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Manage parcel options, including what visitors and parcel group members can do.

Allow other Residents to

Edit Terrain   Allows anyone to terraform this parcel using Edit Terrain build tool. Usually unchecked because careless terraforming can ruin builds.
Fly   Allows anyone to fly when on this parcel. Usually checked.

These options can be allowed for Everyone, limited to Group for parcel group members, or restricted to the parcel owner.

Build   Allows others to create objects on this parcel.
Object Entry   Allows others to create objects on this parcel and move existing objects from other parcels onto this parcel.
Run Scripts   Allow others to run scripts on your parcel, including attachments. As explained on the Limits list, this only works up to 50m above terrain.

Land Options

Safe (no damage)   Prevents combat on the parcel level. Usually on. If Allow Damage is enabled in Region/Estate - Region, parcels can still be set as Safe areas within a region that allows combat. But the reverse isn't true: Disabling Allow Damage region-wide blocks parcels from unchecking Safe (no damage).
No Pushing   Disables push scripts on a parcel to prevent griefing.
Show Place in Search (L$30/week)

  Check this to be charged L$30 a week to show this parcel and Show in search-enabled objects in search results. Region maturity ratings affect search results. For example, if your parcel is rated Parcel lght M.png Moderate, that rating must be checked in search for your parcel to appear. Parcels equal to or less than 128m2 can't be listed in search.
General, Moderate, or Adult Content   Shows the maximum maturity rating allowed for content in this region as shown in Region/Estate - Region. Depending on conditions, you may not be able to change this. For example, parcels in an Parcel lght A.png Adult region are always checked as such.
Any Category   Select an appropriate category for showing your parcel in search.
Landing Point   Sets a landing point to determine where Residents arrive when visiting land, including from search. Click Set to place the landing point at your avatar's current position and orientation. Click Clear to remove the landing point.
Teleport Routing   Select from:
  • Blocked - Prevents Residents from teleporting to your parcel. If someone tries, they'll land outside.
  • Landing Point - Forces all Residents to land at your specified landing point.
  • Anywhere - Allows Residents to teleport to anywhere in your parcel.
Snapshot   Shows a picture of the parcel. Click the thumbnail to open Pick Texture and choose a snapshot from your inventory. This picture is used in various places your parcel is shown, including search listings.