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At the top, the region's name, version, and type are shown. Version upgrades happen automatically and are announced in Grid Status Reports.

Block Terraform

  Disables terraforming for parcel owners, overrides the per-parcel Edit Terrain setting. The estate owner and managers can always terraform, regardless of this setting. Usually unchecked.
Manage Telehub

  Opens the Telehub window to control where Residents arrive via teleport.
Block Fly

  Disables flying for all Residents who enter this region. If someone flies in from an adjacent region, they can continue to fly until their avatar stands on the ground. Usually unchecked.
Block Parcel Fly Over

  Extends parcel access controls to 5000m in altitude, preventing anyone from flying above parcels they are not allowed to enter.
Allow Damage

  Enables combat. Even if disabled, parcel owners can still enable combat on specific parcels. Usually unchecked.
Restrict Pushing

  Disables push scripts across the whole region to prevent griefing. Usually unchecked.
Allow Land Resell

  Lets parcel owners resell their land. The estate owner and managers can always resell land, regardless of this setting.
Allow Land Join/Divide

  When enabled:
  • All parcel owners can join or subdivide the parcels they own.
  • For group-owned parcels, those with appropriate group abilities may join or subdivide parcels.

When disabled:

  • Only the estate owner and managers can join or subdivide parcels.
  • Managers may only join or subdivide parcels belonging to the owner, or to a group where they have the appropriate group abilities.

Block Land Show in Search

  Prevents parcel owners from using Show Place in Search.
Agent Limit

  Sets the maximum number of Residents allowed in this region. When the limit is reached, incoming teleports fail with a message explaining why. If the region regularly feels too sluggish, you can lower this. Usually set from 30-50.
Object Bonus

  Usually left at 1.000. See object bonus.

  Sets the region's maturity rating. Make sure to set this correctly or you may be in violation of the Community Standards. Changes can take awhile to refresh on the World Map.
Teleport Home One User

  Opens Choose Resident so you can eject a disruptive Resident from the region. In order to prevent them from returning, you need to add them to the Banned residents list in the Estate tab.
Teleport Home All Users

  Teleports every other Resident home. Useful if you need privacy when building a region.
Send Message To Region

  Notifies every Resident in the region. For example, a heads-up that you're about to teleport everyone home so you can diagnose performance issues.