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Function: string llKey2Name( key id );

Returns a string that is the legacy name of the prim or avatar specified by id.

• key id group, avatar or prim UUID that is in the same region

id must specify a valid rezzed prim or avatar key, present in or otherwise known to the sim in which the script is running, otherwise an empty string is returned. In the case of an avatar, this function will still return a valid name if the avatar is a child agent of the sim (i.e., in an adjacent sim, but presently able to see into the one the script is in), or for a short period after the avatar leaves the sim (specifically, when the client completely disconnects from the sim, either as a main or child agent).

Keys of inventory items will not work; in the case of these, use llGetInventoryName instead.


  • It is difficult to tell the difference between a prim that has a name that is an empty string and a prim that is not in the sim, or because an invalid key was specified. Use llGetObjectDetails to avoid this problem.
  • To get around the "avatar must be present" limitation, you can use the llRequestAgentData function and the dataserver event to obtain the avatar's name from a key.
  • There is no opposite function (llName2Key) available. However, there are third-party websites which can be queried using the llHTTPRequest function and the http_response event.
  • If an avatar is "ghosted" (which occasionally happens due to a longstanding server bug), an empty string is returned even though the avatar is seemingly present and shows up in llSensor and the Mini-Map. This fact can be used as the basis of a Ghost Detector script.


<lsl>// Best viewed in Chat History (ctrl-h) default {

   collision_start(integer a)//Announce who collided
       llSay(0, "llKey2Name: " + llKey2Name(llDetectedKey(0)) +
              "\nllDetectedName: " + llDetectedName(0));
   touch_start(integer a)
       llSay(0,"llKey2Name: " + llKey2Name(llDetectedKey(0)) +
              "\nllDetectedName: " + llDetectedName(0));


Active Name2Key Databases:

Dead Name2Key Databases:

Name2Key Libraries:

See Also


•  llGetUsername
•  llGetDisplayName
•  llGetObjectDetails
•  llRequestAgentData Uses the dataserver to request avatar information


•  Prim Attribute Overloading

Deep Notes