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A network of roads extends across the original Mainland continent, including the Snowlands.

Maps and information to be posted here when available.

Sansara Public Rez Zones

Sansara Main

Sansara Main rezzing areas

Bay City

Bay City & Shermerville rezzing areas



Snowlands and Alpine rezzing areas

Alpine Byways

Some of the obscure and hard to traverse byways linking the main routes through the Snowlands are being upgraded to allow better access for the casual traveller and give access to some of the more inaccessible and geographically interesting locations. Details and travelogues are reproduced here.

Rezzing points:

Alpine Routes

Alpine Byway Route 1 - Eagan to Voss
Alpine Byway Route 2 - Durango to Zermatt

Mainland Waterways

Sea of Fables

Ice Bay

Mare Secundus

Technical Data

Volcano islands
East River & vecinity
Sutherland & vecinity
Moons & vecinity

Sansara has a complex road network, where roads are usually not named. The numbers are distances in km. Maximum estimated error is 5% for rural area and 10% for Bay City.

Volcano sims:              5.44
East River & vecinity:    11.31
Sutherland & vecinity:    17.84
Snowlands:                14.38
Moons & vecinity:         10.40

Trails & paths:

Snowlands:                 2.41


Sutherland & vecinity:     1.24
Snowlands:                 0.65

Bay City road network:

Road 66 (boulevard):       3.84
Other city streets:        7.80
Nova Albilon:              2.00
Shemerville:               3.10
Shemerville paths:         2.50

Other unconnected roads:

West Volcano Islands:      5.49
North Islanders:           1.02
A small central road:      0.44
South Amundsen Road:       0.46


Unconnected road pieces:   5 (plus unmeasured roads in Color Sims)
Road length:              41.53
Paths:                     2.41
Off-road:                  1.89
Road length:              24.15
Paths:                     2.50
Roads:                    66.08
Paths:                     4.91
Off-road:                  1.89
GRAND TOTAL:              72.88

NOTE: In addition to these numbers, there are a few roads in Color Sims. They are unconnected at a first look, but in reality they are connected with off-road parcels (slices of protected land) or with waterways. Their total length could not be measured. With an error of 30%, their total length is estimated at 12 km of dryland. The best way to have an idea about them is to take one of the Yava Script Pods (Historical Sansara) and see how it moves. So, if we consider them too, Sansara has 85 km of roads. This places the continent on top. Still, if we consider its size, Heterocera remains in top because it has a greater road density.

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