Sea of Fables

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Sea of Fables

Just East of Ice Bay, the Sea of Fables is a sailors dream with many points of interest and stopping off areas. Some areas of interest are noted in red on the map. A nice point to launch is the friendly Marina "Free Adriatic" in Grant🖈. There are more rezzing spots within the sea.

Sea of Fables wiki map.png

Mount Olympus

SOF mount olympus.png

Come climb Mount Olympus, the home of the twelve Olympians of the classical Greek world.

Bohai (139, 156, 106)

Bacchus Island

Golden Apple.png
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Visit Hera's Garden where Hercules battles the guardian of the golden apples and negotiates with Atlas.

Watch Athena, Aphrodite, and Hera argue over who is the prettiest of them all.

Baffin (68, 207, 29)

Public rezzing area: Hudson (194, 164, 21)

Hephaestus Island

Hephaestus Ruins.png

The ruins of a legendary time, some remnants of the mighty Forge are still visible. Banda (153, 83, 22)

Public Rezzing Zone: Banda (201, 71, 20)

Perseus Island

Perseus Island.png

(more info here)

Bering (210, 112, 48)

Public rezzing area: Bering (200, 35, 21)

Joppa Island

Joppa Island.png

(more info here)

Okhotsk (62, 156, 28)

Public rezzing area: Okhotsk (101, 129, 21)

Gorgon Island

Gorgon Island.png

The legend of Medusa.

Okhotsk (150, 61, 25)

Seriphos Island

Seriphos Island.png

(more info here)

Slurl to the island and public rezzing area: Cortez (139, 69, 21)

Poseidon Island

Poseidon Island.png

A sleepy Greek fishing village.

Bohol (219, 65, 23)

Public rezzing zone: Bohol (212, 85, 23)

Isles of The Blessed

Isles of the Blessed.png

Everlasting paradise for the favored heroes of the Gods.

Mirtoon (150, 168, 26)

Public rezzing area: Mirtoon (93, 163, 21)

The Labyrinth


A few pointers for the intrepid explorer:

Get your diving equipment on the docks at Celebes.

Head South to find the entrance to the Labyrinth and grab a navigation tool.

Keep track of your location by checking your HUD.

The Minotaur awaits!

The Siren's Grotto

Sirens grotto.png

Visit the wreckage caused by the Siren's irresistible song.

Sidra (98, 62, 1)

Wreck of King Midas

King Midas.png

Legend has it that King Midas was given the gift of the Golden Touch by Bacchus.

Marmara (174, 146, 5)