A083 Sim Cluster

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D15 sector
D16 sector
E15 sector

A083 is the temporary name this Sim Cluster has received from Second Life Geography team. This name is not official and might change if a better suggestion is made. It is one of the largest sim clusters and doesn't fit into a single Grid Sector (fits into grid sectors D15, D16 and E15). It is placed into Far North Ocean. It has the following Coordinates: 460-522/1519-1671.

This is one of the largest sim clusters that can be seen on the grid. It has more then 100 sims. It is easy visible on the world map, in the North-West corner. It forms the largest structure in the Far North Ocean, so big that it is biger then all mainland continents together (see Grid Map And Dimensions. Even so, sim density is low, about 10% of the sim density in a continent. The vast majority of these sims are placed in mathematical order, they form squares. It looks like over 90% (if not all) sims belong to a single estate owner, but under multiple estates.

The huge sim cluster is composed of very diverse sims. A traveler can find here anything, from alien worlds to beach paradises, pirate hideout, snowlands, lush forests, urban landscapes and shops.

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