A139 Microcontinent

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A139 from world map

A139 is the temporary name of a Microcontinent located at Coordinates 839-844/1006-1011, inside Grid Sector H10, Western Ocean, North-West to Caledon - Winterfel.

The microcontinent is a Gorean-themed place, so it is recommended that you dress yourself as for the middle-ages. Flying is not allowed. Also, there are sole restrictions for heavy scripted avatars.

Land has some elevation. There is water (with viking boats on it), there are plains, hills and mountains. Ground texture vary from a sim to another. Lush forests can be seen very often. And not only this. You might find even small dragons. In Isle of Allithia there is a replica of the Stonehedge monument.

Probably all land can be visited, no restrictions were detected.

Gorean communities have strict rules. Not only that outfits can be middle-age themed, but each member has a special status, including masters, free people and slaves. They are warriors, so roleplay and combat sims are always around them. Sex is often seen in Gorean communities and seems to be done in a rithual.

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