A212 Sim Cluster

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A212 Sim Cluster

A212 is the temporary name given to a Sim Cluster located at Coordinates 686-700/1069-1083 Grid Sector F10, Western Ocean.


The sim cluster is formed of two different areas: Papau sims (can be considered a Sim Group, there are 5 sims, all sharing the name Papau) and East sims (9 sims with mathematical disposition). There are other 4 more distant sims.


Majority of places are covered with grass and other types of vegetation. Water is present, both under the form of rivers and oceans. There are two sims in East covered with sand and not too elevated (tropical beach paradise), while all the other sims host hills or even low mountains.

Land status

It looks like there are multiple estates in the area, but the largest surface is owned by the same estate owner. Majority of parcels are opened for visitors, while a sim does not allow access. There are places that does not allow scripts.

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