A144 Sim Cluster

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H11 sector

A144 is the transitory name of a Sim Cluster located in Grid Sector H11, Western Ocean. Its Coordinates are 869-884/1141-1164.


It has less then 30 sims. It is a sim cluster with mathematic disposition (squares). There is always one empty sim between two sims. The cluster is much larger in South then in North, where it is long and thin.


Mountains, if they exist, they must be very rare. Sims have a low Altitude and only sometimes there are some isolated hills. Water is used often to separate parcels.

Majority of sims are residential, but there are shops (including Bloodlines themed ones). Skyboxes exist.

Land Status

The sims are owned by a single estate. Sims are sometimes divided into parcels with different owners. Our survey detected no accesibility restrictions.

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