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Transcript for Thursday March 31, 2011

[12:45] Daniel Voyager hey everyone
[12:45] Suspiria Hi all
[12:45] Darrius Gothly Howdy Daniel. Hello Suspiria.
[12:45] Wilhiam Hydraconis hello everyone
[12:45] Suspiria :) Nice to see you here Darrius
[12:46] Darrius Gothly Thank you Suzy.
[12:46] Darrius Gothly Heya Wilhiam.
[12:46] Lisa Fossett goes to read the agenda

[12:46] Darrius Gothly checks Wilhiam's blood pressure ... "Yup, you're okay." *grin*

[12:46] Wilhiam Hydraconis lol
[12:46] Darrius Gothly Hello Lisa.
[12:46] Lisa Fossett Smiles and waves at everyone :)
[12:47] Wilhiam Hydraconis had an IV of icecubes prior to coming here, Darrius
[12:47] Venus Petrov hey all ㋡
[12:47] Suspiria Hi Draconis
[12:47] Darrius Gothly LOL It woiked. I originally got some coffee but .. apparently cats like coffee too. (They won the battle .. superior weaponry on their part.)
[12:47] Darrius Gothly Howdy Venus.
[12:47] Wilhiam Hydraconis hello Venus ^.^
[12:47] Venus Petrov hiya Darrius
[12:47] draconis.neurocam hey suspiria
[12:47] Venus Petrov hey Wil!
[12:48] draconis.neurocam hey darius
[12:48] Darrius Gothly Hello draconis.
[12:48] Daniel Voyager Here's todays Agenda
[12:48] Wilhiam Hydraconis 【ツ】 Hi ! 【ツ】
[12:48] Daniel Voyager :)
[12:48] Wilhiam Hydraconis can items still be added to the agenda when it starts , Daniel ?
[12:48] Daniel Voyager Yes.
[12:48] Wilhiam Hydraconis ok
[12:48] Lisa Fossett Thanks, DV :)
[12:49] Venus Petrov hiya Cait
[12:49] Darrius Gothly Hey CaTo.
[12:50] Wilhiam Hydraconis hoi huishoudelijke godin .. ^.^
[12:50] bob Iwashi blimey we're all keen thsio week
[12:50] Darrius Gothly Howdy Ƭɧȼ ℭąρɳ
[12:50] Darrius Gothly Hello bob.
[12:50] bob Iwashi hi everyone
[12:50] Lisa Fossett Bob, please...cut it off before I go postal
[12:50] Daniel Voyager 10 minutes left...
[12:50] Darrius Gothly Hello Ţסּř๔ẹ
[12:50] Venus Petrov covers her ears

[12:50] bob Iwashi stop
[12:51] Venus Petrov ty
[12:51] Lisa Fossett Thank you :)
[12:51] Wilhiam Hydraconis gotta love Phoenix' mute gestures feature
[12:51] Darrius Gothly agrees there ...

[12:52] Veluu Faulds ey its the cap'n
[12:52] Wilhiam Hydraconis okies CaTo
[12:52] Ţסּř๔ẹ Hi everyone
[12:52] Venus Petrov hiya Jorge
[12:52] Wilhiam Hydraconis nods.

[12:52] Cummere Mayo ello
[12:52] Lisa Fossett coffee and cheese sandwich...crunchy!
[12:52] bob Iwashi substitute the coffee for nukey brown and you're sorted
[12:52] Darrius Gothly bob .. you DO intend to pass that around, right?
[12:53] Venus Petrov hiya Wildcat!
[12:53] COCOON Heya all!!!
[12:53] COCOON hey Venus ^^
[12:53] Wilhiam Hydraconis hey Wildcat ^.^
[12:53] bob Iwashi to all who want it
[12:53] Venus Petrov *meows*
[12:53] COCOON hey Wilhiam
[12:53] COCOON O.o *mew* *mew* o.O
[12:53] COCOON ☠ °•·.·´¯`·.·•✰ ◕‿◕ ✰•·.·´¯`·.·•☠
[12:53] Wilhiam Hydraconis Miaowrrll !! =^.^=
[12:53] Darrius Gothly Thank you.
[12:54] COCOON hey Darrius ^^
[12:54] Darrius Gothly Hello wildcat.
[12:54] Darrius Gothly Hey Peewee
[12:54] Venus Petrov hey Peewee
[12:54] Peewee Musytari Halllooooo everybody peeps
[12:54] Wilhiam Hydraconis 【ツ】 Hi ! 【ツ】 Peewee
[12:55] Peewee Musytari yo lexie
[12:55] Darrius Gothly Howdy Lexie.
[12:55] Lexie yo
[12:55] Venus Petrov hiya Lexie
[12:55] Lexie
[12:55] Daniel Voyager Hey Lexie :)
[12:55] Wilhiam Hydraconis OY!
[12:56] Lexie hahaa
[12:56] bob Iwashi hwey lexie i landed first thisweek :) your headsi asfe
[12:56] bob Iwashi is safe*
[12:56] Suspiria .
[12:56] Venus Petrov wb Cait
[12:56] Darrius Gothly wb CaTo
[12:57] Suspiria wb cato
[12:57] Venus Petrov hiya Deej
[12:57] Darrius Gothly Howdy Deej
[12:57] Wilhiam Hydraconis hey Deej
[12:57] Deej Kasshiki Hello Venus
[12:57] Deej Kasshiki Hello guys
[12:57] Cummere Mayo waves to everyone

[12:58] Venus Petrov smiles@Cummere
[12:58] Deej Kasshiki Things are still rezzing, sorry if I bump into anyone
[12:58] Wilhiam Hydraconis waves back.

[12:58] Darrius Gothly Oops ... Howdy Cummere. Sorry I missed ya earlier.
[12:58] Cummere Mayo im not gonna talk as much today. im really really pissed off
[12:58] Peewee Musytari Lexie is there any SL merchandise in RL...tshirts, mugs whatever?...someone was asking about it on answers and couldn`t find anything about any
[12:58] Wilhiam Hydraconis Linden bears ^.^
[12:58] Lexie Peewee, I am not sure. There used to be
[12:58] Peewee Musytari i searched everywhere I could think of lol
[12:58] Ƭɧȼ ℭąρɳ what is this?
[12:59] draconis.neurocam hello rand
[12:59] Darrius Gothly Howdy Rand.
[12:59] Ƭɧȼ ℭąρɳ a linden
[12:59] Suspiria Bans don't hurt Cummere :)
[12:59] Wilhiam Hydraconis and i have an animated Philip Linden for you if you'd like
[12:59] Darrius Gothly Hello DogWomble.
[12:59] Peewee Musytari a RL one?
[12:59] COCOON inflatable or animated?
[12:59] Peewee Musytari lol
[12:59] Rand Howdy!
[12:59] DogWomble Dollinger hey darrius
[12:59] Venus Petrov lol
[12:59] Ƭɧȼ ℭąρɳ anothe rlinden
[12:59] Wilhiam Hydraconis naughty, Wildcat .. lol
[12:59] Darrius Gothly Welcome Amanda.
[12:59] Ƭɧȼ ℭąρɳ it's my birthday
[12:59] COCOON lol
[12:59] Kung Fu Marketer hey all.
[12:59] Peewee Musytari yoyo amanda :)
[12:59] Wilhiam Hydraconis hello Amanda
[12:59] Cummere Mayo yes they do suspira... though im not banned off the forum... aparently i am off jira and no one bothered to tell me why
[12:59] COCOON happy birthday THE ^^
[13:00] bob Iwashi fraternal greeting, salutations, and warm alohas
[13:00] Darrius Gothly Spanking party for Ƭɧȼ ℭąρɳ after the meeting!
[13:00] Venus Petrov happy birthday
[13:00] Cummere Mayo or even that I was banned off the jira
[13:00] Ƭɧȼ ℭąρɳ no homo
[13:00] Deej Kasshiki Good to see so many forumites here
[13:00] Peewee Musytari heya raymond
[13:00] Raymond Linden Hi All
[13:00] Lexie Hi
[13:00] Venus Petrov hiya
[13:00] bob Iwashi have we "started" yet?
[13:00] Ƭɧȼ ℭąρɳ i wish my boy c toy were here
[13:00] Ƭɧȼ ℭąρɳ comin atchu
[13:00] bob Iwashi onigokko
[13:00] COCOON hi raymond
[13:01] bob Iwashi sorry, had to see :)
[13:01] Raymond Linden Hi Cocoon
[13:01] Darrius Gothly Howdy Ciaran.
[13:01] Venus Petrov hiya Ciaran
[13:01] Torben hi all
[13:01] Wilhiam Hydraconis hello Ciaran ^>^
[13:01] Suspiria Hi Ciaran :)
[13:01] Darrius Gothly Hello Torben.
[13:01] Venus Petrov hey Torben
[13:01] Lord of Dee Hi guys and girls
[13:01] Peewee Musytari heya torben :)
[13:01] COCOON hey ciaran, torben ^^
[13:01] Wilhiam Hydraconis und Gutenabend Torben
[13:01] Ƭɧȼ ℭąρɳ lindens are here
[13:02] Deej Kasshiki Nad you look like you're about to rob a bank :)
[13:02] Ƭɧȼ ℭąρɳ i am in a better mood
[13:02] Ƭɧȼ ℭąρɳ i'm run shit, yeah
[13:02] Kung Fu Marketer hey all, here's the agenda for those who want to take a look, add things.
[13:02] Kung Fu Marketer
[13:02] Wilhiam Hydraconis can i add an item verbally ( The Linden scam spam issue ? )
[13:03] Kung Fu Marketer actually, that's something that raymond can address at the top, if you like.
[13:03] bob Iwashi may i ask, did we get an answer to my query last week about the Lindens in Support holding office hours to hear our concerns?
[13:03] Darrius Gothly seconds Wil's request...

[13:03] Suspiria .
[13:03] Kung Fu Marketer well, welcome everyone! nice big group here.
[13:03] Peewee Musytari \o/ "YAYYYY!!!"
[13:03] Peewee Musytari ||
[13:03] Peewee Musytari _/\_
[13:03] Wilhiam Hydraconis that would be great Amanda
[13:03] Kung Fu Marketer maybe raymond and the rest of the linden team can give some general updates....
[13:03] Jeremy Linden Hello, Kung Fu Marketer :-)
[13:03] Kung Fu Marketer ;)
[13:03] Raymond Linden Ok, sure I can give some updates
[13:04] bob Iwashi jeremy!! hope you like the flowers fella :)
[13:04] Kung Fu Marketer anyone on the linden side wanna go first?
[13:04] Kung Fu Marketer sure--raymond, you go
[13:04] Raymond Linden It has been a big week from the implementation side!
[13:04] Torben Hi Mari
[13:04] Jeremy Linden Flowers?
[13:04] Marianne McCann Hey all!
[13:04] Raymond Linden As you probably already know, the Reply functionality went live early Wednesday.
[13:04] Lexie yay!
[13:04] Torben WOOOHOOO!!!!
[13:04] Venus Petrov awesome
[13:04] Raymond Linden This functionality shows who you are replying to in a thread and provides a link to the post you are replying to. This is a great addition. Thanks all for your suggestions!
[13:04] Peewee Musytari heya jeremy
[13:04] Ƭɧȼ ℭąρɳ lexie...anothe rlinden
[13:04] Marianne McCann Very glad to see that!
[13:04] Daniel Voyager yay
[13:04] Raymond Linden We also just rolled out a fix to the Logon this morning. . .
[13:05] Raymond Linden Essentially, the fix is as follows:
[13:05] Wilhiam Hydraconis an essential addition that is welcomed much i believe
[13:05] Peewee Musytari its great raymond :)
[13:05] Raymond Linden If you are not logged in and are viewing a page within the community . . .. and then Log-in . . .. . you will remain on the page you are viewing instead of being sent to the top level Blog page. Definitely a better log-in experience!
[13:05] Ƭɧȼ ℭąρɳ nad is the new imperator of SL *
[13:05] Darrius Gothly WOOT! Ty Raymond.
[13:05] Raymond Linden What else . . .we removed some words from the Smut list. Added some words to the Spell-Checker. . ..
[13:05] Raymond Linden By the way . . .if you find words that are not in the spell checker and should be, please let me know.
[13:05] Marianne McCann One of my least favorite bugs, squashed!
[13:05] Venus Petrov wonderful
[13:05] Raymond Linden Please note however: The spell checker will give you an alert if the word begins a sentence and is not capitalized.
[13:05] Raymond Linden We are also still continuing to scope out some UI work. Hoping to get that started next week.
[13:05] Darrius Gothly Is "chink" such a naughty word these days Raymond?
[13:05] Lord of Dee Did you do anything with single signon? I had to login twice today for first time in weeks, or was that when you were tweaking?
[13:06] Raymond Linden For example . .. adding a "Reply" button to the bottom of an entire thread. Changing some light gray fonts to darker gray, and some spacing/alignment issues.
[13:06] Marianne McCann Um. Yes, yes it is
[13:06] Suspiria Depends on the armor Darrius :)
[13:06] Darrius Gothly LOL
[13:06] Raymond Linden Community Guidelines have been translated . . .Rand can speak to that. Here is a link:
[13:06] Raymond Linden
[13:06] Darrius Gothly When I was 20 .. it was. But now? Not so much.
[13:06] Marianne McCann But ya.. context is key
[13:06] Raymond Linden Lexie - any updates on the Answers sorting?
[13:07] Rand Look in the wiki page at lower left... "In other languages" are links to the translations
[13:07] Veluu Faulds took a snapshot

[13:07] Lexie Not yet but it is being looked at.
[13:07] Rand Thanks very much to the community translators who did the translations!
[13:07] Kung Fu Marketer i have an update re: moderation...
[13:07] Lexie Will update as soon as possible ㋡
[13:07] Raymond Linden Yes, that issue is in Lithium's hands being reviewed
[13:07] Ƭɧȼ ℭąρɳ me i did shit
[13:07] Peewee Musytari poor old answers hehe
[13:07] Kung Fu Marketer so, your suggestion is in practice. :)
[13:07] Raymond Linden So, that's about it from the implementation side
[13:07] Kung Fu Marketer i have alerted the moderators that everything that happened in first week (like warnings) don't count towards bans.
[13:07] Lexie niiice
[13:08] Venus Petrov great ty
[13:08] Kung Fu Marketer sure thing.
[13:08] Kung Fu Marketer it's in effect right now.
[13:08] Kung Fu Marketer was on monday.
[13:08] Darrius Gothly Has there been any consideration toward enabling Lithium's "Ideas" functionality?
[13:08] Suspiria When is that going to take effect, the amnesty?
[13:08] Suspiria Mine weren't removed
[13:08] Kung Fu Marketer they are not removed, but they are not counted towards bans.
[13:08] Peewee Musytari yeah darrius I think that`d be good too
[13:08] Suspiria same answer
[13:08] Wilhiam Hydraconis not quite
[13:09] Ƭɧȼ ℭąρɳ how many lindens here are gonna back nad warrior?
[13:09] Darrius Gothly Sort of a "JIRA for Newbies"
[13:09] Peewee Musytari instead of feedback forum which is a general everything forum now lol
[13:09] Suspiria Mine wasn't removed
[13:09] Wilhiam Hydraconis i must say the forums have improved since the switch to Lithium
[13:09] Wilhiam Hydraconis with a few bumps
[13:10] Suspiria Does that amnesty work for everyone?
[13:10] Kung Fu Marketer and, raymond, any updates on the spam issue....
[13:10] Wilhiam Hydraconis points his ears.

[13:10] Kung Fu Marketer towards bans
[13:10] Lexie We are working on the current portions of the platform, so ideas really is not something we have looked at too much yet
[13:10] Ƭɧȼ ℭąρɳ krumps.

[13:10] Kung Fu Marketer that is. :)
[13:10] Kung Fu Marketer yes, suspiria, any warnings that took place (for anyone) during the first week don't count as bans.
[13:10] Raymond Linden Well . . .. we have been successful blocking some of it on the back end. But, now there is spam with images
[13:10] Ƭɧȼ ℭąρɳ so wait... i can ball harder?
[13:10] Kung Fu Marketer and thanks william. :)
[13:10] Raymond Linden And image spam is more difficult to deal with. But, we are working on it
[13:10] Marianne McCann Maaan. Missed my chance to act out
[13:10] Suspiria So when will mine be lifted and taken off my record?
[13:10] Darrius Gothly Lexie .. please do give it extra consideration. I think it would make an excellent tool for feeback and improvements toward the future.
[13:10] Wilhiam Hydraconis yw, Amanda
[13:10] Kung Fu Marketer suspiria--i believe that i've answered your quetsion.
[13:10] Kung Fu Marketer question
[13:11] Torben Mari, I totally thought the same
[13:11] Lexie Noted Darrius!
[13:11] Darrius Gothly Ty
[13:11] Peewee Musytari did something happen today to direct non-english people to the forums?...a whole load arrived on answers at same time, all diff languages
[13:11] Ƭɧȼ ℭąρɳ i will use caps
[13:11] Wilhiam Hydraconis Raymond .. i posted in CF my findings about the spammer
[13:11] Suspiria Yes you have
[13:11] Wilhiam Hydraconis ?
[13:11] Wilhiam Hydraconis will LL take actions accordingly ?
[13:11] Wilhiam Hydraconis and was it helpful at all
[13:11] bob Iwashi Raymond, could you find out for us why we are no longer able to file tickets complaining about matters?
[13:12] Raymond Linden Question for the group . .what are your thoughts on posting thresholds? In terms of posts per minute. ect ?
[13:12] Peewee Musytari Nuuuuuuu!
[13:12] COCOON no limits please ^^
[13:12] Cummere Mayo one per minute should be good
[13:12] Wilhiam Hydraconis to stop the spammers ? .. yes
[13:12] Wilhiam Hydraconis all for it
[13:12] Marianne McCann Personally? Drive me nuts. I often hit the throttle on the last boards
[13:12] DogWomble Dollinger well under the old system, the 120 seconds rule seemed to affect a number of people
[13:12] Darrius Gothly Agreed .. no limits please.
[13:12] Peewee Musytari hated that on old forum
[13:12] Lord of Dee Depends if it has an effect on edits
[13:12] Raymond Linden Sounds like 1 per minute is OK
[13:12] COCOON to stop spammers, it is more worth to have a moderation team 24/7
[13:12] DogWomble Dollinger so maybe try 60 seconds instead?
[13:12] Kung Fu Marketer the limit is to keep spammers down...
[13:12] Wilhiam Hydraconis patience is not a limitation
[13:12] Venus Petrov to stop spammers, one minute is ok
[13:12] Peewee Musytari no limits
[13:12] COCOON the grid is operated 24/7 by its users
[13:12] Wilhiam Hydraconis agrees with Venus.

[13:13] Marianne McCann The spammers will still get through, I suspect
[13:13] Cummere Mayo one per minute would be enough to throtle spam but not enough to really inconvience people
[13:13] Suspiria Spammers win and we lose, why is it always like that?
[13:13] Deej Kasshiki One minute seems reasonable
[13:13] Darrius Gothly Limits are okay .. provided when you hit the governor that your post is not lost.
[13:13] Peewee Musytari can it not be on answers?
[13:13] Peewee Musytari there`s no spam ther
[13:13] Raymond Linden Ok, thanks for the feedback
[13:13] DogWomble Dollinger yeah, i'm thinking if a limit is going to be put in place, it needs to not inconvenience people too much
[13:13] Darrius Gothly Yw Raymond.
[13:13] Suspiria Why do residents get limitations due to spammers?
[13:13] Wilhiam Hydraconis Because it benefits the whole forum, Susp
[13:14] Marianne McCann Sus "This is why we can't have nice things"
[13:14] Darrius Gothly Suzy .. they are trying to find a suitable middle ground that stops the spam and doesn't choke us off.
[13:14] Wilhiam Hydraconis set your selfishness aside here aminute
[13:14] COCOON is it not better to have moderation 24/7
[13:14] Marianne McCann I would suggest revistiting it when it is clear it does not deter spammers
[13:14] Peewee Musytari does it stop edits within 1 min too?....cos that would suck
[13:14] Darrius Gothly seconds Marianne's comment ...

[13:14] Ƭɧȼ ℭąρɳ lindens can't see me
[13:14] Raymond Linden Peewee - good question
[13:15] Wilhiam Hydraconis concurs with Marianne

[13:15] Suspiria Good point Mari
[13:15] Raymond Linden I dont actually know! Need to check on that one
[13:15] Lexie It might Peewee, because you are re-posting
[13:15] Lexie Yes, we can double check that
[13:15] Ƭɧȼ ℭąρɳ yeah you bes tnot look at me, rand
[13:15] Darrius Gothly If so, then it needs to disregard edits. Those happen rapid-fire sometimes.
[13:15] Peewee Musytari ty
[13:15] Cummere Mayo limits will never detere spammers but a one per minute limitation wouldnt incovence that many people and it would slow the bots that can do a post every half second
[13:16] Wilhiam Hydraconis agreed Darrius .
[13:16] Peewee Musytari yeah I often see an edit as soon as I click post and go straight back in
[13:16] Cummere Mayo edits shouldnt need throttled
[13:16] Lexie There has been less spam overall though, right?
[13:16] Wilhiam Hydraconis Forums gets overflooded too quick now .. there's has to be a timer that restricts that
[13:16] Lexie Its getting better
[13:16] Darrius Gothly (apologies to all) nad, your disruptive commentary is unwelcome. Please stop.
[13:16] Venus Petrov i don't see a huge difference, really
[13:16] COCOON me neither ^^
[13:16] Ƭɧȼ ℭąρɳ sl is always gettin 'better'
[13:16] Lexie We will keep working on it
[13:17] Wilhiam Hydraconis i notice it is more rapidly acted upon
[13:17] Deej Kasshiki Depends on th3 time of day
[13:17] COCOON just employ a nr 221 & 222 LINDEN ....^^
[13:17] Venus Petrov lol Wildcat
[13:17] Wilhiam Hydraconis lol Wildcat
[13:17] Cummere Mayo most spam is getting better
[13:17] Cummere Mayo not all but most
[13:17] COCOON ;o)
[13:17] Darrius Gothly And please please please hire someone with "backwards body clock" to handle overnight spam and ... umm .. "stuff".
[13:17] Venus Petrov well, instead of creating an OP spam, I have seen spam within threads
[13:18] COCOON @DARRIUS ->yes
[13:18] Kung Fu Marketer actually, we do have folks who work at odd hours...the mods.
[13:18] Cummere Mayo and ill even grudgingly admit moderation is a fraction of a percent more sane
[13:18] Kung Fu Marketer not consistently tho. :) there are times when mods are working in middle of nite tho.
[13:18] Kung Fu Marketer wow--cummere. that made my day. :)
[13:18] COCOON the grid runs 24/7 ..... ops should support in some areas too ...
[13:18] Kung Fu Marketer thank you!
[13:18] bob Iwashi i agree wildcat
[13:18] COCOON ty
[13:19] Darrius Gothly Preferred to have someone assigned those hours, rather than just ad hoc "when they can" scheduling. But yes, I have seen some actions done at off hours .. ty.
[13:19] Rand Amanda - do youwant to go through the agenda items from ?
[13:19] Kung Fu Marketer yep, good idea.
[13:19] Venus Petrov that would be nice
[13:19] Kung Fu Marketer first item is mature forum.
[13:19] Kung Fu Marketer that's a toughie.
[13:19] Venus Petrov yes!
[13:19] Venus Petrov you were going to pow-wow about it
[13:19] Kung Fu Marketer we have an adult private forum (venus, did you and blondin ever connect?)
[13:19] Kung Fu Marketer it's a toughie.
[13:19] Venus Petrov i think we need such a place
[13:20] Cummere Mayo its not up yet i thought
[13:20] Venus Petrov that forum is for adult land owners and content creators, i understand
[13:20] Suspiria Why do we need a mature forum?
[13:20] Cummere Mayo and its not really LL run
[13:20] Wilhiam Hydraconis agrees again with Venus.

[13:20] Venus Petrov not residents
[13:20] Wilhiam Hydraconis there's a need for such a forum
[13:20] Kung Fu Marketer we want to support the adult community, but so much of the topic discussion is not in accordance with our guidelines.
[13:20] Venus Petrov we need one for residents
[13:20] COCOON yes ^^
[13:20] Suspiria So people can curse?
[13:20] Kung Fu Marketer yes, but our forums may not be the place. our forums need to be g rated.
[13:20] Ƭɧȼ ℭąρɳ i heard that set LL is nothin
[13:20] Venus Petrov so people can discuss mature/adult topics
[13:20] Wilhiam Hydraconis no .. so people don't need to get frustrated to be pettied t speak as children
[13:20] Deej Kasshiki So people can discuss mature subjects Susperia
[13:20] Wilhiam Hydraconis no offence Marianne
[13:20] Cummere Mayo amanda why cant we have a g rated and an adult rated? like so many other games?
[13:20] Suspiria Mature like what?
[13:21] Wilhiam Hydraconis LIke sexuality
[13:21] Kung Fu Marketer unfortunately, the adult verification doesn't work in lithium (we don't have it set up that way)
[13:21] Venus Petrov the agenda topic has examples
[13:21] COCOON I want to post sexier pics on the forum ...^^
[13:21] DogWomble Dollinger amanda is it possible to have a 'mature' section set up so that it is only visible when a person logs in and is verified as being 18?
[13:21] Kung Fu Marketer raymond, can u speak to this more?
[13:21] Cummere Mayo you dont really need it too amanda
[13:21] Deej Kasshiki I dunno like say BDSM for instance that's permitted inworld but not on the forums?
[13:21] Suspiria Isn't this Second Life? We have no sexuality.
[13:21] Kung Fu Marketer dog--that's the answer.... agreed.
[13:21] Darrius Gothly Like someone wanting to discuss various **bleep** animations for their personal **bleep** attachments business.
[13:21] Venus Petrov relationship issues, adult content, adult areas/ clubs, entertainment
[13:21] Venus Petrov these are part of the SL economy
[13:22] tulinhogatinholindinho12 yes
[13:22] Cummere Mayo they are honestly big attractors of people into SL too
[13:22] Kung Fu Marketer unfortunately, we don't have adult verification in the community platform, so we just can't do it eyt.
[13:22] COCOON I second Venus ^^
[13:22] Wilhiam Hydraconis i understand LL's approach to a general PG standard to the forums
[13:22] Kung Fu Marketer raymond? lexie? anyone else wnat to jump in?
[13:22] Raymond Linden We can look into whether age verification is technically possible within the community
[13:22] Venus Petrov why can't one be setup and then given access by request until the verification is available?
[13:22] Darrius Gothly Admission by application will suffice till that is implemented. The Linden tasked with approving Apps can manually check the Profile.
[13:22] Wilhiam Hydraconis but the adults need a space to speak openly
[13:22] Kung Fu Marketer that's the only way we can have a mature area.
[13:22] Cummere Mayo amanda why not do it as an access granted only site ?
[13:23] Wilhiam Hydraconis and that will not work with only 'gee golly gosh' convos
[13:23] Cummere Mayo where your password gets emailed when you verify for in world
[13:23] Kung Fu Marketer i hear you guys--for sure.
[13:23] Cummere Mayo then only verified people can get in
[13:23] Rand To the question of "what is mature" please see:
[13:23] Kung Fu Marketer raymond can look into the technical pieces....
[13:23] COCOON I like that idea Cummere ^^
[13:23] Lord of Dee How did you setup the merchants roundtable?
[13:23] Rand The forums are general
[13:23] Venus Petrov we need more than hearing, Amanda, with all due respect
[13:23] bob Iwashi 1/2 answers?
[13:23] Raymond Linden Yep - I will look into the technical side
[13:23] Darrius Gothly Zackly the point Ciaran .. ty
[13:23] bob Iwashi please, no more 1/2 answers
[13:23] Cummere Mayo raymond, i'd be willing to flush out my idea further with you
[13:23] Kung Fu Marketer venus, can you give us a week to see if we can scope adult verification in the forums?
[13:24] Qie hmmm. might be a challenge keeping Search from veering into the Adult content forum, unwanted.
[13:24] Kung Fu Marketer otehrwise, the answer has to be no. we're at general maturity lvel in the forums.
[13:24] Kung Fu Marketer level
[13:24] Venus Petrov sure, if you have a backup plan that can be implemented
[13:24] Raymond Linden Cummere - ok, shoot me a PM with your idea
[13:24] tulinhogatinholindinho12 vc pode vir aqui onde eu estou vem me ajudar
[13:24] Darrius Gothly Qie .. I believe the Merchant Roundtable is invisible to Search now.
[13:24] Lord of Dee but you already have one adult forums
[13:24] Venus Petrov why not have access granted by request?
[13:24] Qie ah. okay
[13:24] Wilhiam Hydraconis very well said , Venus
[13:24] Venus Petrov like the one in commerce ?
[13:25] Peewee Musytari if there was verification it would cover search I should wouldn`t get results for adult if u weren`t verified
[13:25] Wilhiam Hydraconis should be a possiblity
[13:25] Venus Petrov that could be implemented much faster
[13:25] Kung Fu Marketer there are private forums, yes.
[13:25] Lord of Dee Yes the one for land owners and merchants is private
[13:25] Suspiria If commerce has one why do you need another?
[13:25] Venus Petrov tehn if age verification won't work, by request would
[13:25] Venus Petrov scroll up Suspiria
[13:25] Kung Fu Marketer ok, can we table this one until raymond gets his arms around it, so to speak. :)
[13:25] Ƭɧȼ ℭąρɳ ya'll don't know how to sweat lindens
[13:25] Suspiria no thanks I can read
[13:25] Darrius Gothly Because Merchant Roundtable is an All Ages R-Rated area.
[13:25] Darrius Gothly Ahem .. G-rated
[13:25] bob Iwashi could we have the update on potential support oh please raymond?
[13:26] Venus Petrov ok so next meeting will be report out and a backup plan? please? we need this area
[13:26] Kung Fu Marketer ok, next item....
[13:26] Kung Fu Marketer ok, venus!
[13:26] Kung Fu Marketer :)
[13:26] Venus Petrov thank you!
[13:26] teddy Zepp hello
[13:26] Kung Fu Marketer sure thing. you're all heard loud and clear. we'll see what we can do.
[13:26] bytatoo heyy
[13:27] Kung Fu Marketer ok, bob--we can't address support issues as this is not a group for support.
[13:27] Kung Fu Marketer this is only on community tools. sorry. out of scope (and the scope of Lindens in attendance)
[13:27] bob Iwashi fair enough, but last week raymond diod asy he'd relay the message, i only wiondered if he had any news on that front
[13:27] Kung Fu Marketer ok, clarification on policy of third-party sites.
[13:27] bob Iwashi whispers: say*

[13:27] Darrius Gothly Amanda .. can you please "poke" that group to be more communicative?
[13:27] Kung Fu Marketer really, this is about advertising.
[13:27] Cummere Mayo sent raymond her idea which should give LL an alternate implementation in case prefered fails.... see I -can- work with lindens >.>

[13:27] Rand Amanda: I think bob was asking if support was going to start a UG
[13:27] Kung Fu Marketer messages was passed to them, for sure.
[13:27] Darrius Gothly Ty
[13:27] Kung Fu Marketer not to my knowledge--no support ug.
[13:28] Kung Fu Marketer but, again--we can pass that message along. none in teh plans that i know of
[13:28] Raymond Linden Bob - I dont actually have an update there. But, I'll try to get you an answer next week
[13:28] Ƭɧȼ ℭąρɳ they aint passin along shit
[13:28] bob Iwashi please, if you could - not to flame etc, just so whichever linden is responsible will hear our concerns
[13:28] Kung Fu Marketer so, the third-party thing is about advertising.
[13:28] Kung Fu Marketer best to keep the convo's contained within teh forums.
[13:29] Kung Fu Marketer that said, the mods only see what's flagged (for the most part)
[13:29] Darrius Gothly For example ... links to my blog are considered advertising .. even though I don't host banners or derive direct income from the site?
[13:29] Kung Fu Marketer so, if you link to a third party site that someone finds is inappriiate, then we'll deal with it.
[13:29] Cummere Mayo amanda i did notice that a mod cut a link to a support tools website then reversed themselves
[13:29] teddy Zepp May I ask what is the topic for today's meeting ?
[13:29] Cummere Mayo so ... kudos
[13:29] Jeremy Linden Quick reminder - we're holding this user group in a G-rated region. We appreciate your effort to speak and act accordingly. :-)
[13:29] teddy Zepp Hello everyone
[13:29] Deej Kasshiki What would be considered advertising? Links to personal blogs for ex?
[13:29] Kung Fu Marketer here's the agenda.
[13:30] Kung Fu Marketer
[13:30] teddy Zepp hello Daniel
[13:30] Darrius Gothly Ty Jeremy
[13:30] bytatoo hey
[13:30] bytatoo welcome
[13:30] Ƭɧȼ ℭąρɳ jeremy you best not be talkin to me, punk
[13:30] Kung Fu Marketer it's probably ok, maybe that line needs to be clarified a bit.
[13:30] teddy Zepp hello Raymond
[13:30] Raymond Linden Hi teddy
[13:30] Darrius Gothly Bye nad.
[13:30] teddy Zepp thank you Amanda
[13:30] Qie just to be sure... it's okay to link to an ongoing discussion on SLUniverse, then? I don't have to just mumble "across the street" and point?
[13:30] Kung Fu Marketer hey, no meannness to jeremy. :)
[13:30] Cummere Mayo jeremy most of us are trying. keep in mind though g rated may have differant definitions to differant people and cultures
[13:30] Kung Fu Marketer lemme look into clarifiying that item in the community guidelines.
[13:30] starlight Midal hi all
[13:31] bytatoo hi starlight
[13:31] Kung Fu Marketer there are lots of links to third party sites that we can't possibly get to--only flagged stuff anyway.
[13:31] Jeremy Linden Cummere, you guys did a good job talking about the adult forums within the bounds of this discussion. I was just politely warning Nad.
[13:31] Kung Fu Marketer but, i see that you're right.more clarity there would be a good thing.
[13:31] Ƭɧȼ ℭąρɳ best keep my name outcho mouth son
[13:31] Wilhiam Hydraconis i'd suggest to avoid such linkage one would have to disable linking in the editor in general
[13:31] Kung Fu Marketer ok, next item. kb index.
[13:32] Darrius Gothly Ty Amanda. There are many personal blogs that are not specifically commercial, but are hosted on commercial sites. However they contain very useful commentary that ought to be included at times.
[13:32] Rand If I may, I'd like to address the KB-related topics... As to a KB "Landing Page", that is something we are working on
[13:32] Kung Fu Marketer go for it.
[13:32] Rand It's a fine idea, and we intend to do it asap.
[13:32] Kung Fu Marketer hear you darrius. for sure.
[13:32] Kung Fu Marketer ossm rand.
[13:32] Darrius Gothly Ty
[13:32] Peewee Musytari any progress on better instructions for answers? to find their posts, how to repost on them, getting answers to their email by default & marking them as answered?
[13:32] Rand As for links to translations, there is unfortunately no built-in mechanism for that, so we will have to do it manually...
[13:33] Rand but we will add something to the KB style guide to ensure standardization... another good suggestion!
[13:33] Lexie Peewee, we are hoping to have additional videos that will help people learn more about using Answers
[13:33] teddy Zepp may I ask what are some of the stats and responds from the community in regards to the community tools ?
[13:33] Kung Fu Marketer think we covered htat last week. we need a few more weeks under our belt before we can share basic stats.
[13:33] Venus Petrov I wonder if you renamed that forum Questions & Answers?
[13:33] Kung Fu Marketer it's only been a month or so.
[13:34] Venus Petrov rather than just Answers
[13:34] Darrius Gothly Good idea Venus. Or maybe "Q & A"?
[13:34] Raymond Linden teddy - we will have 1 month of data by the 2nd. Then, I will compile the metrics
[13:34] Peewee Musytari I agree...questions in answers sounds so weird
[13:34] Venus Petrov yes that would work, too.
[13:34] Kung Fu Marketer it's based on yahoo! answers--very industry standard.
[13:34] Darrius Gothly Ty Raymond.
[13:34] Lexie Interesting idea Venus, noted!
[13:34] teddy Zepp fantastic Raymond please keep me posted
[13:34] Kung Fu Marketer in that context, is it still weird?
[13:34] Cummere Mayo for the first time and probably only time
[13:34] Kung Fu Marketer kk, good to know.
[13:34] Venus Petrov some people aren't aware of industry standards ㋡
[13:35] Peewee Musytari I liked second life answers
[13:35] Darrius Gothly Yes. Just cuz Yahoo does it .. don't mean it makes sense.
[13:35] Cummere Mayo that industy standard could really use changing
[13:35] Peewee Musytari thats more like yahoo answers in that sense
[13:35] Deej Kasshiki Oz always likes to say that industry standards are a real bugaboo :)
[13:35] Raymond Linden What are some suggestions on improving Answers?
[13:35] Peewee Musytari the name?
[13:35] Venus Petrov lol
[13:35] Cummere Mayo rename it to q&A and let orriginal posters be able to reply easier...
[13:36] Deej Kasshiki And making it so that they don't fall from the main page so quickly
[13:36] Phoenix-FirestormViewer Rocks nice thing about industry standards is theres lots to choose from
[13:36] Darrius Gothly Yes .. thread OP comments inline with posts from others.
[13:36] Lexie Noted Deej
[13:36] Deej Kasshiki Agrees Cait
[13:36] Cummere Mayo and for the love of god, get more mods like the one that reversed themselves that understand that sometimes to answer a question you HAVE to link to an outside site
[13:36] Peewee Musytari the top things they complain is...cant` find my post, can`t answer my own post, where do I see my answers
[13:36] Wilhiam Hydraconis i find moderation should also direct users to Q & A if need ( like moving threads )
[13:37] Venus Petrov agree Wil
[13:37] Lisa Fossett Is there someone tasked with organizing and categorizing the Answers?
[13:37] Wilhiam Hydraconis many still wind up in general forums
[13:37] teddy Zepp I would say making it easier to refine the questions within the database formate
[13:37] Deej Kasshiki The replies can be very hard to follow
[13:37] Peewee Musytari the comments format is a nightmare
[13:37] Lord of Dee Some instructions would be helpful when you click the answers tab, or at least a prominent link to how to use that section
[13:37] Lexie ok
[13:37] Cummere Mayo ie its very hard to help someone find where to get flash without pointing them to adobe's site or quicktime without pointing to apple><
[13:37] Darrius Gothly (out of band comment) When a thread is moved, it's "last read" pointer is reset. Can it be reworked so your profile knows that in the new location it is still the same thread and keeps the last read pointer?
[13:38] Lord of Dee The FAQ should be at the top not bottom
[13:38] Peewee Musytari somewhere obvious with a HUGE red arrow
[13:38] Marianne McCann (Gotta zip off. have fun all)
[13:38] Lexie We can look at that ciaran
[13:38] Kung Fu Marketer thanks marianne. always good to see you!
[13:38] Darrius Gothly TC Marianne
[13:39] Raymond Linden Ok, thanks for all the responses.
[13:39] Lord of Dee Bye mari
[13:39] Marianne McCann Bye Bye!!
[13:39] COCOON tc Marianne
[13:39] Venus Petrov tc Mari
[13:39] Wilhiam Hydraconis =^.*= ????
[13:39] Wilhiam Hydraconis pls progress , Lindens ^.^
[13:39] Kung Fu Marketer so, last item and then open for questions....
[13:40] Kung Fu Marketer re: premiums and live chat, etc.
[13:40] Peewee Musytari the confusing help page hehe
[13:40] Kung Fu Marketer that's a support thing, so we can't really answer that one much beyond the basics.
[13:40] Darrius Gothly (rewind to earlier topic .. sorry) With the changes to logon issues .. has the idle timeout been lengthened any?
[13:40] bob Iwashi hear hear
[13:40] bob Iwashi to amanda*
[13:40] Lexie No Darrius it has not been changed
[13:40] Cummere Mayo yeah i talked to support this weekend that thoguht premium had the ticket on the front page
[13:40] Darrius Gothly (rats .. ty)
[13:41] Cummere Mayo wonders if support people ever USE the support page *chuckles*

[13:41] Venus Petrov smiles
[13:41] Deej Kasshiki chuckles

[13:41] Kung Fu Marketer yeah, i hear ya there. we're lookin at it cummere.
[13:41] DogWomble Dollinger i use the support as an avenue to get to live chat :P
[13:41] Peewee Musytari so getting the message on the help page directing non-english people to their forums (in their language) is support too?
[13:41] Kung Fu Marketer so, any other community tools topics?
[13:42] Suspiria When is the broken ranking system going to be fixed? I’ve waited for 4 weeks with no suitable answer.
[13:42] Darrius Gothly One ...
[13:42] bob Iwashi sorry, but live support atm are a joke :(
[13:42] bob Iwashi and that's all i'm saying afore i get on my soapbox
[13:42] Peewee Musytari they really are hehe
[13:42] Cummere Mayo thats a given bob but eh
[13:42] Darrius Gothly Psychology topic ... it's easier to attack and hate faceless mods. A "Meet the Mods" would be good to personalize and familiarize people with the Mods.
[13:42] Peewee Musytari the stuff they tell people is embarassing
[13:43] Cummere Mayo might be a good idea to have the mods attend these hours anyways
[13:43] teddy Zepp amanda will we take ideas from here and used them to test the community tools
[13:43] Venus Petrov or rotate them in occasionally
[13:43] Cummere Mayo cause it might be good for them to understand why people are so upset
[13:43] Lord of Dee Any chance of a new products or events section in the forums? Or places for people to promote inworld content, there are plenty of discussions on how to, but where are the examples? Machinima for example
[13:43] Wilhiam Hydraconis 'Meet the Mods' might better be a thread topic perhaps.
[13:43] Venus Petrov grins@Wil

[13:43] Wilhiam Hydraconis so mods can present themselves for the occasion
[13:43] Darrius Gothly Agreed Wil. They don't need to learn us as much as we need to not see them as faceless dictators.
[13:44] Kung Fu Marketer hey lord--good idea re: machinima.
[13:44] Kung Fu Marketer do we have a hread on machinima yet?
[13:44] Lexie We do in the Creation forum
[13:44] Lisa Fossett nods
[13:44] Kung Fu Marketer ossm. :)
[13:44] Wilhiam Hydraconis there's a section on Machina ,yes
[13:44] Kung Fu Marketer thought so.
[13:44] Suspiria Yes and my machinma thread was moved from the machinima sub-forum by a mod
[13:44] Lord of Dee You have a discussion on it in creation but not a promotional, you've just launched a monthly event about it
[13:44] Kung Fu Marketer in fact, today we're annoucning the month of manchima with the LEA (check otu the blog post in Second Life section)
[13:44] Kung Fu Marketer :)
[13:45] Kung Fu Marketer yep.
[13:45] Lord of Dee It would be nice if in your website somewhere I could see people's machinima
[13:45] Kung Fu Marketer yes, in fact i talked ot courtney about this today.
[13:45] Kung Fu Marketer let's talk offline. this is off topic... :)
[13:45] Suspiria There is a thread showcasing Machinima links, been there for over 3 weeks
[13:46] Darrius Gothly Good Promotions always leverage every possible form of contribution. The Community Platform is a VERY vibrant and rich source of content. I suggest using it well.
[13:46] Kung Fu Marketer :)
[13:46] Kung Fu Marketer we have about 15 mins left.
[13:46] Venus Petrov quick question
[13:46] Kung Fu Marketer open mic on community tools...
[13:46] Kung Fu Marketer sure
[13:46] Venus Petrov regarding the mature forum and age can be age verified w NPIOF right?
[13:47] Lord of Dee Yes Venus
[13:47] Venus Petrov good thanks ㋡
[13:47] Venus Petrov awards you a kudo!
[13:47] Kung Fu Marketer lol
[13:47] Cummere Mayo kudos system must burn
[13:47] teddy Zepp can we use a white board in meeting to highlight topics, ideas and goals
[13:47] Cummere Mayo looks for match and gasoline

[13:47] Lexie haha
[13:47] Lexie no burnt kudos :(
[13:48] Wilhiam Hydraconis lol Cummere
[13:48] COCOON could there be a group added for the sailing or flying communities? or a group for sports in general ? ^^
[13:48] Venus Petrov
[13:48] Kung Fu Marketer wildcat--good idea.
[13:48] DogWomble Dollinger turns the toaster down to stop burning the kudos

[13:48] Suspiria It's gamed to easily and nothing is done about it
[13:48] Darrius Gothly On any thread page there are two different links that direct people back to the Topics page. Though they both do the same thing, they are labeled differently. Can that be fixed?
[13:48] COCOON it is a very large community
[13:48] Cummere Mayo yeah its being games to the point where people areasking NOT to be kudo'd out of protest
[13:48] Kung Fu Marketer absolutely.
[13:48] Kung Fu Marketer sports is huge.
[13:48] COCOON yes
[13:48] Suspiria How can someone issue 9 kudos a day to the same persona and it isn't gaming?
[13:49] Kung Fu Marketer raymond/lexie, we should totally do that.
[13:49] Kung Fu Marketer and sailing--amazing community.
[13:49] Peewee Musytari haha crashed and came back you are all ruth wigs and no bodies lol
[13:49] Lexie I agree on the sports!
[13:49] Qie A geeky little question, might be old: Is there a reason why the setting Preferences / General / "Sort topics by time of most recent post" is turned off by default? Does anybody use the other sort order, whatever it is?
[13:49] COCOON I fly a WWII bomber, always nice to announce when I am going to bomb a sim ^^
[13:49] Wilhiam Hydraconis lol
[13:49] COCOON ;o)
[13:49] Kung Fu Marketer :)
[13:49] Raymond Linden Darius - let me look into that
[13:49] Venus Petrov if the person is busy answering question, easy
[13:49] Venus Petrov *questions
[13:49] Darrius Gothly Ty Raymond. I posted on it early on. I can get the link if you wish.
[13:49] Cummere Mayo puts on a flack jacket

[13:50] Wilhiam Hydraconis A Lancaster or a Heinkel, Wildcat ? ^ .^
[13:50] COCOON lancaster Wil ^^
[13:50] Wilhiam Hydraconis good :)
[13:50] Raymond Linden Darius - yeah, a link would be great! Thanks
[13:50] Darrius Gothly What? Not a B1-B?
[13:50] Darrius Gothly Can do.
[13:50] Cummere Mayo okay on the jira and support they say take policy questions to the forums, on the forums the mods say take it to user groups, at user groups they say thats off topic....
[13:50] Wilhiam Hydraconis it's a EU thang, Darrius ;P :)
[13:50] Cummere Mayo can we PLEASE have either a policty jira or a policy forum? please please?
[13:51] Kung Fu Marketer no, i'm sorry. there are no policy user groups or forums.
[13:51] Darrius Gothly LOL (simple colonist here)
[13:51] Suspiria Can we also have equal amnesty and not just for favorites?
[13:51] Peewee Musytari is called the linden board of directors
[13:51] Cummere Mayo thats my point amanda theres not one, and lindens keep sending us to jira and forums
[13:51] Cummere Mayo ><
[13:51] Lexie We do not play favorites Suspiria
[13:52] Kung Fu Marketer who's sending you where?
[13:52] Wilhiam Hydraconis How long will your ban last, Susp ?
[13:52] Wilhiam Hydraconis just curious
[13:52] Suspiria Then why isn't my warning lifed?
[13:52] Lord of Dee Do you liaise with Soft and The Jira gang?
[13:52] COCOON and maybe an idea is to have a discussion group for newbies .... it must be hard time to time to step into the fire for them .... a newbie group could open the door for them ^^
[13:52] Lord of Dee ooh a welcome forum or say hello
[13:52] Kung Fu Marketer again, suspiria. warnings are not deleted, but the ones received during the first week don't count towards bans going forward. that applies for everyone.
[13:52] COCOON yes lord
[13:53] COCOON I see a lot of new residents activities
[13:53] Lord of Dee yeah that has potential
[13:53] Cummere Mayo theres a number of lindens that say put policy requests on the jira, the jira lindens all say put it on the forums
[13:53] Cummere Mayo on the forums mods say go to usergroups
[13:53] Kung Fu Marketer that's interesting cummere, i'll look into that.
[13:53] Kung Fu Marketer noted
[13:53] Suspiria So any ban with a warning issued in the first week is reversed right?
[13:53] Kung Fu Marketer yeah, i'll make it clearer to folks internally on that.
[13:53] Kung Fu Marketer sorry for run around.
[13:53] Cummere Mayo we just need a place somewhere anywhere
[13:53] Lord of Dee Talk to the JJira folk and ask them how many jira entries get created that should be tickets or discussed in forums
[13:54] Kung Fu Marketer no, going forward, all bans under consideration will only include warnings from the second week and beyond.
[13:54] Suspiria SO amnesty isn'tt for everyone
[13:54] COCOON did you read about the NEWBIE or NEW RESIDENT group idea Kung Fu?
[13:54] Wilhiam Hydraconis no.. what is said is that you owe your ban to something happening after that first week, Susp
[13:54] Kung Fu Marketer i love that idea actually.
[13:54] Lexie me too
[13:54] Kung Fu Marketer i have something brewing on that--doing a lot more for newbies.
[13:54] teddy Zepp how can we take our suggestions and ideas from out meeting and set them inot task and solutions ?
[13:55] Rand I agree, a newbie forum / group seems like a good idea!
[13:55] Suspiria Thanks for clarifying your revesal of statement
[13:55] Kung Fu Marketer happy to get suggestions--i'm in ideating phase now. so bring 'em on.
[13:55] teddy Zepp our into
[13:55] Venus Petrov i believe the statements have been very consistent Suspiria
[13:55] Lord of Dee I'd point you in the direction of an example of one but fear getting slapped, but other forums where the CEO posts have the new user area
[13:55] COCOON I see them posting in answers ..... but it is a small step from there to welcome them in the viable forum
[13:55] Wilhiam Hydraconis indeed
[13:55] Suspiria How so last week it was amnesty for everyone, now it isn't
[13:56] Kung Fu Marketer suspiria, i:)
[13:56] Kung Fu Marketer have i been unclear?
[13:56] Peewee Musytari how is it not for everyone?
[13:56] Kung Fu Marketer :)
[13:56] Suspiria I can dig out Amanda's exact words if you like
[13:56] Wilhiam Hydraconis no you haven't , Amanda
[13:56] Venus Petrov the statement this week is the same as last week's
[13:56] Kung Fu Marketer not sure how i can be clearer, but happy to guet suggestions fromt eh crowd.
[13:56] COCOON this week is the 'gallow', next week the 'guillotine' ... matter of variation ^^
[13:56] Cummere Mayo suspira im not understanding what is so confusing?
[13:56] Venus Petrov laughs Wildcat
[13:56] COCOON haha ^^
[13:56] Lord of Dee Suspiria what happened in week one stays in week one
[13:56] Venus Petrov it has always been week one only
[13:56] Lisa Fossett You (Lindens present) might consider it off topic, but there's an issue I want to bring up. The lack of posting any metrics as regards to Incident Reports is leading many to say nothing happens.
[13:57] Suspiria ok if a warning issued in the first wek is given amnesty, how can it count toward a ban?
[13:57] teddy Zepp how are we doing on the front of making second life easier for users to use from their viewers
[13:57] COCOON the past is gone, today is today, tomorrow is a mystery (misery) ^^
[13:57] Lisa Fossett I think that's a bad impression to put forward
[13:57] Peewee Musytari if u had a warning in week 1 and ur name gets put up for a ban, ur warning for that week won`t be included in the matter who u are
[13:57] Darrius Gothly Good point Lisa.
[13:57] Cummere Mayo thats the point suspira ... it doesnt
[13:57] Wilhiam Hydraconis you got banned for something that did not happen in the first week, Susp
[13:57] Suspiria Amanda just said onlyu going forward
[13:57] DogWomble Dollinger suspiria it doesn't
[13:57] bob Iwashi teddy, i swore blind i'll never use viewr 2, and i never will
[13:57] teddy Zepp and are we making any contracts with third party game companies ?
[13:57] Qie Lisa: That's a *very* good point. It affects the community a lot, even if it's not part of Community Tools. Actually, *because* it's not part of Community Tools.
[13:57] Suspiria SO the past is NOT forgiven
[13:57] Venus Petrov only things post week one
[13:57] teddy Zepp a simple viewer
[13:57] Suspiria TGot that part
[13:58] Wilhiam Hydraconis only in the first week *sigh* ..
[13:58] bob Iwashi ranks as one of the worst things lindne labs have done, imho, viewer 2, ontynes, scouts
[13:58] Peewee Musytari week one warnings are ignore susp
[13:58] Cummere Mayo wait if a first week doesnt count...
[13:58] Peewee Musytari not deleted
[13:58] DogWomble Dollinger suspiria the past is forgiven, it's just if you got banned after that first week, it's because of somethign that happened after that first week
[13:58] Lord of Dee Yeah Tyche's incident blotter hasn't been updated since December
[13:58] Cummere Mayo but you get three warnings the second week you still get banned
[13:58] DogWomble Dollinger unless you made yourself unclear and were banned within that first week?
[13:58] Suspiria If first week doesn't count bans given for those warnings should be reversed
[13:58] Darrius Gothly To divert the concept of warnings/bans a bit .. when are they "forgiven" .. if they are forgiven at all? If they are not, wouldn't it be fair to delete them after a reasonable "aging" period?
[13:58] Cummere Mayo oooh
[13:58] Cummere Mayo i see now
[13:58] Suspiria Yet Amanda says no
[13:59] Wilhiam Hydraconis do you know why you got banned at all , Susp ?
[13:59] Peewee Musytari what difference does it make if they are ignored anyway suspiria?
[13:59] Wilhiam Hydraconis seems you're clueless about the occasion triggering it
[13:59] teddy Zepp for example can we set second life to open instantly in face book
[13:59] Suspiria The difference is one warning of three can make a ban unnecessary
[13:59] Suspiria Negating the ban
[13:59] Darrius Gothly Umm .. Wil? How about "unclear" instead?
[13:59] Kung Fu Marketer ok, susupria, i think we've spent a good amount of time making sure that you understand, thanks to everyone who chimed in. :)
[13:59] Peewee Musytari a ban that has already been served?
[14:00] Wilhiam Hydraconis seems the same to me in her case , Darrius
[14:00] Kung Fu Marketer this one went quick, huh?!
[14:00] Peewee Musytari you can`t really undo that
[14:00] Kung Fu Marketer and, we're at the end of our time!
[14:00] Lexie It did
[14:00] Cummere Mayo shes saying if the ban was issued before the decision to give an amnesty will it be stricken from the record or ... at least credit be given amanda?
[14:00] Suspiria I've always understood favorites get special treatment
[14:00] Torben thanks for the meeting :)
[14:00] Lexie Thanks for coming everyone!
[14:00] Rand Thanks everyone...
[14:00] Torben have a great day everyone
[14:00] COCOON My first time ... and it was a great time ^^
[14:00] Kung Fu Marketer thanks everyone!
[14:00] teddy Zepp or can we have a viewer which will work with netbook , ipad tablets and phones
[14:00] Lord of Dee Cheers guys and girls
[14:00] DogWomble Dollinger thanks guys :)
[14:00] Qie thanks.
[14:00] Torben waves and poofs

[14:00] Lexie See you next week
[14:00] Venus Petrov thanks for the meeting and look forward to next week
[14:00] draconis.neurocam thanks all the lindens
[14:00] Kung Fu Marketer 'til next week.
[14:00] Wilhiam Hydraconis bye Lindens. thnx for listening
[14:00] Venus Petrov
[14:00] COCOON thanks ^^
[14:00] Raymond Linden See ya!
[14:00] Peewee Musytari thanks lexie amanda raymond jeremy :)
[14:00] Kung Fu Marketer rand, you gonna get the transcript?
[14:00] Cummere Mayo ie if you got two warnings the first week and one the second and got banned what happens?
[14:00] teddy Zepp thank you Amanda
[14:00] Wilhiam Hydraconis bye everyone else
[14:01] Deej Kasshiki Thanks for the meeting guys
[14:01] COCOON bye byeeeeee
[14:01] teddy Zepp thank you everyone
[14:01] COCOON O.o *mew* *mew* o.O
[14:01] COCOON ☠ °•·.·´¯`·.·•✰ ◕‿◕ ✰•·.·´¯`·.·•☠
[14:01] Venus Petrov nice to see y'all !
[14:01] Deej Kasshiki Cya everyone
[14:01] Peewee Musytari oops and rand :)
[14:01] Rand jeremy could you get the transcritp since i crashed?
[14:01] Deej Kasshiki Wil I love your bikes btw, man
[14:01] Wilhiam Hydraconis waves to all.. bye

[14:01] Wilhiam Hydraconis lol.. thnx Deej ;)
[14:01] Wilhiam Hydraconis MMLC bikes ;)
[14:01] Deej Kasshiki They rock
[14:01] DogWomble Dollinger well if the transcript will be difficult, i can just do a copy and paste from local and stick it in a notecard
[14:02] Wilhiam Hydraconis they do
[14:02] Wilhiam Hydraconis drive like a dream
[14:02] Wilhiam Hydraconis but i do gotta run .. .. take care all
[14:02] Deej Kasshiki Laterz
[14:02] Qie swears inaudibly.

[14:02] Opensource Obscure bye everybody
[14:03] Lisa Fossett jumps and!

[14:03] Lisa Fossett bye!
[14:03] Jeremy Linden Bye everyone! Thanks for coming. The transcript of this user group is up at:
[14:03] Qie thanks Jeremy
[14:03] bob Iwashi yu know, i;d like to see full answers, not ruddy half answrs :(
[14:03] Lord of Dee Yikes Jeremy that was quick, it usually gets vetted
[14:03] bob Iwashi cheers jeremey
[14:04] Qie I'd like to see less blather about one resident's suspension.
[14:04] Peewee Musytari good meeting all...nighters :)
[14:04] bob Iwashi how hard is it to say "yeah we'll give one or two one off meetings to hear our paying customers concerns about those muppets who are 3rd partty support"
[14:04] Lord of Dee Are you concierge Bob?
[14:05] bob Iwashi no, bob standard premium
[14:05] bob Iwashi bog*
[14:05] bob Iwashi i pay about 101 bucks permonth to ll including my tier
[14:05] bob Iwashi which is no chicken feed to me
[14:06] Lord of Dee Ah, Concierge has been much improved lately, I hope it's not at the cost of premium support