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List of Attendees


[15:56] Darrius Gothly: Hello again folks.
[15:56] Rose Sak: :)
[15:56] Rose Sak: hello all
[15:56] Rya Nitely: Hi there Darrius
[15:56] Darrius Gothly: Hello Rya
[15:58] Rose Sak: is this where Merchant office hours are
[15:58] Darrius Gothly: Oh .. oops. And hello Rose. (Sorry .. still trying to shut down IMs LOL)
[15:58] Darrius Gothly: Yes .. it is.
[15:58] Rose Sak: :)
[15:58] Rose Sak: wonderful
[15:58] Rose Sak: :) ty
[15:59] Darrius Gothly: yvw
[15:59] Rose Sak: *smiles*
[16:01] Darrius Gothly: Hello Meta
[16:01] Meta Linden: Hello again! Glad to see folks back from this morning. :)
[16:01] Darrius Gothly: Thank you.
[16:02] Darrius Gothly: Always a smaller crowd.
[16:02] Darrius Gothly: Hello Colossus.
[16:02] Rose Sak: :)
[16:02] Darrius Gothly: Howdy Siz.
[16:02] Colossus Linden: Hello again Darrius
[16:02] Colossus Linden: Hello everyone
[16:02] Siz Linden: hello
[16:02] Colossus Linden: We'll give people a few more minutes to show up.
[16:02] Rose Sak: :)
[16:03] Darrius Gothly: Colossus ... That shield you gave Liana this morning? It got bent .. but she seemed to use it pretty well.
[16:03] Darrius Gothly: wb Liana.
[16:04] yure4u Sosa: good evening
[16:04] eku Zhong: good morning
[16:04] Rya Nitely: good evening all
[16:04] Rose Sak: :)
[16:05] Siz Linden: good evening everyone
[16:05] Colossus Linden: evening... maybe for you Boston folks
[16:05] Argus Collingwood: Hallooooo :)
[16:05] Darrius Gothly: LOL
[16:06] eku Zhong: 9am here
[16:06] Colossus Linden: Starting in 2 minutes
[16:06] eku Zhong: japan
[16:07] Colossus Linden: Alright everybody
[16:07] Colossus Linden: Excellent
[16:07] Colossus Linden: Welcome
[16:07] Colossus Linden: It's nice to have all of you here.
[16:07] Rose Sak: :)
[16:07] Rya Nitely: ty
[16:08] Darrius Gothly: Thank you.
[16:08] eku Zhong: ty
[16:08] Argus Collingwood: tyty
[16:08] Colossus Linden: Now I'm going to get us started
[16:08] Colossus Linden: Today's Agenda:
[16:08] Colossus Linden: Please hold questions for designated Q&A sections (I'll let you know when those are), in order to help us keep moving
[16:09] Colossus Linden: And if you have any off-topic questions, please IM me.
[16:09] Colossus Linden: on to topic # 1
[16:09] Colossus Linden: 1. T Linden's blog post - 2009 economy in review
[16:09] Colossus Linden: If time permits at the end of the meeting, I'll summarize a 2009 review.
[16:10] Colossus Linden: I want to point you all toward T Linden's blog post on the 2009 economy wrap up for all the juicy details
[16:10] Colossus Linden:
[16:10] Colossus Linden:
[16:10] Colossus Linden: Please check it out. Sometimes it takes a look back to realize what you've achieved.
[16:11] Colossus Linden: But, enough on that. As I said, if we have time at the end, I'll summarize some of the numbers. However, now I want to move into the main topic for today: Search
[16:11] Colossus Linden: 2. Search
[16:11] Colossus Linden: I'd now like to introduce Liana Linden, our Business Lead on Search and Advertising at Linden Lab
[16:11] Colossus Linden passes baton to Liana
[16:11] Argus Collingwood: welcome
[16:11] Rose Sak: :)
[16:11] Liana Linden: Hi, folks.
[16:12] Darrius Gothly waves again ..
[16:12] yure4u Sosa: Hi Liana
[16:12] Sabella Fallen smiles. 'Heylo, Liana. '
[16:12] Rya Nitely: hello Liana
[16:13] Rivan Dressler picks a twig out of Liana's hair and waves
[16:13] Rivan Dressler: oh, that was supposed to be there, sorry ;)
[16:13] Liana Linden: I'll be covering the same ground as I did in the earlier meeting. Here goes--
[16:13] Liana Linden: I’ve been with Linden Lab for 4 years, and I’ve been a Second Life Resident since 2005. I’ve worn several “hats” at Linden, refocusing my role as the company and platform evolve. For the last year, I’ve been the Product Manager and Business Lead for Search and Advertising.
[16:14] Liana Linden: So, what has that year of effort gotten you, the Residents? Well, much of the work has been behind the scenes, preparing for customer-facing improvements in 2010.
[16:14] Liana Linden: In 2009, we built a team around Search. Previously, we’d never had a focused engineering and product team for Search, with the obvious results—no traction on large-scale improvements, let alone regular bug fixing. There were simply too many competing priorities clamoring for those resources. That has changed.
[16:14] Liana Linden: We’ve brought in team members from Yahoo! who bring deep domain expertise in search and technology from Google. We also have advisors on staff who come from eBay and Amazon and contribute their experience in merchandizing and search tools.
[16:15] Rose Sak: :)
[16:15] Liana Linden: The other, very important thing we did in 2009 was to work our way out of some technical dead-ends in Search.
[16:15] Liana Linden: We are in the process of moving to a much more agile, web-services based framework that will allow us to improve and maintain Search on a much faster release cycle. You will have seen the effects of some of that backend work show up on last fall, and we’ll be introducing it in the Viewer soon.
[16:17] Liana Linden: In 2010, we'll be moving our focus from back-end to front-end improvements.
[16:17] Liana Linden: My preference is to under promise and over deliver. But I’d like to give you a sense of our direction for 2010.
[16:17] Liana Linden: E.g., Improve inworld Search relevance and counteract gaming techniques
[16:17] Sabella Fallen quietly cheers.
[16:17] Liana Linden: Simplify inworld Search user interface (UI)
[16:18] Liana Linden: Improve the Advertising options for merchants (Classifieds, Xstreet, etc.)
[16:19] Liana Linden: Our focus will be on stimulating commerce and making Second Life a more attractive, and sticky, platform for new and old users.
[16:19] Darrius Gothly: lol @ sticky
[16:19] Argus Collingwood adds sugar
[16:19] Liana Linden: With this info as context, I'd liketo open the floor to questions.
[16:20] Darrius Gothly: This may not be the proper time Liana (perhaps a blog might work best), but I would love to hear some of the "technical dead ends" that you and your team overcame this past year.
[16:20] Darrius Gothly: Also .. Are you working with the LSL/Mono/C# Dev Team to provide scripting hooks for the various search capabilities your team has produced? If not, are there any plans to make those sorts of hand-in-hand connections within the LL structure?
[16:21] Liana Linden: I'll be able to blog more soon about the technical changes.
[16:21] Darrius Gothly: Please do .. Geekus Maximus here. LOL
[16:22] Sabella Fallen raises her hand with a silly newbish sort of question . "Might there be more staff who help to keep on reported keyword spamming and inappropriate or mis-categorized items on XStreet, at some point? It _seems_from_the_outside, that reporting listings gains no result."
[16:22] Liana Linden: Darrius: I'm guessing that there are a lot of people using the search service in ways we don't even know about. I'd like to learn more about them.
[16:22] Mericatherine Quinnell: I assume these are inworld search changes and not XStreet, which sorely needs an upgrade?
[16:23] Liana Linden: Some uses we do know about create undue load on our systems, so we're looking for more scalable ways to accommodate them, when possible.
[16:24] Colossus Linden: Sabella, since that is very Xstreet specific, I'll jump in. Liana may have some overall search ideas as well. I only know the problem from the Xstreet side and am unaware of how it may be occurring with in-world search
[16:24] Darrius Gothly: You can count on that Liana. A lot of what has been developed has been from outside, and has almost a "counter culture" atmosphere about it. An effort or better, supported framework with the LL stamp of approval would help a lot of that "underground" feeling vanish and make those features much more accessible.
[16:25] Colossus Linden: Sabella, we have increased the focus on keyword spamming and we will need a combination of a support team which can keep on top of reviewing flagged listings as well as some improved listing tools and procedures to help reduce it without the need for largely scaling support
[16:26] Darrius Gothly: "improved listing tools and procedures" .. does that mean perhaps a separate keyword field in listings?
[16:26] Liana Linden: Sabella, Mericatherine: Piling on to Colossus' clarification with my own-- My team has been focused on inworld Search, but we will be working more and more closely with the XstreetSL team to share expertise and develop improvements.
[16:26] Colossus Linden: Sabella, also, please keep flagging listings. We will catch up on this and improve turn-around/action times on flagged items.
[16:26] Sabella Fallen nods to Darrius. 'That would help so very much. I say that from a 100% shopper point of view, I don't sell anything... I just spend all my Partner's lindens. :) "
[16:26] Darrius Gothly: LOL @ Sabella
[16:26] Argus Collingwood: lol
[16:26] Sabella Fallen smiles. 'Thank you, Colossus and Liana.'
[16:27] Colossus Linden: Darrius, I think that something in that direction makes sense.
[16:27] Darrius Gothly smiles .. Thank you.
[16:27] Liana Linden: Other questions?
[16:28] Colossus Linden: Of course, I will want input from the search team Liana is putting together as they have a lot more expertise than I do.
[16:28] Darrius Gothly: When do you expect to take the wraps off the first front-side releases? New viewer or .. later?
[16:29] Argus Collingwood: would be nice to have search preferences in UI
[16:29] Mericatherine Quinnell: I've noticed a lot of selling going on in the Events section of search.. "Events" for automated movies or "Events" without anyone there .. they are difficult to report.. will there be a better way to report problems?
[16:29] Liana Linden: Let's just say that you will definitely see some new stuff in Search in Q1. ;-)
[16:29] Darrius Gothly: Woot!
[16:29] Argus Collingwood: excellent
[16:30] Liana Linden: Let's hope I don't jinx it by saying that "out loud." ;-)
[16:30] Darrius Gothly: LOL (shoos away Murphy)
[16:30] Rose Sak: :)
[16:30] Liana Linden: Argus: Could you be more specific about which kinds of preferences you want to see?
[16:31] Darrius Gothly: Mature/Adult items for one.
[16:31] Sabella Fallen bounces up and down at that thought. 'Yeah! What Darrius just said!!"
[16:31] Argus Collingwood: something that would save a preferred search criteria
[16:31] Liana Linden: Which UI?
[16:31] Argus Collingwood: the edit>preferences
[16:31] eku Zhong: or maybe an advanced search where you can exclude things... or just choose the keywords you want
[16:31] Argus Collingwood: a search tab
[16:32] Argus Collingwood: just wishing out loud lol
[16:32] Argus Collingwood is lazy
[16:32] Vextra Messing: being able to click on an item in search and get straight to it's SLURL might be nice.
[16:32] Darrius Gothly: ^5 Vextra
[16:32] eku Zhong: yes like in the All search inworld
[16:33] Vextra Messing: right now there's coordinates in search but need to be manually copied.
[16:33] Liana Linden: Argus: Is what you are asking for different from what you can already select in Preferences/General,/RAting?
[16:33] Argus Collingwood: yes I think so but need to think on it more
[16:33] Madeliefste Oh: very small images of items in results
[16:33] Liana Linden: KK. Just wanted to get a clear picture.
[16:33] eku Zhong: Adult you have to toggle everytime. its not possible to set in preferences
[16:34] Darrius Gothly: A lot of the Adult rated items seem to sink to the very bottom of the search results. If there was a way to say "only give me back stuff that's naughty" .. that would help.
[16:34] Liana Linden: Eku, I'm confused. I can set it in preferences. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the feature you want.
[16:34] eku Zhong: in the xstreet preferences?
[16:34] Sabella Fallen says plaintively, 'Is there any chance that - since I log into XStreet using my SL ID... and my SL account is Age Verified... that maybe ya'll could make it stop asking me if I wanna see adult content? I'm.. an adult, have proved it, and want it.... It bugs me that it repeatedly asks if I REALLY want my smut - which I do, thank you very much.'
[16:34] Liana Linden: Ah. That's what I was wondering. You are talking about the XStreetSL UI. got it.
[16:35] eku Zhong: i thought this was about xstreet .. sorry misunderstanding
[16:35] Liana Linden: I was looking at inworld Search. :-)
[16:35] Argus Collingwood: I am talking about in-world myself
[16:35] Liana Linden: No problem. It's a great thing to call out!
[16:35] Colossus Linden: Eku, that is a bug we are aware of. The adult preference doesn't stick right now.
[16:35] Darrius Gothly: Both suffer a sort of "forgotten cousin" exclusion .. in world or on XSL.
[16:35] eku Zhong: thanks Colossus
[16:36] Vextra Messing: Just to clarify I was talking about inworld too, when I suggested the SLURL of items could be clicked on in search.
[16:36] Darrius Gothly: Any approximate ranking on when that bug will be fixed Colossus?
[16:36] Mericatherine Quinnell: er.. you went a long way to join XStreet and SL -- but the searches are staying independent?
[16:37] Liana Linden: Vextra: Are you tlking about the ability to teleport to an object listed for sale on a Search result page for a Place?
[16:37] eku Zhong: joining xstreet and inworld.. would be wonderful.. the money too
[16:37] Mericatherine Quinnell: seems a waste to duplicate resources
[16:37] Vextra Messing: yes Liana, or atleast be able to have it highlighted with the beacon, if teleport is switched off on that parcel
[16:37] Colossus Linden: Darrius: it's not at the top of our list, so it might be a little while. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will get to it as soon as we can.
[16:38] Darrius Gothly: *nods* Perhaps part of the new site changes discussed at last month's OH.
[16:38] Argus Collingwood: joining the money would be great and I bet more ads would be placed on xsreet [tosses carrot at Colossus]
[16:38] Liana Linden: If I'm not mistaken, that functionality is in the Viewer now, in the "Go" link.
[16:38] eku Zhong: yes Liana and its very useful
[16:38] eku Zhong: would be great to have it on xstreet too
[16:39] Madeliefste Oh: search results should show all colorvariation or size variationsof ONE item in ONE result
[16:39] Mericatherine Quinnell: oh please yes
[16:39] eku Zhong: agree Madeliefste... yes
[16:39] Sabella Fallen: YES YES YES!
[16:40] Vextra Messing: goodness that seems new. I am glad to see that "GO" link, thank you Liana.
[16:40] Liana Linden smiles.
[16:40] Sabella Fallen claps her hands over her mouth with a blush.
[16:40] Sabella Fallen: Mebbe allow more than one filter at a time? Filter by X, THEN y?
[16:41] Liana Linden: Any other questions about inworld Search before we move on?
[16:41] Colossus Linden: Well, the conversation is moving away from general search plans to fairly specific Xstreet questions
[16:41] Madeliefste Oh: Ialsow would like very much te possibility to search by brand
[16:42] Colossus Linden: Are there any other general search questions for Liana before we move on?
[16:42] Madeliefste Oh: some creators have more brands, adn some brands more creators
[16:42] eku Zhong: an answer to one listing .. for all colours sizes would be nice
[16:42] Colossus Linden: Eku, it's on our list. I agree
[16:42] eku Zhong: thankies
[16:42] Colossus Linden: Alright folks.
[16:43] Colossus Linden: Thank you Liana for joining us and for the great info on Search
[16:43] Madeliefste Oh: When I like creator X's clothes, I dont have to see her furniture brand, for example
[16:43] Darrius Gothly: Thank you Liana. And welcome on board (so to speak)
[16:43] Argus Collingwood: there should be a shopping tab in search too I feel
[16:43] Colossus Linden: And thanks everyone for the questions and suggestions
[16:43] Liana Linden: Thanks for the good questions and input!
[16:44] Colossus Linden: We've got a little time left, so I will move on to our 3rd agenda item
[16:44] Colossus Linden: # Time Permitting
[16:44] Colossus Linden: I pointed you all to T's blog post earlier. Here it is again
[16:44] Liana Linden gets back to work. ;-)
[16:44] Colossus Linden:
[16:45] Colossus Linden: Now for a quick summary
[16:45] Colossus Linden: 2009 saw some big achievements and excellent growth
[16:45] Rose Sak: sorry... i do have a comment from a merchant
[16:45] Rose Sak: i am cutting and paisting
[16:45] Colossus Linden: We started the year by acquiring Xstreet SL
[16:45] Rose Sak: they should have just made it so adds go down after 10 days and u have to relist so things belonging to players who quit werent forever still for sdale as they have been up til now
[16:45] Rose Sak: just a statement
[16:45] Colossus Linden: Additional gifting functionality was added before the Valentine's Day rush
[16:46] Colossus Linden: We spent a large portion of the year working on back end integration with Second Life. This coming year, we're hoping to focus more on front end features which will have more obvious effects
[16:46] Colossus Linden: We converted the Xstreet SL login to use Second Life user names and passwords which drastically improved user acquisition on Xstreet
[16:46] Colossus Linden: We also ran a whole host of promotions throughout the year which drove shopping in-world and on Xstreet SL
[16:46] Colossus Linden: Our various "lookbooks" got a lot of praise
[16:46] Colossus Linden: In 2009, residents saw US$55M in gross earnings which grew 11% over 2008
[16:46] Colossus Linden: The economy, measured as resident-to-resident transactions grew 65% over 2008 to US$567M
[16:47] Colossus Linden: Mind you, this was while most real world economies were struggling. I consider that a great achievement.
[16:47] Colossus Linden: Finally, on Xstreet, the gross merchandise sales volume hit L$1.6B, US$6.1M in 2009 which was 74% growth over 2008
[16:47] Colossus Linden: We will continue to work on growing this business in 2010
[16:47] Colossus Linden: So, there's a little look back and a small taste of the data in T's blog post.
[16:48] Colossus Linden: I'll now open up the last 10 minutes for some general Q&A
[16:48] Madeliefste Oh: How many merchants did we have in 2008, and how many in 2009? That's waht I'm curious about
[16:48] eku Zhong: I have a question .. i dont know if its pertinent to all of this but .. wouldnt it be better if there was a login username to use instead of/in addition to our SL first and last name..
[16:48] Darrius Gothly: There has been a theory floated that the fee changes at XSL will be implemented after the user accounts at XSL and SL are merged. Any truth behind that? And is there any futher information as to when the fees will be implemented?
[16:48] Rose Sak: well
[16:48] Rose Sak: what i copy and pasted
[16:48] Colossus Linden: Rose, thanks for the feedback. I am considering how to deal with accounts which have not been active recently.
[16:48] Rose Sak: :) ok i will let them know
[16:48] Rose Sak: ty
[16:49] Colossus Linden: Madeliefste, I don't have the growth % of active economic merchants for the year in front of me, but I'll see if I can dig it up
[16:49] Darrius Gothly: Also ... Have you or anyone of you team had their Facebook accounts closed in the wake of FB's recent crackdown on "Anonymous" or "Bogus" account details?
[16:49] Madeliefste Oh: ty
[16:49] Argus Collingwood: my facebook is fine
[16:50] Sabella Fallen: This isn't even vaguely on topic, but I was wondering if there might be a way to flag one's profile as 'Adult'... ?
[16:50] Argus Collingwood: all profiles are PG
[16:50] Colossus Linden: Eku, adding another user name and password to remember reduces customer acquisition
[16:50] Darrius Gothly makes a note to search Sabella's profile .. for sure!
[16:51] Sabella Fallen: yet, tons of Picks contain non-PG terms...
[16:51] eku Zhong: but it also makes it safer
[16:51] Colossus Linden: It is a hassle. When we removed that hurdle for Xstreet, our customer acquisition shot up.
[16:51] Argus Collingwood: that is ARable too
[16:51] eku Zhong: or do away with the first and last name for log in
[16:52] Darrius Gothly: It would be nice to be able to mark Picks as "Adult Only" .. thus visible only to those that are age verified and have elected to view Adult Content in-world.
[16:52] Colossus Linden: Darrius, rest assured that we'll message and provide ample warning before implementing the changes from the freebie roadmap
[16:52] Sabella Fallen nods vigorously in response to Darrius.
[16:52] Darrius Gothly: Oh foo Colossus .. c'mon .. LOL Dish the dirt!
[16:52] eku Zhong: I agree Darius
[16:53] Siz Linden: takes notes of these suggestions
[16:53] Darrius Gothly: ty Siz
[16:53] Madeliefste Oh: Still one about search on Xstreet.. .when I search for full perm items by marking all rights in search, still no full perm items show up.... why is that
[16:53] Sabella Fallen smiles and thanks Siz.
[16:53] Colossus Linden: Oh, eku, are you proposing an email based login (single username field)?
[16:53] eku Zhong: yes Colossus..
[16:54] eku Zhong: i think that using the SL names gives ppl with bad intent 2 out of 3 things they need
[16:54] eku Zhong: after that its brute force only
[16:54] Colossus Linden: Darrius, there is no intent to wait until accounts are merged. Merging accounts is a higher priority project and is likely to be released first.
[16:54] Darrius Gothly: Thank you Colossus.
[16:55] Jarnz Dench: one thing I would like to see in SLX in 2010 is a move towards groups, like multiple people selling together instead of seperate, showing off a space like a virtual shop for a business on SLX that can be customised
[16:55] Colossus Linden: Madeliefste, I'm not sure about that. Have you reported it as a bug?
[16:55] Madeliefste Oh: No, I just discovered it today
[16:55] Rya Nitely: I second that, Jarnz
[16:55] eku Zhong: I dont think its a bug Colossus, i think its because the listings have full and perm somewhere in the listing
[16:56] Colossus Linden: I've got you Eku. I much prefer logging into things with my email address. It's easier to remember. But, that's a pretty major change to our system and not one I'm in a position to comment on.
[16:56] eku Zhong: being able to search for a specific phrase would be nice
[16:56] eku Zhong: thanks though for answering Colossus
[16:56] Colossus Linden: Eku, you searched on the keywords "full" and "perm"?
[16:56] Rya Nitely: I also think once the accounts are merged there will be a huge jump in slx sales
[16:56] Argus Collingwood nods
[16:57] eku Zhong: nono i was commenting on Madeleifste's comment
[16:57] Colossus Linden: Eku, I think the full perm issue is better solved with a good filter on permissions than via keyword searching
[16:57] Colossus Linden: Alright all, it's 4:57
[16:57] Jarnz Dench: Personal Profiles and Business Profiles in SLX would be great. Business profiles could be changed by anyone in the group and can showcase their items in 1 place together
[16:57] Colossus Linden: Thanks for all of the suggestions.
[16:57] Darrius Gothly: Will merging the accounts also result in sales stats being merged .. as in "In-world sales" will be available from the same transaction list as "Xstreet Sales"?
[16:57] eku Zhong: Thankl you Colossus
[16:58] Colossus Linden: I hope you all enjoyed Liana's presentation. There's a lot to look forward to with search.
[16:58] Vextra Messing: I also agree some of these ideas about brands and being able to create some separate virtual strorefronts / separation of our items would be nice down the track.
[16:58] Rose Sak: :)
[16:58] Madeliefste Oh: I searched with advanced search, marking all three spots about rights as positive, but items showed up that had only copy as positve, or non at all
[16:58] Colossus Linden: Darrius, I'm not sure. Siz, please put that as a question regarding that project for us to follow up on -- reporting of sales data.
[16:58] Rose Sak: you are doing a great job
[16:58] Darrius Gothly: Thank you both Colossus and Siz.
[16:59] Colossus Linden: Madeliefste, that sounds like the filter is not working properly.
[16:59] Madeliefste Oh: thumbs up for vextra
[16:59] Siz Linden: we are already having conversations about transactions history.
[16:59] Colossus Linden: So, thank you all again.
[16:59] Colossus Linden: I appreciate you all joining us.
[16:59] Rya Nitely: Can I suggest a wish list meeting. Where we can feel free to bring up ideas
[16:59] eku Zhong: xcel output would be nice..
[16:59] Rose Sak: pleasure
[16:59] Argus Collingwood: tyty all
[16:59] Rya Nitely: and no restrictions by agenda
[16:59] Colossus Linden: We have one more session today at 8pm PT
[16:59] Darrius Gothly: Much enjoyed Colossus. And please do let Liana know .. Great presentation.
[16:59] eku Zhong: just as a last gasp suggestion Siz
[16:59] Colossus Linden: Please tell your friends, other merchants, other shoppers, etc
[17:00] Colossus Linden: And feel free to join us again.
[17:00] Madeliefste Oh: bye bye all, ahve a good time
[17:00] Siz Linden: thanks eku - I captured that suggestion about excel as well.
[17:00] Darrius Gothly: tc Madeliefste.
[17:00] eku Zhong: =^^= Siz
[17:00] Vextra Messing: Thank you.. this was very helpful and interesting.
[17:00] Colossus Linden: Thanks folks. I need to get to another meeting.
[17:00] Colossus Linden: Ciao.
[17:00] eku Zhong: ciao
[17:00] Siz Linden: bye
[17:00] Darrius Gothly: Au revoir
[17:00] Rose Sak: bye all have fun in world

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