: thanx
[16:22] Grant Linden: and I don't expect load times to be changed as a result
[16:22] Rex Cronon: can the main site have 2 version: one that is script heave and another that has no scripts and no flash?
[16:22] Snickers Snook: well at the very least the home page should be "scalable" so you can fit the mess into a laptop browser window
[16:22] Gabba Loon: On that matter, please don't make the new site overcomplex, I can run SL but I struggle to navigate the new SL website, I'd hate for Xstreet to go the same way
[16:22] Rex Cronon: is script heavy*
[16:23] Snickers Snook: Right now XStreetSL takes up my whole 19" high-rez monitor window
[16:23] Grant Linden: Gabba and Rex, that great feedback on Flash and scripts
[16:23] JubJub Forder: can you tell us your reasoning for having "Most Popular" page consistently emphasised more than the homepage?
[16:23] Arrehn Oberlander: The new SL website runs all on SSL, which is incredibly high latency.
[16:24] Pink Linden: ok, any more questions on the new home page for grant?
[16:24] Grant Linden: JujJub, do you mean the "Marketplace" page when you write ""Most Popular" page?
[16:24] Pink Linden: oops, sorry, chat lag
[16:24] Gabba Loon: We need a low intensity version too for those afflicted with techno-poverty :)
[16:24] Benski Trenkins: That would also solve the smartphone issue :)
[16:24] Couldbe Yue: snickers.. it seems that unlike the other sl shopping sites (accroding to pink, iirc) people who use xsl don't have anything smaller than a 19" monitor.. despite the other sites having around 40+% of people who do
[16:24] JubJub Forder: Marketplace links, marketplace Home links..all leat to the Most Popular Items
[16:24] Grant Linden: we will be combining the Marketplace page and the Home Page
[16:25] Darrius Gothly: .. or those of us that like to open too many windows. *grin*
[16:25] Ari Blackthorne: Yes - think of the difference bewtween Bing Images and Google Images - one is fancy and other is lean and mean.
[16:25] Arrehn Oberlander: Um, that seems unlikely. For example, 19" laptops are quite rare.
[16:25] Rex Cronon: .
[16:25] JubJub Forder: and will Dasboard still feature "popular items"
[16:25] Colossus Linden: Jubjub, the main link in the header goes to the Marketplace homepage which displays the homepage featured ads.
[16:25] Xugu Madison would prefer high-latency SSL (which is about 200ms more, in my experience) to people being able to grab his sessions, do MITM attacks, etc
[16:25] Rose Mackie raises hand ... now I'm confused ... combining the marketplace and homepage?
[16:25] Archetypus Deed: I agree, I'd like to see the homepage feateured listing be more worthwhile. As it is, people only see the HP features listings before they start looking
[16:26] Grant Linden: combine modules.php?name=Marketplace and
[16:26] JubJub Forder: they call the most Popular items page the "marketplace" atm...its where the most obvious links lead..anything called Marketplace
[16:27] Snickers Snook: @Arehn I was saying that the XSSL site pages should FIT into a laptop window. As it is, it takes up the entire screen of my 19" regular monitor.
[16:27] Colossus Linden: Alright folks, Grant has answered a number of questions and we have 2 more topics to get to today
[16:27] Snickers Snook: It doesn't resize for width. They are fixed columns
[16:27] Sin Toshi: will the eliminate Homepage Featured listings? Leaving just featured listings?
[16:27] Grant Linden: thank you, Snickers, we do need to take a look at the overall page footprint
[16:27] Pink Linden: HOmepage featured listings will not be eliminated sin
[16:27] Colossus Linden: Thank you all for the feedback and suggestions
[16:27] Xugu Madison taptaptaps "XSL looks fine at 1024x768 to me..."
[16:28] Saikiki Moriguchi: will the new home page be personalized for everyone's own preference
[16:28] Xugu Madison: well, okay, it looks small, but usable
[16:28] Darrius Gothly: lol
[16:28] Sin Toshi: but they will have to share focuse with more items?
[16:28] Colossus Linden: Before we move on to the next subject
[16:28] Grant Linden: Saikiki, there won't be any saved preferances in this version
[16:29] Colossus Linden: I will clarify that we will not be eliminating the HOmepage Featured Listings
[16:29] Colossus Linden: They will exist on the new homepage. When we have designs ready for viewing and feedback, you'll get a clearer picture.
[16:29] Couldbe Yue: I would like to hope that is is about giving more visibility to the homepage features and trying to return some value to them
[16:30] Sin Toshi: Understood..Just trying to understand if they will be more prominent or less prominent. It sounds like you are adding more features to the homepage...
[16:30] Vilandra Miles raises hand: I would love if there would be any explonation to the categories. i mean, you often find stuff in categories which doesn't belong there.
[16:30] Colossus Linden: Thanks all, now we need to move on to wishlists to stay on topic. If you have any more questions regarding the homepage redesign, please IM one of us. Thanks
[16:30] Vilandra Miles shuts up ^^
[16:30] Colossus Linden: Regarding Wishlists, I'm going to give you all a description of where we are headed. Then we'll open up for questions.
[16:30] Grant Linden: thank you Jarnz
[16:31] Colossus Linden: we've gotten a lot of request to add wishlist functionality over the last year and we're now getting around to it.
[16:31] Colossus Linden: We're working on a project which is split wishlists into a few phases.
[16:31] Colossus Linden: The ultimate goal is to give our shoppers the ability to add items to a publicly viewable wishlists, to allow them to share that wishlist, and to allow users to search for a friends wishlist and purchase items off of it.
[16:31] Suspiria Finucane: ao reset
[16:32] Colossus Linden: For the first phase, we have created a shop on Facebook as a widget within our Second Life fan page
[16:32] Snickers Snook: Why is wishlist a priority when there are so many other things in XStreet that are either borked or totally missing in terms of customer and merchant functionality??
[16:33] Colossus Linden: We will launch the first phase before the holidays.
[16:33] Colossus Linden: This shop will have all active, non-adult items from Xstreet SL (Sorry, we can't place adult items up there) and has some limited wishlist functionality
[16:33] Colossus Linden: We have pushed in this direction because it allows us to get some simple wishlists in place before the holidays
[16:33] Colossus Linden: Here, users will be able to browse items just as they can on Xstreet. But, they can also add those to a wishlist, and will be able to share that wishlist with friends.
[16:33] Arrehn Oberlander: My wishlist is to list freebies.
[16:33] Colossus Linden: Anything that a shopper purchases off of a wishlist, they will have to mark as purchased
[16:34] Rayne Saltair: lol Arrehn agrees
[16:34] Colossus Linden: In Q1, we will take this a step further with some key wishlist integration features as phase 2 of the project
[16:34] Colossus Linden: And, we'll tie into the Xstreet purchase process so that when a friend buys an item off of your wishlist, it is automatically removed from your wishlist
[16:34] Colossus Linden: We'll allow a user to add an item to their wishlist from the detail page on Xstreet.
[16:34] Toysoldier Thor: Sooo after all these months of feature requests you have heard from all of us.... the Commerce Team believes that WISHLISTS is a top priority?? Really??
[16:34] Couldbe Yue: couldn't we fix the problems with favourites and ratings first? I have problems deleting items from the favourites and I have items I have been trying to rate for months and they just won't take the rating
[16:35] Colossus Linden: Wow, the chat log just re-ordered my statements. Odd
[16:35] Rex Cronon: where can see this wishlist?
[16:35] Colossus Linden: *chat lag
[16:35] Rex Cronon: can we see*
[16:35] Darrius Gothly: Colossus, I know how sometimes developers get an "epiphany" and just magically overnight invent something neat. So please tell us this Wishlist development is not stealing resources away from other, (IMO) more important tasks.
[16:35] Couldbe Yue: it's nice you're trying to increase your facefook presence and do some discrete marketing but more practical things would be nice
[16:35] Colossus Linden: That is a quick overview of the initial phases of the wishlist feature. I'll now open up to questions
[16:35] Rex Cronon: .
[16:35] Sin Toshi: So the wishlist will never be able to have adult items..or only in phase 1?
[16:35] Rose Mackie: Would like once again to voice disagreement with using Addons like Facebook
[16:36] Darrius Gothly goes on record again as totally avoiding and refusing to use Facebook.
[16:36] JubJub Forder: How many people have requested wishlists?
[16:36] Colossus Linden: Couldbe, please im with details regarding not being able to rate products.
[16:36] Ari Blackthorne: Wishlist is a good idea. Rock-on. (No sarcasm - serious)
[16:36] Gabba Loon: Will the wishlists be visible to people not on your freindslist?And will there be a special one for people to bug with wedding lists?
[16:36] Toysoldier Thor: an overhaul of the Search Indexing, deployment of keyword feild indexing, Merchant Maintenance features, a cost effective features enhancement.... and we are talkin about wishlists??
[16:36] Colossus Linden: Rex, sorry, I had hoped to have visuals for you today but do not.
[16:36] Archetypus Deed agrees with Rose and Darrius
[16:36] Lazlo Delicioso: wishlists rock, can I have many of them?
[16:36] Colossus Linden: Darrius, we are working with an outside company for wishlists
[16:36] Eris Auxifur: also agreeing, facebook is the tool of satan, i will not use it, their privacy concerns are well documented
[16:37] Colossus Linden: So no, it is not stealing resources from anything else, but it is a highly requested feature in any case
[16:37] Couldbe Yue: not the same people you've employed to do the blog and the new viewer??
[16:37] Pink Linden: Eris, one of the reasons we're doing this is to show second life to people who may not be there now
[16:37] Rayne Saltair: As both a merchant and a shopper I doubt I will be using wishlists at all.
[16:37] Darrius Gothly: Thank you. So inside resources are still tasked toward ... what IS the task priority list at Commerce Team?
[16:37] Pink Linden: and it was very low development cost.
[16:37] Eris Auxifur: i understand that. but i can't and won't trust facebook with my personal information
[16:37] Lazlo Delicioso: Can I expose my wishlist on a blog?
[16:37] Eris Auxifur: so i guess i have to wait till phase 2 ;)
[16:37] alphaomegav2005 Savira: Why the inegration with facebook in particular? Wouldn't a profile feature integrated with wishlists on the second life website itself be more productive? Escpecially for people who prefer to keep their two lives seperate, that said, how much of this facebookwidget will incorporate featured items and advertisements? Personally it'd rather not have my facebook page littered with adverts for random products
[16:38] Pink Linden: we're going to try it and see how it works
[16:38] Madeliefste Oh: Things that are on your wishlist that you have bought, are marked as bought... what about items you got from a friend?
[16:38] Colossus Linden: Sin Toshi, We will allow adult items in wishlists in the future. There are some issues we need to tackle around that since these lists are generally viewable to the public. Phase 1 will not include them. My apologies to the adult merchants.
[16:38] Archetypus Deed: Pink, If we show SL to new users as it is now, with broken features and difficult to use, won't that do more harm thn good?
[16:38] Rose Mackie: I beg to differ Col ~ it is taking resources, that is Linden money, which could be put to other purposes
[16:38] Saikiki Moriguchi: the point of the wishlist is so other ppl can buy u stuff...the stuff u want is in ur fav.list
[16:38] Pink Linden: Saikiki and right now there's no way to share that favorites list on a social network
[16:38] Couldbe Yue: Alpha. M said in january they wanted the facebook crowd.. a lot of the stuff you're seeing is all pointing at achieving his vision
[16:38] Gabba Loon: I don't want people not on my friendslist to be able to view *any* information about me without my control, so is it possible to control who can view it?
[16:38] Rex Cronon: what if i don't wish to integrate my sl account with facebook?
[16:39] Saikiki Moriguchi: i know i am for the
[16:39] Snickers Snook: Dittos Gabba & Rex
[16:39] Ari Blackthorne: Then don't, Rex. That stuff are options - nothing cvompelled. lol
[16:39] Rex Cronon: i am just asking
[16:39] Gabba Loon: Particularly when you get around to adding adult items 0.o
[16:39] Snickers Snook: Even as a merchant, while I can see some increased sales benefits, it has to be user selectable
[16:40] Snickers Snook: Share inside SL, share outside or don't share period
[16:40] Rose Mackie: But, Ari, if LL uses it resources ... that is people and money, to build up facebook presence ... that takes away from people and money devoted to REAL issues
[16:40] Colossus Linden: Alphaomegav2005. It was a matter of what we could do quickly before the holidays via an external partner. Also, it gives us a simple way to share lists via an outside network. We expect this to be a benefit for our shoppers and merchants
[16:40] Madeliefste Oh: Things that are on your wishlist that you have bought, are marked as bought... what about items you got from a friend?
[16:40] Pink Linden: to answer the question about our first priority right now, it's merging Linden dollar balances so we can remove terminals and thus remove a barrier for new shoppers to xstreet.
[16:40] Arrehn Oberlander: Can you speak more about the arrangement with the third party to manage wishlists? What are the collecting in return? Straight cash, or is it marketing information on XStreet users as well? Or something else?
[16:40] Phenom Chaos V2.13: Phenom Chaos V2.13 [script:!Asset] Script run-time error
[16:40] Phenom Chaos V2.13: Stack-Heap Collision
[16:40] Couldbe Yue: It's even more gameable than current most popular lol
[16:40] Snickers Snook: But I still think with all the things that need improving on XStreet, wishlists would be toward the end of the priorities for dev
[16:40] Eris Auxifur: oh i LOVE that idea of removing terminals, quick, do that! now now now! (wink)
[16:40] Eris Auxifur: although that is going to have a horrid effect on my l balance
[16:40] Lazlo Delicioso: Can I create a wedding registry with it?
[16:41] Colossus Linden: Gabba, I'll have to check on that. I'm not sure. We will make it clear to our users what functionality is there.
[16:41] Toysoldier Thor: So Pink, if you are going to merge accounts for shoppers to make it easier to shop for items at off-grid shopping sites, will you be providing an API for other Shopping sites to tie directly into SL Accounts as well?
[16:41] JubJub Forder: what information will this 3rd party share? are they simply selling you a feature to integrate? or will it be carried by an outside provider?
[16:41] Benski Trenkins: Merging balance was promised since the start :) happy to hear it is priority
[16:41] JubJub Forder: ie; will they have access to our account data for sales and refunds?
[16:41] Darrius Gothly: Ty Toy.
[16:42] Madeliefste Oh: Will it be possibe for a merchant to search all wishlists to see if your items are on it?
[16:42] Toysoldier Thor: as a merchant... i want it easy for my SL shoppers to be able to buy my SL items - regardless what off grid shopping site i decide to work with
[16:42] Colossus Linden: I'm curious as to what statements of "gameable" in regards to wishlists mean. Please explain as I am confused by this.
[16:42] Saikiki Moriguchi: me too we haven't even seen it
[16:43] Colossus Linden: Lazlo, we will be releasing the ability to create one wish list in phase 1. Wedding registries are on our backlog. I agree that that will be a great feature.
[16:43] Rya Nitely: the facebook and wishlist idea sounds like rubbish
[16:43] Lazlo Delicioso: Does the purchase happen on xstreet or on the wishlist site?
[16:43] Ari Blackthorne: Example of gameable: If a item shows on it's detail page how many people have it as a wishlist item - creators could get all 500 of their alts to list it. ??? -winks-
[16:43] Rya Nitely: maybe a wishlist in slx to link to your items
[16:44] Snickers Snook: Yep Ari, just like they game ratings
[16:44] Toysoldier Thor: so the purpose of merging my accounts is so that LL can take my listing fees from my main account in case my Xstreet account doesn have sufficient funds?
[16:44] Ari Blackthorne: Well - it was rhetorical - but gamers will find a way. -shrugs-
[16:44] Couldbe Yue: it's pretty simple.. let's talk corruption for a second.. The lovely Sin across from me and I will do a deal (assuming she agrees) I'll wishlist the items she wants to push, she'll wishlist mine and then when people check out our listings the really nosey ones will check the wishlists and lo and behold.. free advertising
[16:45] alphaomegav2005 Savira: Wouldn't that be a negative thing for your product, people saying i'd like it, but i don't want to pay for it?
[16:45] Colossus Linden: Lazlo, the purchase will still occur on the Xstreet SL site
[16:45] Arrehn Oberlander: I don't like the facebook idea either. It's a privacy nightmare. Facebook has rampant privacy issues already.
[16:45] Colossus Linden: Ari, thanks, we'll consider that in regards to whether we publish that information with an item.
[16:45] Rya Nitely: not many people will use their facebook with SLX
[16:45] Ari Blackthorne: Thank you, Colossus
[16:45] Rya Nitely: I wouldn't
[16:45] Couldbe Yue: I'm certainly going to put nothing on there that I wan't. but I will use it as a marketing tool for either my items or for people I know
[16:45] Xugu Madison: Could we look at more generic ways of embedding wishlists in other sites? Are they going to have stable URLs we can list on blogs/Twitter/LJ/I don't know what?
[16:46] Colossus Linden: Primarily, the way wishlists are used is not as a sense of popularity
[16:46] Arrehn Oberlander: When I say privacy I mean "control over how information linked to your account is shared and used".
[16:46] Ari Blackthorne: Yes - so we would like to see that it cannot be used that way (gamer work arounds and things)
[16:46] Gabba Loon: Most people want to keep their sl and rl very separate although I can understand LL's desire to advertise in Facebook
[16:46] Rex Cronon: hmm. i seem to have missunderstood this wishlist thing. is not a list of what users want to improve with xtreetsl but is list of items people like to buy on the site(hopefully on sale)? did i get it right?
[16:46] Snickers Snook: Pfft before they do that Xugu, they should give merchants real XSSL urls for storefronts
[16:47] JubJub Forder: will wishlist statistics be used to judge popularity at all?
[16:47] Rayne Saltair: LOL I don't even want my RL friends knowing I play SL much less advertise it on another site.
[16:47] Colossus Linden: As a user, I add items to my wishlists. I point my friends to my wishlist to buy me gifts. They buy them. I can create 500 alts and wishlists for each, but I still have the same number of friends, so my influence hasn't really increased.
[16:47] Pink Linden: the idea is that you can add things to your wishlist and display that widget on your facebook account. that's it.
[16:47] Pink Linden: it's all optional
[16:47] Vilandra Miles: maybe we shouldn't forget that there are tons of people that aren't and won't use facebook, twitter or whatever. what about them? their fault, so they can't have wishlists, or what?
[16:47] Benski Trenkins: Facebook has no privacy issues, it simply doesn't exsist there
[16:47] Saikiki Moriguchi: maybe i'm too noob tro understand but how can it be gamed?...u would be listing things u want but can't afford at the moment and oneof ur friends might get it for u as a gift...the holidays are almost here...hint hint
[16:47] Rose Mackie: It does seem easier to add a function to the current FAVS list to make the item public on one's XStreet profile
[16:47] Ari Blackthorne: Ditto Rose
[16:47] Pink Linden: Rose right now all our development resources are working on the Linden dollar balance merge
[16:47] alphaomegav2005 Savira: Despite the fact that facebook is free advertising, how many companies have made a real life successful advertising campaign there? THe only way to advertise to other audiences is to pay for it, sorry, but it's a reality
[16:47] Pink Linden: and any other work will delay that
[16:47] Colossus Linden: But, to the extent that we consider publishing information which can be used as "popularity" we will consider how to try to prevent gaming. Thanks for the feedback.
[16:47] Darrius Gothly: As long as the "number of times placed on a wishlist" statistic isn't used to alter ranking, I see no problems there.
[16:47] Pink Linden: so there's an opportunity cost, even for "easy" projects
[16:48] Couldbe Yue: olossus.. just being you has influence on casual viewers. anything you list will be taken as an endorsement
[16:48] Toysoldier Thor: so why pink would you bring up the topic of merging xstreet / SL accounts and then not answer the questions related to the topic you brought up?
[16:48] Pink Linden: Darrius there should be no impact on popularity
[16:48] Eris Auxifur: viliandra, the facebook options are only the first step, because they can get this out before the holidays... then it will move to xstreet, as i understand it ;) so skip the faceook phase, i will be
[16:48] Rose Mackie: So why are we discussing anything else? If it can't be considered because other things are on the table?
[16:48] Darrius Gothly: Ty Pink.
[16:48] Jarnz Dench: I'm sure I heard in the news that Facebook was changing so you have to set who has access to your stuff on Facebook, no so public anymore
[16:48] hibit Spad: Why is everyone hung up on facebook? it is OPTIONAL.
[16:48] Benski Trenkins: Simply don't link wishlists to popularity.
[16:48] Lazlo Delicioso: Why does shopping on xstreetsl all happen in https if I'mn not logged in?
[16:48] Benski Trenkins: Otherwise someone WILL find a way to game it for sure
[16:48] Vilandra Miles: thx Eris ;)
[16:48] Colossus Linden: Hey folks, let's stay on topic here. Please feel free to im us with other topics.
[16:49] Colossus Linden: Sorry if we can't answer everything in the local chat
[16:49] Madeliefste Oh: Are the wishlists a free service or do people have to pay to have a wishlist?
[16:49] Colossus Linden: And if there are remaining questions regarding wishlists, please IM Pink or I as we need to move on to search
[16:49] Pink Linden: they are free Madeliefste
[16:49] Rose Mackie: I'm so spammed on facebook as it is that if I spent the time there required to answer/maintain everything I have no time for SL
[16:49] Toysoldier Thor: And how much is LL going to charge Merchants for the WishLists feature?
[16:49] Couldbe Yue: shhh Toy, that comes later .. ;)
[16:50] Toysoldier Thor: yess
[16:50] Toysoldier Thor: if she decides she is gonna answer any of my questions
[16:50] Colossus Linden: We just announced our that there will be a small release on 12/16/2009 and it will include a search improvement. I'll quickly describe this and then open up for questions.
[16:50] Colossus Linden: We have gotten a lot of user requests for search improvements and this is just a start
[16:50] Toysoldier Thor: the lindens are not even answering my ON TOPIC questions...
[16:50] Colossus Linden: Users have informed us that the results are not always relevant especially when searching on multiple keywords
[16:50] Colossus Linden: The old search algorithm returned all results that included even one of the keywords
[16:50] Arrehn Oberlander: You mean you didn't know?
[16:51] Colossus Linden: Our new algorithm will require a listing to match over half of the keywords entered
[16:51] Ari Blackthorne: Nice
[16:51] Colossus Linden: For example, if a user enters 5 keywords in the default search, we will now only return results which include at least 3 of those keywords.
[16:51] Rex Cronon: maybe that is why some people used keyword spam:)
[16:52] Colossus Linden: This will reduce the number of returned results and should make them much more relevant when searching using multiple keywords
[16:52] Magggnnus Woodget: is this a proven way to improve search results?
[16:52] Darrius Gothly: So enter only an even number of search words .. that way you won't get half-word matches. (ducks)
[16:52] Rose Mackie: It's nice that the SEARCH problems are being addressed now that the horses are out of the barn
[16:52] Toysoldier Thor: no answer on "fees" related to wishlists means Lindens plan to charge for this service
[16:52] Arrehn Oberlander: I applaud something that *will* actually improve the customer experience.
[16:52] Colossus Linden: Now, we'll open up for questions regarding this new search algorithm
[16:52] Darrius Gothly: Toy .. Pink said they are free.
[16:52] Bratty Slade: I believe Pink said it would be free.
[16:52] Gabba Loon: Does the new algorithm pay attention to "" and - to deselect items such as -demo?
[16:52] Eris Auxifur: i'm gonna ask one quick 'offtopic' question.... do we have any new information on when the fees for xstreet will change?
[16:53] Ari Blackthorne: Most frustrating shopping experience for me is clicking through page after page after page... REQUEST: Please let there be the option to change the *number of listings* on a single page of search results - rather than be limited to only 10 or 20 results in a search? I personally prefer to have like a 100 results on one page - more time to render the page, but much -less time- scrolling through results - espcially 150 pairs of the same shoes, each a different color, when I'm looking for something else entirely.
[16:53] Archetypus Deed: so will this new search feature effect one-word searches
[16:53] Magggnnus Woodget: does this not just cut off results from the "end of the tail"?
[16:53] Ari Blackthorne: Okay it's not algorithm - but you get the idea :P
[16:53] Colossus Linden: Archetypus. The new search feature will not affect one-word searches
[16:53] Rex Cronon: i also like what ari wants:)
[16:54] Darrius Gothly: Thirded Rex and Ari.
[16:54] Snickers Snook: Me too
[16:54] Madeliefste Oh: I want the possibility to list those 150 pairs of same shoes as one item
[16:54] alphaomegav2005 Savira: Will this relevance algorithm mean relevance is now ordered by keywords matched?
[16:54] Colossus Linden: Magggnnus, the goal is to return a reasonable set of relevant listings
[16:54] Arrehn Oberlander: Agree with Ari.
[16:54] Rose Mackie: Question: How does LL plan to ensure that merchant descriptions will work with the new search algorithm, instead of exploit it? will LL look into complaints of deceptive merchant listings?
[16:54] Colossus Linden: This should return much more relevant listings and yes, it will be a smaller set
[16:54] Benski Trenkins: Second Rose's question.
[16:55] Colossus Linden: If anyone has run a search on multiple keywords and browsed everything it returned, let me know and I"ll give you a star :)
[16:55] Vilandra Miles: seconds Madeliefste
[16:55] Rex Cronon: how is the new search engine going to deal with keyword spam?
[16:55] Xugu Madison: (flag for investigation)
[16:55] Xugu Madison: Allow users to flag items as spamming keywords?
[16:55] Ari Blackthorne: I have Colossus - but I've learnbed to use operators (+pirate +ship +SPD)
[16:55] Colossus Linden: Rose, I've been looking much more closely at this recently.
[16:55] Gabba Loon: So I *can* deselect by searching "red pigtails" -demo then? And not still get a heap of demos?
[16:55] Snickers Snook: will freebies and demos show up in search?
[16:55] Magggnnus Woodget: if it just cuts off those results that you dont get to if you find what you need on the first x pages, the difference will not be noticed
[16:56] Colossus Linden: We also set new keyword spamming policies back in August. I know that not everyone has been happy with the enforcement of those policies, but we are working on getting better there.
[16:56] Benski Trenkins: Let me say this way: when I search for palace and castle and house, and see fashion on the first page..... and my own stuff on 3rd... Will the new feature adress that?
[16:56] Magggnnus Woodget: the relevance of results on the _first_ few pages has to improve
[16:56] Darrius Gothly: Gabba .. if you exclude "demo" like that .. and the merchant says "come in world to see a demo", their listing will be excluded!
[16:56] Pink Linden: and we've been staffing up in customer support to handle the load of reviews
[16:56] Vilandra Miles: I don't have the feeling anyone is controlling this new keyword policy as said back in August.
[16:57] Colossus Linden: Gabba, I haven't tested that functionality, but the boolean operators should still work
[16:57] Toysoldier Thor: So Colossus, you surpisingly announce that CLUTTER is a major problem and needs to be addressed & you develop a solution that will wipe massive "clutter" & non-clutter out of Xstreet... when your so-called Clutter problem could have been addressed by an effective search solution. why didnt you solve Clutter issue with Search FIRST?
[16:57] Arrehn Oberlander: Demos shouldn't be seperate listings. They should be an option off the main item.
[16:57] Rose Mackie: Question Col: if LL is unable to enforce current policies, how will the new algorithm help with that?
[16:57] Toysoldier Thor: Clutter is primarily a problem of poor SEARCH
[16:57] Couldbe Yue: I spent something like 6 hours going through the christmas category a month ago.. does that count?
[16:57] Pink Linden: yes it does couldbe, you get a star.
[16:57] Pink Linden: ã‹¡
[16:58] Couldbe Yue: ta :)
[16:58] Snickers Snook: Clutter is a also a problem of inadequate item listing options -- like flag as demo, color/size selectors, free,
[16:58] Colossus Linden: Toysoldier, as with any problem, often there are multiple parts to a solution which all help get you the best result
[16:58] Snickers Snook: etc.
[16:58] Toysoldier Thor: no colossus
[16:58] Toysoldier Thor: disagree
[16:58] Colossus Linden: Agree snickers. We've got some other parts to work on as well
[16:58] Eris Auxifur: i'd also define clutter as 'theres a billion listings that don't sell, all undercutting each other, and we all suffer as merchants. c'mon, let's get some more VALUE from our work, and clean the place up)
[16:58] Archetypus Deed: S o then does that mean that this is just a frist step in revamping the entire search process?
[16:58] Snickers Snook: Yes Colossus but IMHO, you took a hammer to a solution that really needs a wrench
[16:58] Gabba Loon: If I want a demo I'll type +demo, but why would I, I'd go to the store for taht anyway
[16:58] Colossus Linden: Noted Toysoldier. Thanks for your feedback.
[16:58] Toysoldier Thor: tell google that they have a problem with internet content clutter that they can effectively solve with a good search engine
[16:59] Vilandra Miles: I could shorten my listings to around 20% if there would be an option for "same item, multiple colors"
[16:59] Snickers Snook: And I don't think you'll get the stated result you're trying to achieve
[16:59] Xugu Madison: "Same item, demo version" would also be incredibly useful
[16:59] Toysoldier Thor: you admitted that clutter was not impacting your DB... so cutter was just an issue of bad search results
[16:59] Pink Linden: Vilandra, noted. we have dfinitely had those suggestions
[16:59] Vilandra Miles nods at XuGu
[16:59] Archetypus Deed agrees with Vilandra
[16:59] Pink Linden: and they are in consideration set
[16:59] Vilandra Miles: good thing, Pink :)
[16:59] Pink Linden: we do understand Vilandra.
[16:59] Magggnnus Woodget nods,nods,nods
[17:00] Ari Blackthorne: Okay people - lets all be personable here - help Lindens with feedback - let's not shout them down or argue, please? ON TOPIC: I would simply appreciate if eventually you can make algorithm to work on natural language - like a phrase - but I also know that's a long way off.
[17:00] Rose Mackie: Again Question Col: if LL is unable to enforce current policies, how will the new algorithm help with that?
[17:00] Colossus Linden: We've got that on our backlog Vilandra - multiple colors
[17:00] hibit Spad: XUugu and Vilandra made a good suggestion
[17:00] Colossus Linden: and demo items as well Xugu
[17:00] Ari Blackthorne: For now - would be good if quoted it treated as an exact phrase (Pirate ship)
[17:00] Vilandra Miles: help *fiep* I understood *blushes*
[17:00] Toysoldier Thor: Search sould have been and still should be LL First priority to deal with clutter.... not an excuse to generate more revenue
[17:00] Ari Blackthorne: er... "Pirate Ship" for example
[17:01] Toysoldier Thor: keyword field with restrictions and then indexing this field is the key... but that would mean more development on an inferior platform.
[17:01] Couldbe Yue: can we have a special content creator category and put all the scripts, sculpties and textures in there? sculptie maps are put in so many categories these days and your search improvements won't fix that since some sculptie makers aren't good at the ad thing
[17:01] Pink Linden: with the new search rolling tomorrow I'm sure you'll have lots to say in the forums, so please do let us know how it's working.
[17:01] Colossus Linden: Ari, a thanks for the suggestion.
[17:01] Madeliefste Oh: There are people who have more then one brand on Xstreet, and there are brands that have more then one creator... will it ever be possibel to search for "all by this brand", next to "all by this creatorf"?
[17:02] Gabba Loon: And if you search for a keyword that is also a category, like "skins", could it not prioritise that category rather than every item that mentions the word?
[17:02] Arrehn Oberlander: If I want to point a new Resident at some useful free content w/ other shopping, why is XStreetSL making that more difficult by discouraging listings? It seems like XStreetSL is trying to make me use another site for indexing useful free content.
[17:02] Ari Blackthorne: Thank you, Colossus
[17:02] Colossus Linden: Couldbe, We're examining our category taxonomy
[17:02] Vilandra Miles: seconds Couldbe: searching for shoe-scultpies is hell for example. they're everywhere!
[17:02] Colossus Linden: Expect an announcement from me on that in the coming days in the forum.
[17:02] Rose Mackie: lol didn't you mention that earlier?
[17:02] Snickers Snook nods at Arrehn
[17:02] Archetypus Deed: Anotehr place that I am a merchant at uses a set number of keywd fields. So when I list an item, I have 10 words to describe it in search and those are the only ones indexed by the search function. Could that be an option LL may look into?
[17:02] Toysoldier Thor: ohhh noo!!!! not another Colossus announcement!
[17:02] Rose Mackie: again, no answer on the enforcement
[17:03] Rose Mackie: or failure thereof
[17:03] Darrius Gothly: Keyword spamming enforcement is a major need.
[17:04] Pink Linden: folks, it's past 5:00
[17:04] Colossus Linden: Archetypus, that is a suggestion I've seen for consideration. I think there are a number of things we can do on that front and we're looking into some options. Thanks
[17:04] Rose Mackie: As for the Facebook issue, I think that was a business decision made at a corporate level that the poor ole regular linden dog's bodies must now explain
[17:04] Gabba Loon: Perhaps a note on the homepage to encourage shoppers to snitch on keyword abuse
[17:04] Toysoldier Thor: indexing the description field instead of a specific keywaords field is a key problem.... restructuring the search query is a drop in the bucket
[17:04] Pink Linden: we'll have another of these at 8pm, same tpic, diffeent time zone.
[17:04] Ari Blackthorne: Yes - you guys need to get home - thank you Lindens for your time - well, *I* thank you anyway -winks-
[17:04] Pink Linden: if you have questions that were not answered please do IM either colossus or myself
[17:04] Pink Linden: and we'll do our best.
[17:04] Meta Linden: Thanks everyone.
[17:04] Colossus Linden: Thanks all
[17:04] Rose Mackie Seconds Ari
[17:04] Pink Linden: we thank you all for your time to talk with us.l
[17:04] Toysoldier Thor: lol... great meeting plants
[17:04] Colossus Linden: We appreciate you all coming and helping out
[17:04] JubJub Forder: i thanks the Lindens too :)
[17:05] Toysoldier Thor: bye
[17:05] Darrius Gothly: Same location .. how long from now Colossus?
[17:05] Ari Blackthorne: And don;t sail after dark - I'll plummage ya for Linden Dollars or somethin' :P
[17:05] Colossus Linden: And thanks to all the Linden's who came to help out as well, especially our guest presenter - Grant
[17:05] Pink Linden: 8pm tonight
[17:05] Darrius Gothly: ty Pink
[17:05] Pink Linden: pacific time
[17:05] Eris Auxifur: yes, thank you that was informative
[17:05] Xugu Madison: Thanks Lindens!
[17:05] Meta Linden: 2 hrs and 55 mins from now. Same bat channel. See you here!
[17:05] Saikiki Moriguchi: ty this one seemed to get a little more info about the topics than this mornings
[17:05] Pink Linden: and no rollign restarts this time
[17:06] Vilandra Miles: thank you and I say good night now (2:00 am at my place ;9 )
[17:06] Pink Linden: :P
[17:06] Magggnnus Woodget bows and vanishes
[17:06] Archetypus Deed: Thank you to all the Lindens for your time
[17:06] Siz Linden: bye
[17:06] Darrius Gothly just KNEW someone was gonna say "same bat channel" .. LOL
[17:06] Benski Trenkins: First office hour I visited and not be the smallest critter there hehehe
[17:06] Eris Auxifur waits patiently for the new xstreet fees (grin)
[17:06] Xugu Madison: Night all!
[17:06] Pink Linden: hee hee benski!
[17:06] Benski Trenkins: Night all!!
[17:07] Lazlo Delicioso: happy wishlist holidays
[17:07] Snickers Snook: Yeah gotta love those new fees -- it will be such an "improved shopping experience"
[17:07] Saikiki Moriguchi: goodnight all...have to go to work in RL so i'll miss the next one
[17:07] Arrehn Oberlander: These office hours seem to be carefully managed so that the issues that have been all over the forums aren't discussed.
[17:07] Eris Auxifur: oh, i wasn't being silly, i'm serious.
[17:07] Pink Linden: night saikiki thank you for coming to two!
[17:07] Arrehn Oberlander: I'm concerned about that.
[17:07] Eris Auxifur: i only grin because i know alot of people still hate em... i LOVE the new fees :)
[17:07] Gabba Loon: I'm shopping like a loon to buy up all the freebs I can before they vanish
[17:08] Jarnz Dench: *cries* stuck here, can't TP away
[17:08] Snickers Snook: i agree Arrehn
[17:08] Rex Cronon: i wish this meeting was more open. by that i mean that u should allow people to ask more questions:)
[17:08] Rya Nitely: me too
[17:08] Rya Nitely: stuck
[17:08] Rex Cronon: anyway, i am leaving
[17:08] Rex Cronon: bye everybody
[17:08] Rya Nitely: if you can
[17:08] Gabba Loon: Do they have these meetings when people in Europe might still be more than half awake?
[17:08] Bratty Slade: Thank you Lindens for your time. G'night.
[17:08] Pink Linden: yes we had one at 10 am pacific this morning gabba
[17:08] Juliette Pashinin: They had an earlier meeting Gabba :(
[17:08] Pink Linden: which should be 6pm your time, right?
[17:09] Nemurimasu Neiro: I didn't even know there was a meeting. What was it about? o.o
[17:09] Gabba Loon: Yes, but For me that's the busiest time of day!
[17:09] Cherry Blossom Tree: Falling Blossoms ON
[17:09] Gabba Loon: People have to eat y'know
[17:09] hibit Spad: and you have to listen to this 3 times today. Don't envy you Pink
[17:10] Pink Linden: no way to get everyone in
[17:10] Juliette Pashinin: Pink, how do we find out about other office hours? Is it listed somewhere?
[17:10] Pink Linden: sorry Gabba....we keep tinkering with the times
[17:10] Gabba Loon nods, I appreciate that
[17:10] Pink Linden: we list the office hours on the commerce blog home page and we also list them on our twitter feed and in the sl commerce merchants in world group
[17:10] Eris Auxifur: i get my info re these office ours through the sl commerce group, that is so handy.
[17:10] Pink Linden: we are also listed on the main OH page with all the other Lidnens
[17:10] Arrehn Oberlander: THe other office hours I've been do, did not involve Linden's avoiding real resident concerns, unless there was a legal or other very good reasion to remain quiet.
[17:10] Gabba Loon: 12pm Pacific might be easier, not just for me
[17:11] Colossus Linden: ciao all
[17:11] Juliette Pashinin nods: I appreciate that Pink :)
[17:11] Pink Linden: good note gabba
[17:11] Nemurimasu Neiro: bye
[17:11] Pink Linden: maybe first one move up
[17:11] Gabba Loon: That way it's the evening and not dinner time
[17:11] Nemurimasu Neiro: I keep lagging here D:
[17:12] Arrehn Oberlander: Take care all.
[17:12] Gabba Loon: Stay lubberly
[17:12] Bela Pausch: hmmmm
[17:13] Bela Pausch: .
[17:13] Bela Pausch: bye hun

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