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Blondin Linden answers if cenario XY is considered mature or adult according to Linden Lab's new adult policy.

Private Parties are OK

Originally Posted by Taly Fluffy:
There is a difference between advertising a public party event, and informing friends of a private party event. Let's look at a wedding as an example.
If Jane & Bob run a land ad, a classified ad, or an event ad about their upcoming wedding on their private parcel, then they are publicly inviting strangers that they don't know, to come to their land. That constitutes a public wedding. It would have to conform to the Adult Content guidelines. (No adult content should be accessible at their event, if their sim isn't marked Adult.)
If Jane & Bob only send out IMs, notecards, and/or prim invitations to their personally selected friends, inviting them to their wedding, that's a private event, because they didn't run ads inviting strangers to show up. Private event - not publicly advertised - therefore a personal party where they can have a Wedding Reception Sex Orgy with their friends if they feel like it.
Correct, Blondin?

Makes sense to me

Posted 4-27-2009

The Meaning of Private

Originally Posted by Argent Stonecutter
My guess: the wedding reception private orgy would need to be out of sight of casual view. For example, in a skybox or behind opaque walls(1), in a parcel where the landing point won't dump you un-knowingly into the middle of the sticky stuff.
(1) I know you can cam through walls, but Blondin has indicated that "inside buildings" is enough privacy to count as privacy in this context.
Blondin: is my guess correct?


Posted 4-28-2009

Living Above the Store

Originally Posted by Argent Stonecutter
That reminds me:
Blondin: I'd like you to clarify this answer:
Let me be as specific as I possibly can.
Jane Doe owns a 512 square meter parcel. She has a store selling shoes for bunnies and ear warmers for kittens. Nothing in the store is anything beyond PG. The parcel is listed in search with the keywords "bunny boots, kitty snoods". 3000 meters up she has her home, a small skybox with among other things a sex-bed in it. Is that "Adult", "Mature", or "Mature unless someone finds her store on search and flies up 3000 meters and ARs her because she's listed in search and has a sex bed on the parcel"?

Sounds Mature to me.

Posted 4-27-2009

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