Alpine Byway Route 1

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Alpine Byway Route 1 - Eagan to Voss

This route loops away from the main highway and travels over an impressive mountain peak by means of steep trails through narrow passes, before arriving at the ice lake in Zermatt, close to Chalet Linden.


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Alpine Byway 1 - Eagan Rez Zone

01-01-Eagan Rez.jpg

Alpine Byway number 1 begins here at a picnic spot in a stand of pine trees, branching off from the main highway close to the railway tracks and river ferry. The old cobbled road heads north through Meribel towards the mountains in the distance.

Alpine Byway 1 - Orelle (South) Rez Zone

01-02-Orelle Rez.jpg

The road runs higher into the footslopes of a mountain range and becomes a rockier trail as it ascends an extremely steep grade, which may require a change in your form of transport here, if you do not command the necessary horsepower !

Alpine Byway 1 - Verbier (Peak) Rez Zone

01-03-Verbier Rez.jpg

The road crosses the mountain spine through a narrow pass, descending slightly to a T junction. The leftward road is blocked after a short way, though intrepid explorers may want to strike out to the south east across the high peak and through wooded footslopes to locate another road access within Cloudmont. This road however turns right, northwards across a shelf in the shadow of looming pine trees.

Alpine Byway 1 - Verbier (Junction) Rez Zone

01-04-Verbier Rez.jpg

At the next rez zone, the road comes to another junction, the way ahead being impassable to conventional ground vehicles, though a direct route to the highest peaks is available here. The stone roadway however, swings to the right through another narrow pass and on back down the mountainside on a sharp incline, heading east.

Alpine Byway 1 - Orelle (North) Rez Zone

01-05-Orelle Rez.jpg

At the foot of the northern slope in Orelle, a rez zone exists, aiding those wishing to change their mode of transport again to suit the terrain. The road now curves away on a flat shelf into the region of Ayas

Alpine Byway 1 - Ayas (Peaks) Rez Zone

01-06-Ayas Mountain Gateway.jpg

A stone pathway snakes up into the highest mountain peaks from here, with a few oddly familiar shapes lurking in the mist, worth exploring for those with a head for heights. The main road meanwhile, heads straight on northwards.

Alpine Byway 1 - Voss Lakeside Rez Zone

01-07-Voss Lake View.jpg
01-08-Chalet Linden.jpg

The cobbled road terminates at a large viewing platform among a stand of old pines. Panoramic views are offered here across the frozen lake and island of Zermatt, this being the site of many conventions and shows in the history of Second Life. On the platform, you may obtain hot food and sit and watch the skies for the rare aurorae agnalis after darkness falls.

If you continue past the viewing platform, you may go for a trip on the ski lift into the mountain heights, or, with care, you may cross the icebound lake, and continue on to Chalet Linden on the opposite shore at Wengen, to explore its many delights, and from where you may regain the main highway.

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