A169 Sim Cluster

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I10 sector

A169 is the temporary name of a Sim Cluster placed inside Grid Sector I10, Western Ocean. Its Coordinates are 905-916/1073-1087. Its position is North to Caledon - Winterfel and North-West to Sansara.


This sim cluster is not visible separated from nearby Unassociated Sims. This is done because when Second Life Geography team first discovered it, the number of nearby unassociated sims was smaller and the structure was more visible. Currently, A169 tends to vanish between other sims.

Certainly, A169 is not the result of a single estate-owner, but the result of random creation and deletion of simsin the area.


Elevated land is rare here. more often. a traveler will find flat land. There is a high diversity of parcels. Shops are present, residential land too and also a sandbox.

Land Status

There are many estates and many estate owners that own land here, like in Unassociated Sims. Also, there is land for sale. An interesting part is that many sims and parcels have script restrictions.

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