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Gestures are a type of inventory item (shown as ) that trigger your avatar to animate, play sounds, and/or emit text chat. Created with a series of steps, gestures can be used for practical purposes or to amuse friends. For example, a cartoon "Squish!" noise accompanied by your avatar falling down. In Second Life culture, many gestures are openly shared because they make social activity more fun.

You can trigger a gesture with:

  • Local text chat
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Public voice chat volume
Name   A list of all active and inactive gestures in your inventory. Active gestures (also called Favorites) appear in bold text.
Chat   Shows text triggers for active gestures.
Key   Shows keyboard shortcuts assigned to gestures.
  Options for the selected gesture:
  • Add/Remove from Favorites - Toggles a gesture between active and inactive. Only active gestures can be triggered.
  • Copy - Copies the gesture to your clipboard.
  • Copy UUID - Copies the gesture's UUID.
  • Save to current outfit - Adds the gesture to your current outfit folder, shown in My_Appearance_-_My_Outfits.
  • Edit - Opens the Gesture_Editor. Same thing as the Edit button below.
  Creates a new gesture and opens the New Gesture Editor.
  Activates or deactivates the gesture.
  Deletes the gesture.

  Plays the gesture.