A131 Microcontinent

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A131 sim group

A131 is the temporary name given to a Microcontinent that can be found at Coordinates 890-897/850-853, is Grid Sector G9, Western Ocean. Its position is West to Fairchang Continent (but in another grid sector).


The microcontinent is composed of 12 sims (and might form a Sim Cluster with other nearby 6). It can be included in A130 sim cluster. It has a long, irregular shape, long and not wide. It looks like a sim is closing. If this is true, the microcontinent will be split in two.


Overall, it looks like a tropical beach paradise. Altitude is low, like in any beach-themed place. There is a lot of Water. All sims have water access. Land is usually split in 4 parcels in every sim. Overall, there is more dryland then water. Vegetation is specific, with palm trees. Ground texture looks like sand. Buildings are present, usually wooden structures.

Land Status

Land is owned by a single estate and possibly by the same estate owner with Fairchang Continent. Usually, rating is moderate. Protected Land exists, but also there is a lot of land for sale. Land With Restricted Access was not detected.

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