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This article is obsolete, but kept as a historical record. Do not rely on this information in any way. However, it may be used in the future, so please do not delete or modify.


Linden Lab invites individuals and businesses that have experience addressing the needs of real-world organizations in Second Life to join our Solution Provider Program. We specially encourage businesses with extensive enterprise or education experience to join the Program so that the deluge of organizations joining Second Life can take advantage of your expertise and services.

For more information, see Solution Provider Program membership requirements and obligations.


  • Company listing in the Solution Provider Directory which businesses use to find resources to help them design their presence in Second Life, create content, and obtain technical and business assistance.
  • Access to Solution Provider resources including email updates and in-world meetings about topics of interest or potential impact on the Solution Provider community


  • Listed projects must be for clients
  • Compliance with all Linden Lab trademark and branding policies
  • Accurate and current contact information
  • Must be an operating business
  • Second Life account must be in good standing
  • Directory listing must be updated quarterly
  • Please see SP Program wiki page for more details
  • For complete details on joining the Solution Provider Program and to submit a listing, please visit the Solution Providers Submission page.

Support tiers

Linden Lab has created several tiers that depend upon your economic relationship with Second Life. Here's the quick summary (services available are cumulative):

Level Account Status Service
Basic Basic Account Knowledge Base & Special Support Tickets, Billing Phone line for billing-related support
Premium Premium Account Web ticket submission, Live Text Chat
Concierge Pay >=$125 land tier/month Concierge email/phone


What if I don't qualify for concierge support?

If you don't qualify for Concierge support, you still have have access to the Knowledge Base, to the billing team for billing-related issues, and to a limited set of support tickets:

  • I'm trying to create an account and it won't let me.
  • Second Life tells me I can't access it from this computer.
  • My account has been shut off and I have no idea why; my account page doesn't give me any clues.
  • I need to report a region being offline.
  • I'm an estate manager and I need to request a rollback.
  • I would like to request a LindeX tier review.

For the Billing phone number - log into Support; you'll find the Billing number under "Need to call us?"

In certain circumstances, Solution Providers can contact Concierge on behalf of their clients. In order to participate in any of these benefits, you must be an Estate Manager for the region(s) in question. As estate manager, you are eligible for the following benefits (via ticket submission):

  • Inquiries about performance issues (including bugs)
  • Request for Rollbacks
  • Region is down

Common problems

Here's a list of common problems and the place to request help for them. An advantage of LiveChat: you get a full transcript of every LiveChat session in your Support History page.

NOTE: if you're a concierge customer, use the concierge support tickets, rather than the basic support tickets

Land purchase and management

  1. Buying an island - (You can use the lower link - Special Order - to buy by invoice or wire payment)
  2. How to pay for land questions - Concierge
  3. Urgent renaming or moving - Concierge

Billing and payment

  1. General billing/payment questions - Support Ticket, or call the Billing phone number (you'll find the Billing number under "Need to call us?")
  1. Blocked account - Support Ticket or call the Billing phone number (you'll find the Billing number under "Need to call us?")
  2. Invoicing/payment/closed account questions - Support Ticket or call the Billing phone number (you'll find the Billing number under "Need to call us?")
  3. Limit increase - use Limit Request web form
  4. Other payment or billing issues - Support Ticket or call the Billing phone number (you'll find the Billing number under "Need to call us?")

Urgent land problems

  1. Blocked access, no TP - Concierge LiveChat or phone
  2. Sim crashing (downed regions) - Support Ticket; or Concierge
  3. Sim boundary/performance problems - Concierge
  4. Sim rollback - Support Ticket
  5. Lost inventory: In World: Help/Additional Help/Knowledge Base key words "Lost Content" or Support Ticket

Non-urgent land questions or problems

  1. Questions not listed below - Support Ticket
  2. Group ownership/assignment - Support Ticket
  3. Land renaming ($50) - Support Ticket
  4. Land moving ($150) - Support Ticket
  5. Land transfer ($100) - Support Ticket
  6. Land Rental - Land: Rental page

Firewall and networking issues

For information on the ports Second Life uses and other networking issues, see the following Knowledge Base articles:

Links and resources

SLDEV Forums

Mailing Lists

  • Join the SLDEV mailing list for discussing development issues related to Second Life; See SLDev.
  • Join the SLCorporateUse mailing list for discussion of use of Second Life in corporate or educational environments. To subscribe:
  1. Got to
  2. Click on slcorporateuse
  3. Add yourself.

Community development

The Community Development Guide aggregates knowledge about Second Life community development in one place and provides a "living document" any Resident can edit and contribute to. It is our hope this guide will be useful to interested individuals, businesses, and organizations using the Second Life Main and Teen Grids.

Solution provider directory

See Solution Providers for general information.

To update or correct your listing, submit a new listing Solution Provider Directory Submissions.

Email question to sldevelopers (at)

Account and name-related issues

The Custom Name Program provides a way for you to get corporate last names or vanity names for a fee.

There is a limit on the number of accounts you can create per day per IP address. To request ability to exceed this limit for demo purposes, file a support ticket.

To change your account password (demo accounts), see My Account - Password.


Event Notification sends an email to a team of community, developers, and support who monitor it for major events such as press conferences, events on TV, or events involving enough people that it might affect the grid. We can't promise to keep the grid up, but we do pay attention to events and if necessary can notify you of upcoming issues affecting your event.