A147 Sim Cluster

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H11 sector

A147 is a Sim Cluster identified in Grid Sector H11, Western Ocean, at Coordinates 808-833/1149-1170.


Its structure changed over time. There was a group of 10 sims in North, they vanished at the beginning of December 2013. It has currently 25 sims placed without an order. Sim density is higher here, but close to the sim density of Unassociated Sims.


Part of the sims have a common design: they are divided in 4 by a mountain range and sometimes also by water channels. Mountains are high (Altitude detected is 67 meters) and vegetation is tropical. The second type of land is a large simwide plain, also with tropical vegetation.

Land Status

There are multiple estates in the area. Most probably this sim cluster is the result of random sim creation and not the development of a single estate owner. A bg part of the sims were closed, so the sim cluster might soon vanish into the Unassociated Sims nearby.

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