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Peter Stindberg (rezdate October 9, 2006) is the founder of SL's leading translation and text creation agency Babel Translations (established June 2007, retired in 2015), co-founder of GREENE concept furniture (established April 2008 with Ivanova_Shostakovich, now retired) and software development company "The Discord Experts / Babel products" (established 2020).

In 2008 Stindberg got nominated for SL Entrepreneur of the Year by the SL Entrepreneur Magazine, as Social Butterfly of the Year by Vain Inc. and GREENE concept got nominated as Best new furniture company by Vain Inc. as well. In June 2008 Stindberg appeared as Post 6 Guy on the Second Life Herald (now renamed to Alphaville Herald).

In March 2009 Babel Translations became an Official SL Solution Provider and subsequently exhibited on the SL6B anniversary celebrations which coincided with the 2 year anniversary of Babel Translations. Incorporating competing agencies in 2008 and 2009 made Babel Translations the by now oldest and largest translation and text creation agency in Second Life. Due to RL reasons, Stindberg retired Babel Translations by 2015.

May 2009 saw the start of the Designer Showcase Network[1], developed by friend and business partner Rika Watanabe, in which Peter Stindberg contributed many ideas and primarily works on the marketing side and the communication with the participating content creators.

(A lot of stuff happened since 2009, which might or might not be added to this page eventually)

During 2020, Stindberg started to use the chat platform Discord more and more frequently and came across its API. He started to develop a set of scripts that allows to contact Discord from within SL, and brought them to market in July 2020. The range of products got expanded over time and can be found on the Second Life Marketplace[2]. In summer 2021, Peter applied for being an exhibitor at the Second Life Birthday SL18B anniversary celebrations and had an educational exhibit about connecting SL to external services. In summer 2022, Stindberg participated at SL19B with an educational exhibit about Bots in Second Life. In summer 2023, Stindberg participated in SL20B with a double-exhibit on Bots, in which he reiterated the status from the year before, and the changes that happened since then.


In early 2020 Stindberg got involved with the Bots spotter community, a small group of residents who track the extent of bot usage - particularly free roaming bots - in SL. Subsequently, a network of bot detectors was set up which resulted in database of known roaming bots, consisting of almost 500 bots (as of September 2023). While other bot spotters mostly use off-world statistical analysis and a high number of detectors (which are inheritently prone to false positives), Stindberg's approach relies on a very small number of detectors that are strategically placed, accepting the tradeoff of potentially false negatives for the benefit of having no false positives. Stindberg's bot database is in use in his Region and Parcel Trackers, that highlight known bots that visit a place.

For SL20B Stindberg introduced his bot classification into three categories:

  • Green bots: Operator and purpose are known and documented, no disruptive behaviour (e.g. visit-frequency, visit cycle), small number of similar bots.
  • Amber bots: Operator unknown or obfuscated, purpose unknown or dubious, disruptive behaviour (high visit frequency, huge number of similar bots).
  • Red bots: Violating scripted agent policy, offensive names, impersonating amber or green bots, impersonating operators, avoiding detection.

Stindberg has a very clear stance on banning bots, which boils down to the fact that, unless you control a full region, banning bots is a quixotic task, and as long as the bot can come to any parcel on a region, it can carry out its task. This is the reason why none of his products offer banning capabilities.

Stindberg is in regular exchange with other bot spotters, also to compare detection results in case of doubt.

Skills and Interests

The most prominent skills are communication and business understanding, without being cutthroat. Adjusting to a partner, sorting thoughts and streamlining business ideas, combined with a true interest of the partner and their background. As a consequence, Peter Stindberg got involved in many business ideas and gets often asked for feedback.

Apart from those soft skills, a background in 3D design, character animation and programming allows for an intermediate mastering of the SL content creation tools, with the notable exception of the LSL scripting language, where Stindberg develops on a professional level.

Peter enjoys conversations and exploring with his tight-knit circle of friends, as well es exploring on his own. Being an avid shopper Peter adds his share to the SL economy :-) Peter got interested in SL sailing on a hobbyist level, and works on improving his SL photography skills.

Real Life

The human behind Peter Stindberg is CEO of a small internet development and online marketing company from Europe.

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