A146 Sim Cluster

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H11 sector

A146 is the temporary name of a Sim Cluster that exists in Grid Sector H11, Western Ocean, at Coordinates 800-836/1113-1143.


It is a diffuse sim cluster. Sims are not placed into a specific order. It is visible separated from nearby structures because sim density decreases in the places with Unassociated Sims.


Skyboxes exist. Some of them are made for shops, while on ground there is residential land. Usually, land is not much elevated and tends to be flat, for buildings. There are, however, mountains that separate parcels, with Altitude up to 60 meters. They are made of a double range, with a central channel of water between. Hills also exists. Ground textures vary from sand to grass. Land is fragmented.

Land status

It looks like one estate has the bigest amount of land, but there are also other estates (and other estate owners).

We detected no sim without public access, but Land With Restricted Access (parcels) exists.

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