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Right-click an inventory folder or item to display various options.

  • Many of these options can accessed in other ways, but you may find it more convenient to right-click.
  • Right-clicking a folder lets you create new items inside the folder, which is the same as using the My Inventory menus.
  • With items, the topmost context menu option (with the exception of Sounds) does the same thing as double-clicking the item. For example, if you right-click a landmark, you see Teleport.

Options shared between folders and items


  Enables you to change the item's name, unless it is no-modify.

  Puts the item in the Trash folder.

General item options


  Shows the Object Profile.
Copy Asset UUID

  Copies the item's unique identifier to the clipboard. The UUID is used for scripting and other technical purposes.

  Copies the item to your clipboard. Not available for no-copy items.

  Pastes a copied item into the selected folder. Not available if you haven't copied an item.

Item type-specific options

Animations Animations

  • Play in World - You and others see the animation.
  • Play Locally - Only you see the animation.
Body Parts Body Parts

  • Edit - Opens the Appearance editor.
  • Unlike Clothing Clothing, you can't take off body parts. Instead, you must swap one item with another.
Calling Cards Calling Cards

  • Send Instant Message - Starts a private conversation with the selected Resident.
  • Offer Teleport - Sends a teleport request. Only available if you can see the Resident online.
  • Start Conference Chat - Hold Ctrl while clicking to select multiple online Residents, then choose this to start an ad-hoc group conversation. Only available if all potential participants are online.
Clothing Clothing

  • Edit - Enters the Appearance Editor.
  • Wear or Take Off - Puts the selected clothing item on your avatar, or removes it.
Gestures Gestures

  • Activate or Deactivate - Gestures must be activated to appear in your gestures list. See Gestures.
Objects Objects

  • Wear - Attaches the object to your avatar. If no attachment point has been specified, defaults to your right hand.
  • Attach To - Select an attachment point to wear this object on. If an attach point was previously set, this replaces it.
  • Attach To HUD - Same as above, but for heads-up displays.
Sounds Sounds

  • Play - Opens a window where, like Animations Animations, you can play a sound inworld or locally.
Textures Textures & Snapshots Snapshots

  • Save As - Select a fully-permissive texture, then choose this to save the texture in TGA format to your hard drive for editing.