Autobuild source environment

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autobuild source_environment
option [value] [option [value]] ...

Displays the shell environment Autobuild-based buildscripts to use (by calling 'eval' i.e. eval "$(autobuild source_environment)") or sourceing the output into the running shell.

Standard Options

Option Shortcut Value Description
--debug -d None Display debug output
--dry-run -n None Run tool in dry run mode if available
--help -h None Show help message
--quiet -q None Display minimal output
--verbose -v None Display verbose output

Command-Specific Options

Option Shortcut Value Description
--version -V None Show version information for source_environment tool module.

In autobuild version 1.1, a new optional argument is added:

autobuild source_environment [varsfile]
Option Shortcut Value Description
varsfile $AUTOBUILD_VARIABLES_FILE A file containing template variable assignments to be modified based on the buildtype

This allows a separate file that can be used in related projects (such as the viewer and its libraries) so that all builds use the same compilation and option switches.

The variables file used by Linden Lab to build the viewer and its libraries is in the viewer-build-variables repository.