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Welcome to our lovely Viewer 2!

We've got lots of help to support the awesome improvements!

This page is an easy list of all Viewer 2 help resources and is curated by the Documentation Team. Eventually, it'll graduate into our Knowledge Base. Have a suggestion? Let Torley know.

Fresh tips & tricks

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See the list of older tips.

What help is available for Viewer 2?

  • Totally new context-sensitive help built into the Viewer - Open just about any window, sidebar tab, and so on, and click the ? button. It doesn't get any easier. For example:
    Click question mark for help.png
For information on how this is provided, see Viewer Help Dashboard.
  • Quick Start Guide - A comprehensively-illustrated tour of what you need to know. Also available from the Viewer's sidebar when you click the Home tab:
    Quick start guide sidebar.png
  • Beta FAQ - Hot questions answered in PDF format.
  • Release Notes - Need to dig into the details and get a blow-by-blow list of what's changed? Check these out.
  • Beginner's Video Tutorials - Like visual learning? Check out these fun and friendly how-tos hosted by Torley. For example:
    <videoflash type="youtube">5GHbmxouWOw|320|240</videoflash>
  • Viewer 2 Video Tutorials - Switching over from Viewer 1.23? You'll want to see this growing collection.
  • Viewer 2 Moves - What features moved where.
  • Answers to a Few FAQs on Viewer 2 - Covers media controls, build menu, object inspector, HUDs and the sidebar, and PPC Mac support.

Shared Media

^ Showing web content on a prim is one of Viewer 2's flagship features. Click through to get help and see examples!

How is the Knowledge Base being updated for Viewer 2 help?

In many cases, the new in-Viewer context sensitive help replaces old articles, which we'll be archiving as we transition from Viewer 1.23 to 2. In addition, the Documentation Team is focusing on hot stuff to update. The process is incremental and gradual, and since the KB is Resident-contributed, if you'd like to help, come join us!

Viewer help system

Viewer Help Dashboard provides some basic information and links on Viewer 2's context-sensitive help system.

You can also view the the slide presentation Rand Linden and Jeremy Linden gave at the 2010 STC Technical Communication Summit.

Resident-shared help

KBwarning.png Warning: These are unofficial and Linden Lab cannot guarantee them to work. Use at your own risk.
  • Viewer 2 Tweaks - Compilation of ways to change the interface, restore old functionality, and explore new debug settings.
  • Viewer 2 Skins - Skins that make changes to the functionality and look and feel of the viewer. These can be downloaded and applied easily.