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Recent Wiki Contributions

The Merchant Community needed a bit more detail on the ANS implementation for Direct Delivery, so I wrote up a description called Direct Delivery and Automatic Notification System. If you're trying to implement your own ANS Processor, you'll want to read this document. However if you just want the advanced capabilities of ANS without having to wear a pocket protector and put tape on your glasses then you need to check out the iGlom Redelivery System (RDS). Documentation on the RDS System is available from The iGlom RDS Wiki.

Links to Useful Tools

A more up-to-date Wikify tool is available from the DGP4SL website here: SL Chat Log Wikify by DGP4SL

Posting transcripts of chat logs is made a lot easier by this tool: SLog Wikifier by Kuraiko Yoshikawa (hosted by (Note that this tool is a bit outdated)

Script Contributions

An example LSL Script that shows various common functions such as llListen, llSetAlpha, and llGetLinkNumber: Gun and Holster

Product Pages

I also develop, build, animate, sculpt and script on Second Life. My various products are available at The SL Marketplace

Links to Office Hours

Sim/Scripting User Group from August 12th, 2012

2012-08-12 UG Transcript

(These are really old, but what the heck .. )

What follows are links to the transcripts of various Linden-hosted Office Hours that I attended. Not all of them are here, so far ...

2009-12-15 Commerce Team Office Hours #1

2009-12-15 Commerce Team Office Hours #2

2009-12-15 Commerce Team Office Hours #3

2009-12-16 Babbage Linden / Scripting, Technology

2010-01-19 Commerce Team Office Hours #1

 (For contrast, here are the "Official Logs" posted by Meta Linden)
 Commerce Office Hours/2010-01-19 10:00

2010-01-19 Commerce Team Office Hours #2

2011-03-31 Community Tools User Group

2011-04-07 Community Tools User Group

2011-04-14 Community Tools User Group

2011-04-21 Community Tools User Group