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Filter your inventory by typing into the Filter field at the top of the window.

  • Search strings are not case-sensitive, and partial matches work.
  • You can also search for permissions and links; for example, search for "no copy", to show all items with that permission.

Right-click on a folder or inventory item to display the context menu for additional options.

The MY INVENTORY tab shows the general view of your inventory.

Collapse Collapse

Expand Expand

  Click to show or hide a folder's contents.

  You can store items in folders, and drag folders and items to organize them.
Inventory item icons

  Each item type has a unique icon:
  • Animations Animations
  • Body Parts Body Parts
  • Calling Cards Calling Cards
  • Clothing Clothing
  • Gestures Gestures
  • Landmarks Landmarks
  • Notecards Notecards
  • Objects Objects
  • Scripts Scripts
  • Sounds Sounds
  • Textures Textures
  • Snapshots Snapshots

Click and choose Show Filters to show only certain types of items.

Click to display inventory commands, including the option to open a new inventory window.