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This article is obsolete, but kept as a historical record. Do not rely on this information in any way. However, it may be used in the future, so please do not delete or modify.

The login screen (aka "splash screen") is aptly named, because it's the point from which you enter the Second Life experience. Its contents have changed over time, but it (minus the actual login form) can currently be viewed at http://secondlife.com/app/login (older viewers) http://viewer-login.agni.lindenlab.com/ (the newest viewers).

Second Life Login Screen - 2011-06-02.png

Now here's some Q&A about stuff that keeps coming up! This is not policy, just casual info to help you understand:

Who takes the pictures that appear on the login screen?

Mostly Torley, and the aesthetic web masterminds at Linden Lab have the final cut.

What format are they in?

Cropped 1280x786 JPGs. This makes them appear undesirably stretched on widescreen (like 16:10), but it's what we have for now.

How many pictures are there?

Usually 16 or so, which get swapped every now and then (the original intention was "seasonally").

Each time of day (of which there are 4) has 4 or more screenshots, and they rotate. Restarting SL or refreshing enough times will show you a new one.

Where can I see all the pix?

Including ones that didn't make the cut:

How can I visit where these pictures were taken?

In the meantime with related intrigue, look at Torley's Flickr stream for OMG AWESOME ADVENTURES, where just about every pic has a "Visit..." link you can click on to teleport to... and keep reading.

Can I submit my own pictures?

No, not as of this writing. However, you're more than welcome to make submissions to the Destination Guide instead, which appear prominently on our website and within the viewer's Search window in the Destination Guide tab. The Destination Guide has a FAQ, too.

Why don't you just combine the login screen with the Destination Guide?

Great Minds Think Alike!

As of this writing, this is still a future hope on the big list o' things to-do.

So where else can I show off my pictures?

Many places. (Add yours!) There are several Resident-run snapshot sites.

And Torley might fancy seeing your pix, contact Torley directly.