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Use the File, Create, and Sort menus to work with your inventory.



  Opens the currently-selected inventory folder or item; for a landmark, teleports you there immediately.

  Enables you to upload files from your computer to your inventory:
  • Image (L$10)... - Select an image file in TGA, PNG, BMP, or JPG format.
  • Sound (L$10)... - Select a sound in WAV format; must be 16-bit, 44.1 kHz, mono or stereo, and exactly ten seconds or less. Stereo files are downmixed to mono.
  • Animation (L$10)... - Select an animation file in BVH format; you can customize many options before uploading.
  • Bulk ($10 per file...)... - Select multiple files of mixed types to upload; useful for uploading an entire folder of images or sounds. Hold Ctrl to select individual files or Shift ⇧ to select a range of files.
New Window

  Opens a new My Inventory window with the same menu items and other controls, handy to:
  • Resize your inventory independent of the sidebar.
  • View two different inventory areas at once and drag items between both visible lists.
  • Keep your inventory open while browsing sidebar tabs.
Show Filters

  Opens Show Filters, to narrow down types of items displayed.
Reset Filters

  Resets filter parameters to show all items in your inventory. Try this first if you think you have lost something from your inventory loss.
Close All Folders

  Use if you've been browsing through many inventory folders instead of closing each one manually.
Empty Trash

  Permanently deletes everything in your Trash folder.
Empty Lost And Found

  Permanently deletes everything in your Lost And Found folder.


New Folder

  Creates a new inventory folder, which can be dragged to the top level alongside system folders (which can't be deleted), or can be dragged into another folder to provide sorting hierarchy.
New Script

  Creates a new script.
New Note

  Creates a new notecard.
New Gesture

  Creates a new gesture.
New Clothes

  Create a new clothes item:
New Body Parts

  Create a new body part item:


By Name

  Sorts your inventory in ascending alphabetical order.
By Date

  Sorts your inventory in reverse-chronological order by date acquired or created; so, the most recently acquired items appear first.
Folders Always By Name

  Makes folders always appear in ascending alphabetical order, even if By Date is selected.
System Folders To Top

  Always places the system folders on top, even if you drag a folder you created to the top level.