Autobuild upload

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autobuild upload
option [value] [option [value]] ...

Upload a package archive to either Amazon S3 or a private service (requires credentials to be specified externally).


  • archive: The archive to upload to or to S3, as indicated by the configuration file.

Standard Options

Option Shortcut Value Description
--debug -d None Display debug output
--dry-run -n None Run tool in dry run mode if available
--help -h None Show help message
--quiet -q None Display minimal output
--verbose -v None Display verbose output

Command-Specific Options

Option Shortcut Value Description
--upload-to-s3 N/A None upload this archive to Amazon S3
--credentials credentials N/A None File containing S3 credentials. Currently this option is ignored and the default is hardcoded. The default is $HOME/.s3curl (or %USERPROFILE%/.s3curl on windows). See below for example.


Example .s3curl credentials file contents:

 %awsSecretAccessKeys = (
   lindenlab => {
     key => '01234567890abcdABCD/01234567890abcdABCD+',