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Pardon me, at the moment, due to this persistent thing called "work", I'm unable to help with account-specific cases — our real Support is your best bet. I DO NOT read IMs, notecards, or forum PMs.

Useful stuff you should know ahead of time:

Who's Torley?

^ Click to find out!

Torley CAN help you with

You've totally got the right avatar! I'm flooded with correspondence, so to set expectations, this stuff gets top priority:

  • Your ideas for knowledge-sharing, including video tutorials. Also, how to make this wiki and Tips & Tricks awesomer.
  • I love hearing stories of how you live Second Life and your creativity. This includes builds, inventions, and machinima. I visit awesome places often, and you should also submit to the Destination Guide.
  • While I'm unable to provide extensive personal guides, quick Q&A about my vidtuts and help docs is warmly welcomed. I treasure all awesomeness I receive, and there is no charge for awesomeness. ;)
  • Free to request my Linden Bear.

Torley CAN'T help with

This stuff in all likelihood doesn't get read or replied to, so don't ask me about:

  • "I can't login!" and other system issues. See Second Life Grid Status Reports.
  • If you want personal Second Life support (including the Marketplace, use the Support Portal. I don't escalate tickets, either.
  • Legal/policy, abuse, bugs, or other issues not about my direct work.
  • Scurrilous rumors.
  • Requests to save your land, give you L$, or promotion. I gladly visit most SLurls I receive, but don't beg for handouts!
  • "Forward this to the right Linden..." — please look up the right place, such as the User Groups page, and contact them directly.
  • I'm not a forum moderator either, please click Options > Report Inappropriate Content on the upper-right of a forum post to alert the mods.
  • For legal and practical reasons, I don't privately accept ideas about improving Second Life outside of my duties. All such correspondence is deleted. File a public New Feature request at the Bug Tracker instead.

More good-to-knows

  • Have an interview request?
  • I apologize in advance if you come across my avatar and I'm deathly quiet or suddenly TP away. This is because I'm busy focusing on work. Be assured I do also have times for PAYING ATTENTION TO YOU.
  • I generally don't accept friendships unless it's for a work project. Pardon if I decline yours, it's certainly not because I don't want to be friendly. :) (Earlier in my SL, I openly accepted friendships but that led to me being distracted by being repeatedly IMed and TPed to parties. To put it mildly, I was having "challenges" getting work done. Hint: we need a better friendship system with more context-aware privacy and status options!)
  • I casually mention Second Life on various social media sites (Twitter, Flickr, etc.), but unless the account is owned by Linden Lab, those are my personal accounts that don't belong to my Second Life work. So don't expect a reply... or any serious policy there.