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A080 (Lovecats Island) Isolated Sim

An isolated sim is a sim that cannot be included into a Continent, Microcontinent, Sim Cluster, Sim Group or included into Unassociated Sims. They are at high distance to any nearby sim, sometimes alone inside a Grid Sector, separated by Void Ocean.


The following list contains Coordinates in a similar format with toe fromat used on Gridsurvey.

According to List Of Microcontinents And Sim Clusters, there are the following isolated sims:

  • Grid Sector D8:
    • A080 - (I) - 498/829 (isolated island)
  • Grid Sector E5:
  • Grid Sector F8:
    • A101 (Toretto) - (I) - 610/860, isolated sim
  • Grid Sector G6:
    • A115 (Wild Canyon Country) - (I) - 704/684, isolated sim
  • Grid Sector H8:
    • A136 (Open Life Village) - (I) - 810/813 - isolated sim (no access)
  • Grid Sector I8:
    • A157 (Surreal Brown) - (I) - 891/868 - isolated sim
  • Grid Sector K10:
    • A196 (The East End) - (I) - 1145/1164, isolated sim
  • Grid Sector L13:
    • A204 - (I) - 1300/1240 - remote sim
  • Grid Sector Q12
    • A206 - (I) - 1797/1200 - Zindra, Vortex Adult Sandbox

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