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About me

me on Mai 2008

Avatar Date of Birth: 28 January 2007

Gender: male

Home Location: open SURL

RL Timezone: GMT+1

Hi, i´m Nafets Germi,

i life and live close to Mannheim, Germany. Sice January 2007 im a resident of Second Life. On March ive foundet the Fire Killers. Something to say? - well i play my SL close to the decissions as i will fell in RL ;o)

Im World

Fire Killers

SL Fire Killers
Fire Killer´s Ladies
Fire Killer´s @ Piano Bar

Are you looking for an exceptional dance group to entertain your guests? Because I have an idea but smooth ... Look at SL Wiki purely!

SLR² Broadcast

Im working for a great Broadcast called SLR². For more info see the SL Wiki. My shows are shown on the "on Air" shedule



  • Help all about SL
  • SL Wiki (User profile, add contents, edit translation pages ...)
  • usage of the clients (partikeles, sources, Abuse...)


  • all i need i can do
  • CAD
  • Website design

Spoken Languages

  • German (native)
  • some german slangs
  • English (good)

I´m firmly convienced...

... behind each character hides a human with individual feelings and needs! Do not play games with these!

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