A084 (Silent)

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A084 (Silent) Isolated Sim

A 084 (Silent) is the most Isolated Sim of the entire grid. It is situated in Grid Sector E5, at minimum 100 sims of void ocean away to any nearby place. A084 is a temporary name given to grid structure by the team that updates List Of Microcontinents And Sim Clusters. Coordinates are: 518-518/518-519.

The sim is very old, acording to [Gridsurvey. For a small period of time, in late 2013, it was not accessible. In October 24th, 2013, a new sim, called Keng Group was created South to Silent.

Both sims are accessible for public and have the same restrictions (no pushing). Silent has sand texture and is very flat, except for pools of water (always very deep). Keng Group has dryland texture and is also very flat. Silent has a few palm trees and places to sit and relax, while Keng Group is unfinished, there are a few skyboxes under construction.

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