Attending a Live Performance

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Support Live Performance!!!

Many people put in a lot of time, effort and real money into making Second Life a vibrant performing arts environment. Consider tipping performers *and* venues, both to let them know that they are of value to you, and to help them defray their costs so that they are there for you in the future!

Communicating With Performers

Performers in Second Life run a viewer, and watch their screen to see the chat and im's sent to them during the performance. This allows the performer to "hear" your comments in a way is very different than in a traditional live performance, and enables them to interact with the audience in a more direct way. Performers will often choose to talk back (using voice) to audience comments sent in chat or IM.

Stream Delay

Because of the way streaming works in general on the Internet, there is a very real delay between the music or sound sent by a performer, and the time that it shows up in Second Life. This delay is often about 10-20 seconds. What does this mean to you as an audience member? When you chat or IM to a performer, and expect a response, understand that if they talk back to you it will be a while after you send the IM, and that does not mean that they're not paying attention to you - it just takes a bit for you to hear what they said!

Typing Sounds And How To Suppress Them

In Second Life, there is a standard "typing sound" added when you are typing in open chat. This can be disruptive to live performances, so most performers and performance venues expect you to type with the typing sounds disabled. You can do this in two main ways:

  • Start each line of open chat with "/", such as "/That was great!"
  • Start each line with "/0", which does not display the "/" character

You can also use a Debug Setting to suppress the typing sound without having to type "/". For more info, see "How to turn off the typing animation and sound".