Beta Server Office Hours/Minutes/2009-11-05

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This meeting was held on November 5th, 2009


  • Discuss resolution of previous open items.
  • Updates
    • Discussion of the posjump bug. SVC-4984.
  • Releases
  • Any other business

Resolved Items

  • removed SVC-2327 from Open Items.
    • SVC-3819 - Mono Beta - recompile selection: llRemoteLoadScriptPin conflict

Meeting Minutes

  • Roberto Salubrius begs for SVC-3044 - Debug channel and script error reporting needs a major rethink
  • Babbage is working on svc-4196 - "Avatar entering sim or rezzing object causes sim to freeze for up to 30 seconds - everything stops for everybody there"
  • Twisted Laws says VWR-2638 - "The Double TP issue" still exists.
  • Lil Linden showed up late.
  • Lil Linden gave a 1.23.0 grid roll status.
  • we talked about the posjump issue.
  • we talked about scripts and asset ids
  • Opensource Obscure talked about the region LOL experiencing untrackable lag.


Transcript of Oskar Linden's Beta Server Office Hour for November 5th, 2009:

[15:00]  Moon Metty: hey Oskar
[15:00]  TKD-Thought Bubble V2.0 (WEAR ME ) whispers: Techo Kitty Development Thought bubble Initializing...
[15:00]  Moon Metty: hey Rob
[15:01]  Roberto Salubrius: hi
[15:01]  Roberto Salubrius: seems I am still on fire
[15:01]  Oskar Linden: it's a good look for you
[15:02]  Roberto Salubrius: smoking !
[15:02]  Oskar Linden: how is everybody today?
[15:02]  Roberto Salubrius: mmm Interesting I only have 6$L
[15:02]  Oskar Linden: thanks for the help the other day twisted!
[15:02]  Twisted Laws: doing good ... still at snowglobe oh tho
[15:02]  Twisted Laws: office hours
[15:02]  Oskar Linden: Moon I have very bad news
[15:02]  Moon Metty: oh?
[15:02]  Moon Metty: go on then
[15:03]  Oskar Linden: Lil Linden's not gonna be able to make it
[15:03]  Roberto Salubrius: hi psi sorry I did not say hi
[15:03]  Moon Metty: what!
[15:03]  Oskar Linden: I know I know
[15:03]  Roberto Salubrius: nor to twisted
[15:03]  Moon Metty: that's an outrage!!
[15:03]  Oskar Linden: he said he'd make it up to you
[15:03]  Oskar Linden: with flowers
[15:03]  Oskar Linden: and a 40 oz
[15:03]  Moon Metty: hmmm
[15:03]  Oskar Linden: his words
[15:03]  Moon Metty: alright ... sigh
[15:04]  Moon Metty: i won't make a big issue out oof it this time
[15:04]  Psi Merlin: Hello Moon, Oskar, Roberto
[15:04]  Oskar Linden: he's a good guy though
[15:04]  Moon Metty: but i will call 1-800-IKEA
[15:04]  Oskar Linden: you should see his halloween costume
[15:04]  Oskar Linden: looks just like his linden avatar
[15:04]  Skills Hak: o.o
[15:04]  Oskar Linden: whoa when did Skills drop in
[15:04]  Oskar Linden: hey man
[15:04]  Skills Hak: hiya
[15:04]  Oskar Linden: friggin bad ass hair
[15:04]  Oskar Linden: I love it
[15:05]  Skills Hak: it's spongy
[15:05]  Oskar Linden: yeah it's greeat
[15:05]  Skills Hak: soya
[15:05]  Roberto Salubrius: hi skills
[15:05]  Rico Linden is Offline
[15:05]  Skills Hak: tofu
[15:05]  Skills Hak: hi
[15:05]  Oskar Linden: so I just had like a one hour massage and feelin' all chill
[15:06]  Roberto Salubrius: lol I was going to make a remark but I better keep it to mysefl :)
[15:06]  Roberto Salubrius: myself even
[15:06]  Oskar Linden: it's ok :-D
[15:06]  Oskar Linden: this is a kinky job
[15:06]  Psi Merlin: Hi Skills
[15:06]  Oskar Linden: gets me all full of kinks
[15:06]  Oskar Linden: ok, so let's get this party started
[15:07]  Oskar Linden: 1.32.0 is fully rolled to the grid
[15:07]  Roberto Salubrius: nice
[15:07]  Oskar Linden: there were some issues
[15:07]  Oskar Linden: we had to slap it around a bit
[15:07]  Moon Metty: with the posjump
[15:07]  Oskar Linden: oh I am getting ahead of myself
[15:07]  Oskar Linden: I should follow the agenda
[15:07]  Oskar Linden: ahem
[15:07]  Moon Metty: lol
[15:07]  Oskar Linden:
[15:08]  Oskar Linden: Discuss resolution of previous open items.
[15:08]  Oskar Linden: oh that list just gets longer doesn't it
[15:08]  Moon Metty: so was that a hardware or software thing, with posjump?
[15:09]  Oskar Linden: we'll get to posjump
[15:09]  Leyla Linden is Online
[15:09]  Roberto Salubrius: so topscripts moon whats to know
[15:09]  Oskar Linden: Moon do you know the state of thoseOpen Items now that 1.32 is fully rolled?
[15:09]  Vektor Linden is Online
[15:09]  Roberto Salubrius: wants... not whats
[15:10]  Moon Metty: well, SVC-2327
[15:10]  JIRA-helper:
[#SVC-2327] Mono Beta - recompile selection: llRemoteLoadScriptPin conflict
[15:10]  Moon Metty: the title on the agenda is still wrong
[15:10]  Roberto Salubrius: OMG vektor... a merry meeting
[15:10]  Moon Metty: it's the title from svc-3819
[15:10]  JIRA-helper:
[#SVC-3819] "Top Scripts" in estate tools is inaccurate
[15:10]  Moon Metty: and that's fixed
[15:10]  Oskar Linden: why is the title wrong moon?
[15:11]  Moon Metty: about recompile selection ... it's not reliable, and it will never be
[15:11]  Oskar Linden: oh
[15:11]  Oskar Linden: not the title of the agenda itself
[15:11]  Roberto Salubrius: the SVC number oskar
[15:12]  Moon Metty: the agenda says : SVC-2327[c] - "Top Scripts" in estate tools is inaccurate
[15:12]  Moon Metty: you can take it off, as far as i'm concerned
[15:12]  Twisted Laws: number is right, description is wrong
[15:12]  Oskar Linden: ok
[15:12]  Ambroff Linden is Offline
[15:12]  Moon Metty: the OP of SVC-4895 doesn't answer
[15:12]  Alexa Linden is Offline
[15:12]  JIRA-helper:
[#SVC-4895] tools>Recompile Scripts in Selection & Reset Scripts in Selection intermitantly fails to apply to all prims in link set.
[15:12]  Moon Metty: and a comment would be nice, that's all
[15:12]  Roberto Salubrius: let's carry on
[15:12]  Roberto Salubrius: there I fixed it
[15:12]  Psi Merlin: Title fixed
[15:13]  Moon Metty: i did this work only because i promised at a triage
[15:13]  Twisted Laws: LOL... now its reversed :p
[15:13]  Roberto Salubrius: lol
[15:13]  Moon Metty: my mistake :D
[15:13]  Twisted Laws: number is wrong, title is right
[15:13]  Roberto Salubrius: =) we needed to keep the title and change the number
[15:14]  Ambroff Linden is Online
[15:14]  Moon Metty: lol
[15:14]  Oskar Linden: I thought you said just to remove it
[15:14]  Moon Metty: yeah, it's ok
[15:14]  Oskar Linden: ok
[15:14]  Oskar Linden: I did
[15:14]  Moon Metty: recompile selection is nice to have
[15:14]  Moon Metty: if it doesn't work, try again
[15:14]  Oskar Linden: welcome Ella
[15:14]  Moon Metty: hi Ella :)
[15:15]  Roberto Salubrius: hi ella
[15:15]  Psi Merlin: Hi Ella
[15:15]  Ellla McMahon: Hello :))
[15:15]  Roberto Salubrius: ok I think the question was... that we would like a comment about the fixing of the topscripts any comment
[15:15]  Moon Metty: no Rob
[15:16]  Moon Metty: i think topscripts is good now
[15:16]  Moon Metty: did you look at it yet, Psi?
[15:16]  Roberto Salubrius: ok so you don't want a comment ... lets go to the next point
[15:16]  Oskar Linden: it's Draconis
[15:16]  Oskar Linden: here comes another ghost
[15:16]  Roberto Salubrius: that would be... the debug channel
[15:16]  Moon Metty: hey Draco :)
[15:17]  Draconis Neurocam: Salutations
[15:17]  Roberto Salubrius: can we get that standarized pleaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeee so we can listen to the debug channel whenever there's a problem PLEAAAAAAAAAASEEEEEEE
[15:17]  Ambroff Linden is Offline
[15:17]  Roberto Salubrius: preeeeeeeetty pleaaseeeeee
[15:17]  Ambroff Linden is Online
[15:17]  Moon Metty: it's the only way to really handle script errors, by listener
[15:18]  Roberto Salubrius: yep
[15:18]  Moon Metty: but the listener is deaf for most errors
[15:18]  Roberto Salubrius: if we are thinking of saving some cycles and whatnot... it would be kool to actually have that implemented correctly
[15:18]  Oskar Linden: ok I added your pelase to the wiki roberto
[15:18]  Roberto Salubrius: thx !
[15:18]  Moon Metty: hehe
[15:19]  Moon Metty: ,
[15:19]  Oskar Linden: is svc-4196 still showing up?
[15:19]  JIRA-helper:
[#SVC-4196] Avatar entering sim or rezzing object causes sim to freeze for up to 30  seconds - everything stops for everybody there
[15:19]  Roberto Salubrius: yes
[15:19]  Moon Metty: ah, Babbage had an office hour about the freezes
[15:19]  Oskar Linden: ok
[15:19]  Oskar Linden: oh?
[15:19]  Draconis Neurocam: babbage said they were working on it
[15:19]  Oskar Linden: good to know
[15:19]  Moon Metty:
[15:19]  Roberto Salubrius: and 30 seconds and growing really
[15:19]  Moon Metty: it still doesn't explain to me why freezes grow longer over time
[15:20]  Draconis Neurocam: it depends on the amount of mono scripts being loaded
[15:21]  Oskar Linden: I'll update it to say as much
[15:21]  Roberto Salubrius: Draconis that animation you have has me humming wellcome to the jungle ( guns and roses )
[15:21]  Oskar Linden: haha
[15:21]  Yann Dufaux is Online
[15:21]  Oskar Linden: I would if I didn't have itunes running on another machine
[15:21]  Oskar Linden: YANN!
[15:21]  Oskar Linden: welcome msr Dufaux
[15:21]  Moon Metty: btw, Babbage is assigned to SVC-3895
[15:21]  JIRA-helper:
[#SVC-3895] Rezzing Mono scripted object cripples sim FPS
[15:21]  Yann Dufaux: Hi my friend !!!! sorry my interupt ㋡
[15:21]  Moon Metty: more or less the same topic
[15:21]  Moon Metty: hey Yann :)
[15:22]  Skills Hak: yeah really glad that's going to be sorted out
[15:22]  Roberto Salubrius: there are a few isssues really... we know that the more scripted an avatar is the worst is the freeze, so yes the rezzing of many mono scripts makes it larger.... but also, >uptime causes > lag
[15:22]  Yann Dufaux: each time i try to connect with snowglobe, i crash lol
[15:22]  Skills Hak: the reJIT on rez of mono scripts
[15:22]  Yann Dufaux: how are you Oskar? ㋡
[15:22]  Twisted Laws: new version available today Yann
[15:22]  Skills Hak: renders a sim unusable if you have many people tping in all the time
[15:22]  Oskar Linden: people still seeing the double tp issue? VWR-2638
[15:22]  JIRA-helper:
[#VWR-2638] Double teleport issue
[15:22]  Roberto Salubrius: ReJIT ?
[15:23]  Yann Dufaux: Twisted, same with the new version, on windows 7
[15:23]  Twisted Laws: i saw 2638 twice the yesterday teleporting between two 1.32 sims
[15:23]  Oskar Linden: ok
[15:23]  Oskar Linden: fair to say it still exists
[15:23]  Roberto Salubrius: actually I found a very easy way to grief 2 sims at the same time, just walk from one and the other
[15:24]  Skills Hak: heh
[15:24]  Moon Metty: the roads on zindra are made for that lol
[15:24]  Skills Hak: yeah nothing you can do about it :/
[15:24]  Skills Hak: i wrote bots who warn laggy people and estatekick them
[15:24]  Moon Metty: they are right on top of the region borders
[15:24]  Skills Hak: but cant do anything about the tps
[15:24]  Oskar Linden: I hate the roads on Zindra
[15:24]  Moon Metty: so they added "safety barriers" , causing even more lag
[15:25]  Oskar Linden: same as the main waterway on nautilus
[15:25]  Roberto Salubrius: Oskar that makes 65001 people that hates them :)
[15:25]  Skills Hak: hmm dont have problems crossing borders myself
[15:25]  Oskar Linden: I complained about them months before Zindra was opened
[15:25]  Oskar Linden: made no difference
[15:25]  Oskar Linden: *sigh*
[15:25]  Moon Metty: many people did
[15:25]  Skills Hak: i think i have < 0.005 script time
[15:25]  Roberto Salubrius: Skills you carry a lot of scripts with you ?
[15:25]  Oskar Linden: anyways... off topic a bit
[15:25]  Skills Hak: one or 2
[15:25]  Oskar Linden: haha
[15:25]  Skills Hak: it's all clientside
[15:25]  Roberto Salubrius: that's why you are kool
[15:26]  Skills Hak: lol
[15:26]  Ambroff Linden is Offline
[15:26]  Oskar Linden: alright
[15:26]  Oskar Linden: let's move to the updates section
[15:26]  Lil Linden is Online
[15:26]  Oskar Linden: and the posjump issue
[15:26]  Roberto Salubrius: ok it's a well known fact tp/sim cross = freeze , no need to talk much about that
[15:26]  Oskar Linden: I think I saw LIL pop in
[15:27]  Ambroff Linden is Online
[15:27]  Moon Metty: posjump was and is an obvious bug
[15:27]  Oskar Linden: hrm
[15:27]  Moon Metty: people start making use of it ...
[15:27]  Oskar Linden: well... it got by all of you here on ADITI
[15:27]  Oskar Linden: or you mean the hack itself
[15:28]  Moon Metty: hey Lil:)
[15:28]  Leyla Linden is Offline
[15:28]  Oskar Linden: THERE'S LIL
[15:28]  Twisted Laws: thats cause i never tested straight up and straight down :p
[15:28]  Lil Linden: ohai
[15:28]  Oskar Linden: you bring moon flowers and a 40oz?
[15:28]  Skills Hak: hey
[15:28]  Twisted Laws: it works if you bounce around the sim fine
[15:28]  Yann Dufaux: hi Lil ㋡
[15:28]  Lil Linden: haha.. no, cause I'm here
[15:28]  Moon Metty: hehehe
[15:28]  Oskar Linden: nice
[15:28]  Lil Linden: if I missed it, I woulda had to
[15:28]  Moon Metty: doh
[15:28]  Lil Linden: :-)
[15:28]  Oskar Linden: just in time to give us a grid status update for the 1.32 roll
[15:28]  Yann Dufaux: hello ardy! ㋡
[15:28]  Roberto Salubrius: yes the question I would have will LL officially SUPPORT it and if there will be an official support wouldn't it just be easier to make llPosJump() and keep a track of that one instead of the "hack" that gets broken all the time?
[15:28]  Lil Linden: Status is:
[15:28]  Oskar Linden: hey Ardy
[15:28]  Ardy Lay: Hello.
[15:29]  Roberto Salubrius: Ardy, Lil
[15:29]  Lil Linden: it's done! Things look OK, minus the couple issues we found (posjump + some isolated crashing)
[15:29]  Moon Metty: hmmm, Lil is still invisible, does that count?
[15:29]  Oskar Linden: cool
[15:29]  Roberto Salubrius: hello ?
[15:29]  Oskar Linden: and that is a segway into our posjump talk
[15:29]  Lil Linden: I also had a failed TP when I tried to get here :-/
[15:29]  Lil Linden: "secondlife"! bah.
[15:29]  Roberto Salubrius: yes the question I would have will LL officially SUPPORT it and if there will be an official support wouldn't it just be easier to make llPosJump() and keep a track of that one instead of the "hack" that gets broken all the time?
[15:30]  Yann Dufaux: hello, whats up doc? ㋡
[15:30]  Roberto Salubrius: lol Yann
[15:30]  Oskar Linden: agreed Roberto
[15:30]  Oskar Linden: and I think it's really just a matter of time
[15:30]  Roberto Salubrius: someone ( moon ) could make a jira and request it if it's not already there
[15:30]  Oskar Linden: everyone here wants the posjump hack fixed in the mathlib
[15:30]  Oskar Linden: and a real feature added
[15:30]  Moon Metty: no need
[15:30]  Moon Metty: it's on the agenda
[15:31]  Moon Metty: the agenda is just ... long
[15:31]  Oskar Linden: the desire is there
[15:31]  Draconis Neurocam: which method is posjump exactly again? theres so many ways to do the same thing
[15:31]  Oskar Linden: it is
[15:31]  Moon Metty: hi OS :)
[15:31]  Oskar Linden: hi OpenSource
[15:31]  Opensource Obscure: hello everybody.
[15:31]  Lil Linden: hi
[15:31]  Lil Linden: btw, you have the coolest named region
[15:31]  Opensource Obscure: XD
[15:31]  Opensource Obscure: thanks Lil for adding our region to the list
[15:31]  Oskar Linden: on ADITI?
[15:32]  Roberto Salubrius: yeah, I don't it's wise to break MatLib to support that... knowing that if the floats break on mathlib, prim aligment at high altitues will break.... since ( I suppose ) they depend on mathlib
[15:32]  Oskar Linden: which list?
[15:32]  Opensource Obscure: the agni test regions list
[15:32]  Oskar Linden: well mathlib IS broken
[15:32]  Oskar Linden: and we can't fix it
[15:32]  Roberto Salubrius: Shyndler Linden list =)
[15:32]  Oskar Linden: or posjump will REALLY break
[15:32]  Oskar Linden: the posjump issue in 1.32 is w e i r d
[15:33]  Oskar Linden: Maestro and I spent a while poking at it
[15:33]  Oskar Linden: I figured out it had to do with some arbitrary height
[15:33]  Rico Linden is Online
[15:33]  Roberto Salubrius: well then it should be fixed and that will take care of a lot of buugs that from my POV, have to do with a broken mathlib
[15:33]  Oskar Linden: so I'm guessing there is some collision with ground something or another happening
[15:33]  Moon Metty: yes, i noticed my avatar sunk into the ground on 1,32 sometimes
[15:33]  Oskar Linden: oh?
[15:33]  Moon Metty: i din't think much of it
[15:33]  Oskar Linden: interesting
[15:33]  Twisted Laws: what is interesting Oskar, if you change the return point by 5m, it works
[15:33]  Oskar Linden hrms
[15:34]  Oskar Linden: I know
[15:34]  Ambroff Linden is Offline
[15:34]  Moon Metty: right after login i was to my ankles in the ground
[15:34]  Moon Metty: i tried to make a snapshot, but when i turned it was back to normal
[15:34]  Oskar Linden: I wonder if it is realted
[15:34]  Twisted Laws: someone said the water height is different on sandbox goguen
[15:34]  Ardy Lay: quicksandbox region
[15:34]  Twisted Laws: i forgot to look tho
[15:34]  Roberto Salubrius: you landed on a quicksand place
[15:35]  Roberto Salubrius: lol @ ardy =)
[15:35]  Moon Metty: lol
[15:35]  Oskar Linden: well keep updating the jira with your notes
[15:35]  Oskar Linden:
[15:35]  JIRA-helper: [#SVC-4984] PosJump broken in some server 1.32 regions
[15:35]  Oskar Linden: and if anyone bitches just tell them they would have known it was broken a month ago if they beta tested here
[15:35]  Moon Metty: lol indeed
[15:35]  Oskar Linden: just another reason for people to get their stuff on here early
[15:36]  Moon Metty: and how can you break a bug?
[15:36]  Oskar Linden: I was going to make some mention of that in the jira
[15:36]  Oskar Linden: that's a funny question Moon, but yeah
[15:36]  Oskar Linden: it's possible
[15:36]  Roberto Salubrius: remember a bug is only a bug until you document it
[15:36]  Twisted Laws is glad i stuck with warp in my products :p
[15:36]  Roberto Salubrius: then it becomes a feature
[15:36]  Oskar Linden: technically we unintentioanlly altered the hacked behaviour of an existing issue
[15:36]  Leyla Linden is Online
[15:37]  Moon Metty: and unknowingly
[15:37]  Roberto Salubrius: and posjump is document so it is a feature now
[15:38]  Roberto Salubrius: mmm anything else on the agenda or is it conga time ?
[15:38]  Oskar Linden: well...
[15:38]  Oskar Linden: there were some crashing issues that we had to work through
[15:39]  Oskar Linden: some weird hardware specific thing that cropped up in 1.32
[15:39]  Oskar Linden: but our best and brightest minds are all over
[15:39]  Oskar Linden: it
[15:39]  Roberto Salubrius: I have a question but I don't know if this is the place to ask
[15:40]  Lil Linden: does it requires a doctor's opinion?
[15:40]  Oskar Linden: Lil will have a look at it
[15:40]  Roberto Salubrius: lol
[15:40]  Roberto Salubrius: no id does not
[15:40]  Zen Linden is Online
[15:41]  Lil Linden: aww.. /me puts away the foreceps
[15:41]  Roberto Salubrius: it's about content tefth... Tefth... stealing
[15:41]  Roberto Salubrius: I wantt to know if people are still able to get scripts out of SL... I am really worried about that
[15:42]  Oskar Linden: er
[15:42]  Twisted Laws: theres no public knowledge ones remaining that i'm aware of
[15:42]  Opensource Obscure: roberto: you could using the notecard exploit that is now fixed
[15:42]  Opensource Obscure: so said Andrew Linden
[15:42]  Oskar Linden: <mode = "palcate">I don't think so Roberto</mode>
[15:42]  Skills Hak: im sure there are still a couple of ways
[15:42]  Opensource Obscure: at last office hour
[15:43]  Oskar Linden: dammit... placate
[15:43]  Skills Hak: decompile bytecode etc
[15:43]  Skills Hak: but nothing to worry about
[15:43]  Roberto Salubrius: ok the notecard thing is fix... however they still talk that if the scripts have assets IDs they will be able to get them out
[15:44]  Roberto Salubrius: and I was thinking if LL can take the assets ids of scripts out
[15:44]  Roberto Salubrius: for good
[15:44]  Moon Metty: yes, but how do you get the UUID?
[15:44]  Opensource Obscure: * i have a question about servers and Statistics bar
[15:44]  Moon Metty: are there still ways?
[15:45]  Roberto Salubrius: no idea... still you know me well moon.. that I worry a lot and that thing that happend during burning life was cold...
[15:45]  Roberto Salubrius: and some of us has SL as our primary and only workplace and income so still I get worried
[15:45]  Skills Hak: im not worried :)
[15:46]  Roberto Salubrius: thx Skills I worry about things a lot... it's part of my anxiety i think
[15:46]  Zen Linden is Offline
[15:46]  Draconis Neurocam: nor am i, and mostly what i do in sl deals with scripts
[15:46]  Skills Hak: i think with the notecard and xfer fixes it 's pretty safe now
[15:46]  Jonathan Linden is Offline
[15:47]  Roberto Salubrius: kool
[15:47]  Zen Linden is Online
[15:48]  Twisted Laws: one thing about the scripts and asset keys ... it is possible for someone to have asset keys from before
[15:48]  Twisted Laws: but not a new one
[15:48]  Moon Metty: Opensource has a problem on the region LOL
[15:48]  Opensource Obscure: : ) so .. Stats > Time > Simulation Time - what does it exactly mean? how can I use that value to understand why my region is performing so bad?
[15:48]  Opensource Obscure: at LOL region we're experiencing lots of lag and we can't find the cause , it started 2.5 hours ago after someone filled the region. restarting sim and disabling scripts didn't work. Simulation time 30-80 ms, time dilation very low - SL
[15:49]  Rico Linden is Offline
[15:49]  Opensource Obscure: 30-80 ms are very high values for Sim time, isn't it? I read - Ever rising "sim time (other)" up to 100s of ms .. but I couldn't find any hint
[15:49]  JIRA-helper: [#MISC-2329] Ever rising "sim time (other)" up to 100s of ms
[15:49]  Skills Hak: i guess that's a host problem
[15:49]  Rico Linden is Online
[15:49]  Roberto Salubrius: 22 is a loaded sim... 100 wow
[15:49]  Moon Metty: maybe there's some kind of griefing object left behind
[15:49]  Opensource Obscure: we had someone griefing there today
[15:49]  Draconis Neurocam: 22 seems like a lot even for a loaded sim
[15:49]  Roberto Salubrius: however a script of mine went all crazy and used 103ms
[15:50]  Rico Linden is Offline
[15:50]  Roberto Salubrius: it's framed and all
[15:50]  Moon Metty: maybe you can see what's going on on LOL
[15:50]  Oskar Linden: sorry. I was watching chat but couldn't respond
[15:50]  Opensource Obscure: what should we investigate? .. or should we simply contact support?
[15:50]  Skills Hak: did you look at top scripts?
[15:50]  Oskar Linden: a RL Linden came by my desk to chat
[15:51]  Skills Hak: and colliders?
[15:51]  Oskar Linden: and she was cute
[15:51]  Oskar Linden: <_<
[15:51]  Opensource Obscure: yeah no 'bad' top scripts , or colliders
[15:51]  Roberto Salubrius: lol
[15:51]  Twisted Laws: ^^
[15:51]  Oskar Linden: ahem and back to geek chat
[15:51]  Opensource Obscure: ^^
[15:51]  Oskar Linden: so what's going on?
[15:51]  Roberto Salubrius: Open... do you have morphing objects ( specially torus that morph a lot and change textures )
[15:51]  Skills Hak: probably just the host being in a messed up state
[15:51]  Moon Metty: that's what we're asking you lol
[15:51]  Oskar Linden: what's the question
[15:52]  Opensource Obscure: see [15:48]
[15:52]  Lil Linden: oskar - you talking about bub?
[15:52]  Moon Metty: the region was restarted, but the problem is still there
[15:52]  Opensource Obscure: or i can re-paste
[15:52]  Oskar Linden: mmm Bub
[15:52]  Skills Hak: lol
[15:52]  Roberto Salubrius: boob ?
[15:52]  Ambroff Linden is Online
[15:52]  Oskar Linden: is LOL a real region
[15:52]  Leyla Linden is Offline
[15:52]  Oskar Linden: cuz that's funny
[15:52]  Opensource Obscure: it is.
[15:52]  Roberto Salubrius: yes it is
[15:52]  Oskar Linden: awesome
[15:53]  Opensource Obscure: :D
[15:53]  Roberto Salubrius: if you move north you'll find ROFL
[15:53]  Moon Metty: hehe
[15:53]  Roberto Salubrius: then way up ROFLMAO
[15:53]  Oskar Linden: move up and find ROFLCOPTER
[15:53]  Roberto Salubrius: yes but no lol is a region
[15:53]  Roberto Salubrius: LOL
[15:54]  Oskar Linden: so you've got unexplanable lag
[15:54]  Moon Metty: what is the memory footprint of LOL at the moment?
[15:54]  Psi Merlin: We used to suffer high / climbing simulation time a while back - related to a simulator memory leak (since fixed)
[15:54]  Opensource Obscure: yup
[15:54]  Oskar Linden: any ideas Lil?
[15:54]  Opensource Obscure: memory = 27 MB
[15:54]  Opensource Obscure: time dilation 0.6
[15:54]  Lil Linden: lemme check out the sim
[15:54]  Opensource Obscure: or 0.3
[15:54]  Moon Metty: that's memory allocated for physics, OS
[15:54]  Rico Linden is Online
[15:54]  Opensource Obscure: oops right.
[15:54]  Moon Metty: i mean the total memory foorprint
[15:54]  Oskar Linden: so if you had a choice between crashes every 5 minutes or lag what would you pick Opensource?
[15:55]  Lil Linden: I'm more familiar with the hardware level than how scripts,etc affect performance
[15:55]  Moon Metty: only a Linden can see that
[15:55]  Opensource Obscure: crashes!! \o/
[15:55]  Oskar Linden: haha
[15:55]  Lil Linden: hey opensource, mind if I restart your sim?
[15:55]  Opensource Obscure: sure
[15:55]  Opensource Obscure: i'll warn pals
[15:55]  Moon Metty: it was already restarted Lil
[15:55]  Lil Linden: kk
[15:55]  Oskar Linden: naw. we can warn them from here
[15:56]  Lil Linden: I'm just curious about the host it's on
[15:56]  Psi Merlin: From Andrew and Simon on what Sim time covers: "Simon Linden: That timeblock has a few things ... updating layer info (terrain), running the objects (some scripts, updates, etc), deleting stuff"
[15:56]  Moon Metty: ok :)
[15:56]  Psi Merlin: "Andrew Linden: ok so "Simulation time" covers some object accounting and misc data streams"
[15:56]  Oskar Linden: REGIONSHOUT("LOL", "your sheeeyits going down biatches"
[15:56]  Opensource Obscure: XD
[15:56]  Roberto Salubrius: lol
[15:56]  Opensource Obscure: thanks Psi !
[15:57]  Lil Linden went for something more tasteful
[15:57]  Oskar Linden: Opensource. I'm gonna ask Maestro to contact you on AGNI
[15:57]  Oskar Linden: is that your region?
[15:57]  Opensource Obscure: thanks
[15:57]  Opensource Obscure: i'm manager not owner
[15:57]  Oskar Linden: Maestro's rocks at sim poking
[15:57]  Opensource Obscure: owner is online now, Gebedia Yoshikawa
[15:57]  Roberto Salubrius: mmm Lil can you get a mainland sim on the early adopters ?
[15:58]  Oskar Linden: should I have him contact you or Gebedia?
[15:58]  Opensource Obscure: me please
[15:58]  Oskar Linden: ok
[15:58]  Roberto Salubrius: it's owned by my buissness partner and me, but moon and myself work there all day...
[15:58]  Roberto Salubrius: better IM lil... gotta be playing on LOL
[15:58]  Moon Metty: lol
[15:59]  Moon Metty: in dutch, lol means "fun"
[15:59]  Lil Linden: roberto - just put the request on
[15:59]  Lil Linden: in the discussion page
[15:59]  Roberto Salubrius: thx LIL
[16:00]  Lil Linden: haha
[16:00]  Oskar Linden: ok opensource
[16:00]  Oskar Linden: I told Maestro to look into it
[16:00]  Opensource Obscure: thanks!
[16:00]  Lil Linden: after I issued the delayed restart, LOL appears to have recovered (40 FPS, at least)
[16:00]  Oskar Linden: and with that...
[16:00]  Oskar Linden bangs his hammer on the table signalling the END