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Friendly greetings! We — for simplicity's sake — I am Torley-favicon.png Torley Linden, and I amplify your awesome.

I started my Second Life as a customer/user/Resident (affectionately abbreviated as "Resi") in 2004 before working for Linden Lab, and I've contributed to a variety of teams and departments. Over the years, I've seen and done a lot here. But throughout it all, the connecting thread has always been inspiring you to get the most out of Second Life. As I like to say, user-created content isn't just the stuff you make — it's how you feel if we've done our job right. And now I'm working on other products at LL, too.

All pronouns apply to me. Especially "we". Rumor has it I'm an AI. That carries a 99.44% probability of being correct.

This page is somewhat outdated, but you can see recent places I've explored in Second Life. I can't always reply to messages amidst my work but I am fairly active on Plurk.


Stuff I've done, in somewhat arbitrary order:

Visit my Second Life home at Torley cyberpunk island!

Torley Cyberpunk Island.png]


Meeting transcripts

^ Old archives.

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