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Applies to Client version 1.23 and Server version 1.26 and later:

  • Certain words are filtered from search queries depending on the check boxes you have selected on that search tab.
  • If you attempt to search using a filtered word you will get a message in the results window, which states in part "If you have already verified your account and want to opt in to an adult search, please select "adult" before you search to get those results"
  • The actual search that is performed drops the filtered words, and does the search on the remaining words, if any.
  • There are two categories of filtered words:
    1. Words that are filtered regardless of which check boxes are active. These can be referred to as "banned" words.
    2. Words that are also filtered if the Adult Content check box is off. These can be referred to as "adult" words. In order to turn on that check box, (1) your account must be verified, and (2) in Edit menu > Preferences > General Tab > Rating you have chosen the "PG, Mature, & Adult" setting from the dropdown list.

Applies to

  • Public search from search web page filters banned and adult words. The same warning message as above is returned if filtered search keywords are entered. There is no option to choose adult content.