A187 Sim Cluster

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J11 sector

A187 is the temporary name of a Sim Cluster. It has the Coordinates 1002-1047/1122-1175 and is located in Grid Sector J11, Little Northern Ocean.


A187 is a large sim cluster, the largest one placed close to Linden-owned continents. It is North-East and about 100 sims away from Heterocera. It covers one fourth of the grid sector. It is not a sim cluster with mathematic disposition, but anyway in some parts sims are placed in a geometric pattern (to form squares). Sim density is visibly higher then in nearby Unassociated Sims.


Unlike other sim clusters, parcels are much more flat. Mountains are rare (or do not exist). There are even sims with all surface flat. Ground texture vary from sand to grass and other materials (rare).

Land Status

There are many estates here, but all of them have the world Chung in their name. Land for sale exists, also there is land for rent. Land With Restricted Access is rare.

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