Beta Server Office Hours/Minutes/2009-11-12

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This meeting was held on November 12th, 2009


  • Discuss resolution of previous open items.
  • Updates
    • Discussion of the posjump bug. SVC-4984.
  • Releases
  • Any other business

Resolved Items

  • removed SVC-2327 from Open Items.
    • SVC-3819 - Mono Beta - recompile selection: llRemoteLoadScriptPin conflict

Meeting Minutes

  • Roberto Salubrius begs for SVC-3044 - Debug channel and script error reporting needs a major rethink
  • Babbage is working on svc-4196 - "Avatar entering sim or rezzing object causes sim to freeze for up to 30 seconds - everything stops for everybody there"
  • Twisted Laws says VWR-2638 - "The Double TP issue" still exists.
  • Lil Linden showed up late.
  • Lil Linden gave a 1.23.0 grid roll status.
  • we talked about the posjump issue.
  • we talked about scripts and asset ids
  • Opensource Obscure talked about the region LOL experiencing untrackable lag.


Transcript of Oskar Linden's Beta Server Office Hour for November 12th, 2009:

[14:59]  Oskar Linden: hi Twisted
[14:59]  Twisted Laws: hi Oskar... still sitting in opensource meeting atm...
[14:59]  Twisted Laws: but its getting wrapped up
[15:00]  Lil Linden: wow.. this AO has an interesting ground-sit
[15:00]  Latif Khalifa: hehe
[15:01]  Oskar Linden: heh
[15:01]  Lil Linden: howdy everyone :)
[15:01]  Moon Metty: lol
[15:01]  Latif Khalifa: hey Moon
[15:01]  Twisted Laws: hello Lil
[15:01]  Moon Metty: i was on the wrong grid
[15:01]  Moon Metty: hi everyone
[15:01]  Oskar Linden: which grid?
[15:01]  Moon Metty: agni
[15:02]  Lil Linden: i was gonna say..
[15:02]  Lil Linden: better be agni :-)
[15:02]  Lil Linden: h4x0r
[15:02]  Latif Khalifa: i'm on 3 grids now lol
[15:02]  Lil Linden: really?
[15:02]  Leyla Linden is Online
[15:02]  Latif Khalifa: Rob Lindens last OH
[15:02]  Latif Khalifa: Lil, yeah, agni, aditi and osgrid
[15:02]  Psi Merlin: Hello
[15:02]  Lil Linden: oh, OS. ok
[15:02]  Moon Metty: hey Psi :)
[15:02]  Oskar Linden: *sigh* Rob Linden
[15:03]  Oskar Linden: he and I go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back
[15:03]  Oskar Linden: I met him in 2000
[15:03]  Oskar Linden: ok, so I just got out of an interview
[15:03]  Twisted Laws: no release notes at all when you press Release Notes here? :p
[15:03]  Oskar Linden: and I need a moment to gather my notes and tabs and stuff
[15:05]  Yann Dufaux: hello ㋡
[15:05]  Lil Linden doesn't know where the 'release notes' link in the viewer even comes from
[15:05]  Lil Linden: it's magic or something
[15:05]  Twisted Laws: Andrew indicated there was a new version of server 1.32 coming to fix the posjump and a sec issue. i figured it'd be here by now
[15:05]  Moon Metty: help >> about
[15:05]  Twisted Laws: yeah, lol
[15:05]  Oskar Linden: andrew is right
[15:05]  Oskar Linden: it is on ADITI now
[15:06]  Lil Linden: yeah, posjump is fixed
[15:06]  Oskar Linden: we'll get to that though
[15:06]  Ovaltine Constantine: Does "fix posjump" mean make it work or make it stop working
[15:06]  ATechwolf Foxclaw: I'me here. (Techwolf Lupindo)
[15:06]  Oskar Linden: ok so here is our agenda
[15:06]  Moon Metty: lol Ovaltine
[15:06]  Oskar Linden:
[15:06]  Free Radar HUD v1.1 by Crystal Gadgets
[15:06]  ATechwolf Foxclaw: The real fix is llposjump and fix the oriangle bug that allowed the posjump in the first place.
[15:07]  Latif Khalifa: and llTeleportAgent()
[15:07]  Oskar Linden: I understand ATechwolf
[15:07]  Latif Khalifa: but good luck with that
[15:07]  Oskar Linden: but in the meantime we don't want to break posjump
[15:07]  Moon Metty: oh, Andrew is all for makong a new function
[15:08]  Moon Metty: making*
[15:08]  Oskar Linden: *sigh* I can't log into the wiki
[15:08]  ATechwolf Foxclaw reads the agenta.
[15:09]  Yann Dufaux: yik the wiki page are very slow*
[15:09]  Oskar Linden: is wiki.secondlife slow for everyone?
[15:09]  Yann Dufaux: verified for me
[15:09]  Lil Linden: (oskar doesn't know it yet, but his accounts have been terminated)
[15:09]  Moon Metty: today a little slower than usual
[15:09]  Lil Linden: lets watch what happens
[15:09]  Psi Merlin: It's normally quite slooow
[15:09]  Latif Khalifa: i was trying to login to aditi couple of times during past week
[15:09]  Latif Khalifa: login was extremely slow... or not functional
[15:09]  Oskar Linden: this past week has seena lot of aditi upgrading
[15:10]  Lil Linden: heh.. and breaking.
[15:10]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: Everything is Slow for me today
[15:10]  Latif Khalifa: it was standing at llogging in screen for 3 minutes
[15:10]  Lil Linden looks around innocently
[15:10]  Latif Khalifa: lol
[15:10]  Yann Dufaux: loll
[15:10]  Leyla Linden is Offline
[15:11]  Yann Dufaux: Lil, i give you a strong coffee ㋡
[15:11]  Oskar Linden: well... I guess the wiki page is not going to cooperate with me today
[15:11]  Latif Khalifa: hm cannot login right now
[15:11]  Lil Linden: wfm
[15:11]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: Loading Loading
[15:11]  Lil Linden: thx yann :)
[15:11]  Latif Khalifa: something wrong with the aditi login server?
[15:11]  Oskar Linden: so we deployed 1.32.1 to ADITI this week
[15:12]  Oskar Linden: it has a handful of updates and fixes
[15:12]  Lil Linden: For the curious:
[15:12]  Oskar Linden: if that loads
[15:12]  Twisted Laws: this server wasn't updated tho?
[15:12]  Latif Khalifa: Lil are you playing with the login server again? :D
[15:12]  Oskar Linden: what do you mean twisted?
[15:12]  Oskar Linden: oh THIS server
[15:13]  Twisted Laws: Second Life Production Server
[15:13]  Lil Linden: it seems Morris and Ahern have been switched (beta <-> prod)
[15:13]  Oskar Linden: I'll rotate the sign
[15:13]  Lil Linden: I've changed them in the database, they just need to restart
[15:13]  Lil Linden: so don't bother :)
[15:13]  Oskar Linden: heh
[15:13]  Oskar Linden: ok
[15:13]  Oskar Linden: ok the wiki is now responding
[15:14]  Oskar Linden: now where were we
[15:14]  Lil Linden: the beginning?
[15:14]  Oskar Linden: Open Items
[15:14]  Vektor Linden is Offline
[15:14]  Oskar Linden: Moon usually has the best info on those from all the office hours she attends
[15:14]  Oskar Linden: sometimes I think you guys talk to my coworkers more than I do
[15:14]  Oskar Linden: and that's cool
[15:15]  Moon Metty: well, i try to communicate more slowly
[15:15]  Moon Metty: communication at LL is often rushed
[15:15]  Oskar Linden: everything here is rushed
[15:15]  Oskar Linden: I ate my sandwich in about 2 minutes
[15:15]  Latif Khalifa: Oskar, can you see what is wrong with the login server?
[15:16]  Oskar Linden: Lil. What's wrong with the login server?
[15:16]  Lil Linden: Dunno, I got in OK
[15:16]  Oskar Linden: I got in OK too
[15:16]  Lil Linden: anyone else have problems?
[15:16]  Oskar Linden: who here isn't logged in?
[15:16]  Latif Khalifa: does not work right now
[15:16]  Lil Linden: hehe
[15:16]  Oskar Linden looks towards Yann
[15:16]  Psi Merlin: We tell Andrew about the deployment status at his OH :)
[15:17]  Moon Metty: :)
[15:17]  Latif Khalifa: I'm trying to login another avatar, and it's stuck at logging in
[15:17]  Psi Merlin: Login was normal for me.
[15:17]  Latif Khalifa: it was for me 15 min ago
[15:17]  Lil Linden: avatar's name, latif?
[15:17]  Latif Khalifa: LoLa Varriale
[15:17]  Oskar Linden: so YOU'RE LoLa!
[15:17]  ATechwolf Foxclaw: Loging time for me was normal as usall. just aabout 10 seocnds.
[15:18]  Latif Khalifa: i had this problem whole week on and off
[15:18]  Maestro Linden is Online
[15:18]  Latif Khalifa: with Latif as well
[15:18]  Latif Khalifa: takes like 5 min to pass "logging in", or it times out
[15:18]  Zen Linden is Online
[15:18]  Latif Khalifa: even when logging in with a single avatar
[15:19]  Oskar Linden: is that the same when you define the region you want to log into?
[15:19]  Latif Khalifa: let me try that
[15:20]  Latif Khalifa: nope, specifying Morris logged in
[15:20]  Latif Khalifa: without a delay
[15:20]  Oskar Linden: perhaps your previous region was down
[15:20]  Moon Metty: where did you leave Lola last time?
[15:20]  Latif Khalifa: Sulu i think
[15:20]  Oskar Linden: Hi LoLa!!
[15:20]  Lil Linden: hm, I see your login failure lola, but not sure what's the matter with it
[15:21]  LoLa Varriale: Hello there!
[15:21]  Moon Metty: i have a question
[15:21]  Oskar Linden: it's great to see more women getting involed in beta testing
[15:21]  Oskar Linden: ok Moon what is your question
[15:21]  Moon Metty: last sunday, many people got an error on login
[15:21]  Oskar Linden: to AGNI?
[15:21]  Moon Metty: about their clock being set incorrectly
[15:21]  Moon Metty: yes
[15:22]  Lil Linden: that wasn't a clock problem
[15:22]  Moon Metty: i was wondering if that was an attempt to fix svc-4169
[15:22]  JIRA-helper:
[#SVC-4169] missing groups, unable to tp, tried everything
[15:22]  Lil Linden: that was an expired SSL certificate on our login server :-(
[15:22]  Oskar Linden: nice
[15:22]  Lil Linden: yeah
[15:22]  Latif Khalifa: lol
[15:22]  Lil Linden: but hey.
[15:22]  Lil Linden: I'm not in ops anymore, so it wasn't me :-)
[15:22]  Latif Khalifa: haha
[15:22]  Latif Khalifa: that's what they all say
[15:23]  Lil Linden: hey, I own up to my beefs :-)
[15:23]  Oskar Linden: I was never in OPs
[15:23]  Lil Linden: you tell these guys about the Shrek Ears, oskar?
[15:23]  Moon Metty: because i think some of LL's server may have their clock set incorrectly lol
[15:23]  Latif Khalifa: OPs is fun, I like that kind of work
[15:23]  Oskar Linden: everyone here knows about the Shrek Ears?
[15:23]  Moon Metty: Alexa told me :)
[15:23]  Oskar Linden: quick synopsis: if you make a mistake you have to wear shrek ears to work
[15:24]  Oskar Linden: see
[15:24]  Lil Linden: observe
[15:24]  Latif Khalifa: hahah
[15:24]  Oskar Linden: look at Lil
[15:24]  ATechwolf Foxclaw: Finaially, a linden taht admited to the cert error. Every report out there siad they fixed the clock.
[15:24]  Oskar Linden: we own up to our mistakes
[15:24]  Oskar Linden: it's not a punishment
[15:24]  Moon Metty: :)
[15:24]  Oskar Linden: Lil wears them a lot
[15:24]  Moon Metty: heehee
[15:24]  Latif Khalifa: lol
[15:24]  Oskar Linden: but he wears them well
[15:24]  ATechwolf Foxclaw: Talk about a really public coverup. :-)
[15:24]  Moon Metty: he must like them
[15:24]  Lil Linden: well
[15:25]  Lil Linden: techwolf, it kinda was a clock problem
[15:25]  Zen Linden is Offline
[15:25]  Latif Khalifa: AT, are you using Radegast?
[15:25]  Lil Linden: if you roll your clock back, the cert's not expired any more :-)
[15:25]  Latif Khalifa: no he is not :D
[15:25]  Psi Merlin: The expired cert was noted in groupies before it was fixed - as was the clock story.
[15:25]  Oskar Linden: alright so let's move down the agenda...
[15:25]  Oskar Linden gets this train back on track
[15:26]  Lil Linden: choo choo
[15:26]  Oskar Linden: 2 things
[15:26]  Oskar Linden: the first is which sims should be on ADITI
[15:26]  Oskar Linden: Lil and I talked about that this week
[15:26]  Oskar Linden: we have a special pilot roll list on AGNI that we use for deploys
[15:26]  Moon Metty: all aboard!
[15:26]  ATechwolf Foxclaw: One with nearly nothing on them. And ones with very primy malls.
[15:27]  Oskar Linden: perhaps I should create a list like we use for the agni pilot rolls
[15:27]  ATechwolf Foxclaw: The one sim I hang out in is allready here, Aggro.
[15:27]  Oskar Linden: and take suggestions
[15:27]  Oskar Linden: ok
[15:27]  Latif Khalifa: my old mainland sim used to be on the list... but i was expelled from it since :P
[15:27]  Oskar Linden: we're currently planning on keeping at least 3 channels on ADITI
[15:27]  Latif Khalifa: (adult)
[15:27]  Oskar Linden: one for Server -1, one for Server, and one for Server +1
[15:28]  Moon Metty: very good Oskar
[15:28]  Moon Metty: that is good for testing
[15:28]  Oskar Linden: so it is easy for us to test whether issues are new or not
[15:28]  Leyla Linden is Online
[15:28]  Oskar Linden: ok, I'll create a wiki doc that lists which regions people would like to see setup on ADITI
[15:28]  Moon Metty: it just won't work for bad exploits like the notecard bug
[15:29]  Oskar Linden: well Moon we will have to keep the previous server version private to Linden only
[15:29]  Moon Metty: ok
[15:29]  Oskar Linden: and we have it set like that now
[15:29]  Lil Linden: if you want to access it, just apply here:
[15:29]  Latif Khalifa: lol
[15:29]  Oskar Linden: ok, so I'll send a link out to the team asking for regions they'd like to see on ADITI
[15:29]  ATechwolf Foxclaw: Lil, I have, Got nowhere fast.
[15:30]  Oskar Linden: well Lil that is an excellent point
[15:30]  Latif Khalifa: linden lab is too geographially challenged for a virtual worlds company :P
[15:30]  Oskar Linden: Item #2 I have to talk about it
[15:30]  Oskar Linden: is something I hope you all might be interested in
[15:30]  Psi Merlin Votes for Snark - whcih is already on the S+1 channel here :)
[15:30]  Oskar Linden: we are having our first virtual job fair
[15:30]  Oskar Linden: now let me find the link to that
[15:31]  Twisted Laws: votes to keep sandbox goguen/cordova at +1
[15:32]  Oskar Linden: ok
[15:32]  Oskar Linden: here it is
[15:32]  Oskar Linden: DETAILS:
What: QA Virtual Career Fair
When: Wednesday, November 18th, 2009
Time:10:00am to 12:00pm PDT
Where: Linden Lab Recruiting Center

Or email resume to:
We look forward to meeting you!!
Lo Grantham
QA Recruitment
Linden Lab|Second Life
[15:32]  Oskar Linden: everyone get that?
[15:32]  Twisted Laws: yes
[15:32]  Latif Khalifa: is this still for work at one of the offices?
[15:33]  Oskar Linden: it is
[15:33]  Oskar Linden: we can only sponsor remote candidates in 5 states
[15:33]  Oskar Linden: states where we have offices
[15:33]  Moon Metty: what if you want to work as a volunteer?
[15:33]  ATechwolf Foxclaw: got it. I hope in the logs for later use.
[15:33]  You decline Career Fair from A group member named Oskar Linden.
[15:34]  Oskar Linden: there. I sent everyone a note
[15:34]  Latif Khalifa hopes lindens start hiring people for remote work at some point
[15:34]  ATechwolf Foxclaw: I'me from Indiana
[15:34]  Oskar Linden: We can't Latif
[15:34]  Oskar Linden: not anymore
[15:34]  Oskar Linden: it's an HR staffing / legal issue
[15:35]  Moon Metty: ah, the borg
[15:35]  Latif Khalifa: you should be leading the way, being virtual worlds company :)
[15:35]  Oskar Linden: employees can work remotely, but only in the states where we have a physical presence
[15:35]  ATechwolf Foxclaw: I don't know of any corp that has hiring problems like LL does. Seem very stange to me.
[15:35]  Oskar Linden: hiring problems?
[15:36]  Latif Khalifa: Oskar, yeah I understand, but you do have a EU office, and EU rules are different, you have an office in one country, you can freely hire from all, none of that insurance/medical whatever you have to deal in the US ;)
[15:36]  ATechwolf Foxclaw: Every major company that I know can hire from any state. That why its very stange to em.
[15:36]  Oskar Linden: you're right I was speaking from a US POV
[15:37]  Oskar Linden: I am not 100% certain how it works if you want to work remotely in the UK or elsewhere
[15:37]  Lil Linden: well, it's not that we /can't/, it's that we choose not to. it's just a matter of expense
[15:37]  Oskar Linden: well ATechwolf, come to the career fair and get a more official answer
[15:37]  Leyla Linden is Offline
[15:37]  Latif Khalifa: would be a good PR point though, "dogfooding" as they say :D
[15:37]  Oskar Linden: we dogfood here more than any other company I ever worked at
[15:37]  Lil Linden: we do have a lot of remote employees :-)
[15:38]  Oskar Linden: You think I ever used RealPlayer when I worked for Real Networks?
[15:38]  Lil Linden: haha
[15:38]  ATechwolf Foxclaw lol
[15:38]  Latif Khalifa: you came from Real too, omg
[15:38]  Latif Khalifa: explains a thing or two :P
[15:38]  ATechwolf Foxclaw: I hope the employess was forced to use RealPlayer.
[15:38]  ATechwolf Foxclaw: ;-)
[15:38]  Oskar Linden: when I worked at Expedia we had a rule that you NEVER use Expedia
[15:38]  Oskar Linden: the one time I tried it billed me 10x over the price and maxxed out my card
[15:38]  Moon Metty: o_O
[15:39]  Oskar Linden: I use SecondLife every day
[15:39]  Oskar Linden: all the time
[15:39]  Twisted Laws hopes you didn't work on the billing software...
[15:39]  Oskar Linden: all our meetings are in SL
[15:39]  Oskar Linden: I have never even met most of the people on my team
[15:39]  Oskar Linden: but I know them like family
[15:39]  Moon Metty: :)
[15:39]  Oskar Linden: sometimes it works out better that way
[15:40]  Oskar Linden: Lil and I are like brothers
[15:40]  Latif Khalifa: lol
[15:40]  Oskar Linden: but I bet we wouldn't like each other IRL
[15:40]  Oskar Linden: I can't stand pimps
[15:40]  Oskar Linden: so yeah, we dogfood here
[15:40]  Latif Khalifa: you need hoes to be a pimp :D
[15:40]  Twisted Laws: lol
[15:41]  Lil Linden: that is not an approved Beta OH topic :-)
[15:41]  Moon Metty: i guess Lil doesn't like scoundrels
[15:41]  Oskar Linden whispers to Lil that he was just using him for an example and he really does like his pimpstuff
[15:41]  Lil Linden: aww, I know oskar.
[15:41]  Oskar Linden: ok guys
[15:41]  Latif Khalifa: Lil neds 4-5 bots entourage ;)
[15:41]  Oskar Linden: so yeah. go to the career fair
[15:41]  Lil Linden: haha
[15:41]  Oskar Linden: let recruiting know what you got
[15:41]  Latif Khalifa: all hot looking
[15:41]  Oskar Linden: heh
[15:41]  Lil Linden: if anyone wants to make me a new pimp accessory I will show it off for you :-)
[15:42]  Lil Linden: canes, boots, etc
[15:42]  Latif Khalifa: Oskar, I am in Denmark, so no salami for me ;)
[15:42]  Oskar Linden: Lil I think you need golden shrek ears
[15:42]  Lil Linden: YES!
[15:42]  Oskar Linden: with duiamonds
[15:42]  Moon Metty: no option in the netherlands either
[15:42]  Latif Khalifa: I'll just play with LoLa in the meanwhile :P
[15:42]  Leyla Linden is Online
[15:42]  LoLa Varriale: I am very happy for you.
[15:43]  Oskar Linden: get a prim you two
[15:43]  Latif Khalifa needs a
[15:43]  Moon Metty: Lola, do you like Lil?
[15:43]  LoLa Varriale: I like Douglas Hofstadter.
[15:43]  Oskar Linden: ok, and to get back on track again
[15:43]  Moon Metty: awww
[15:43]  Lil Linden: zing
[15:43]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: are you going to talk about SVC-4196 ? running out of time
[15:43]  JIRA-helper:
[#SVC-4196] Avatar entering sim or rezzing object causes sim to freeze for up to 30  seconds - everything stops for everybody there
[15:43]  Latif Khalifa: she answers too fast again, need to put in that delay
[15:43]  Oskar Linden: in the Releases agenda point
[15:44]  Lil Linden will woo lola with a 40
[15:44]  LoLa Varriale: YOU? Good chance.
[15:44]  Lil Linden: :-(
[15:44]  Latif Khalifa: XL, catch up with Babbage Linden OH, he's working on that
[15:44]  Moon Metty: there's not a lot to say about svc-4196
[15:44]  Oskar Linden: so we already talked about 1.32.1 on here
[15:44]  Oskar Linden: 1.34 is right around the corner
[15:45]  Latif Khalifa: so what's new in 1.34
[15:45]  Oskar Linden: any other business?
[15:45]  Oskar Linden: anybody working on anything cool?
[15:45]  Latif Khalifa: i'm makig lola look at whoever is talking :P
[15:45]  LoLa Varriale: Do you mind if I tell other people you are makig look at whoever is talking p.
[15:45]  Latif Khalifa: to look more real ;)
[15:45]  Moon Metty: Psi, Latif, can you please look at topscripts on agni, and close svc-3819 as fixed if you're satisfied?
[15:45]  JIRA-helper:
[#SVC-3819] "Top Scripts" in estate tools is inaccurate
[15:45]  Moon Metty: i don't have access to topscripts on agni
[15:46]  Latif Khalifa: Moon, topscripts is making me mads for calculating time twice, once for seat, and once for seater, total is correct though
[15:46]  Moon Metty: oh, yes
[15:46]  Moon Metty: we have to dig up that jira
[15:47]  Leyla Linden is Offline
[15:47]  Moon Metty: SVC-1669
[15:47]  JIRA-helper:
[#SVC-1669] Estate tool top scripts should not show avatar attachments.
[15:47]  Moon Metty: the title is bad ...
[15:47]  Latif Khalifa: that is resolved, but the bug is still there
[15:48]  Moon Metty: right, we have to exhume it
[15:48]  Oskar Linden: man, I look away for a sec and the communicate window is full
[15:49]  Oskar Linden: SVC-1669 is fixed?
[15:49]  Moon Metty: lol no
[15:49]  Latif Khalifa: it's not
[15:49]  Moon Metty: it used to be the only way to see avatar script-time
[15:49]  Latif Khalifa: it's only marked fixed
[15:49]  Moon Metty: but now avatars have their own entry
[15:50]  Moon Metty: so this "bug" can be fixed
[15:50]  Psi Merlin: Moon, I guess I can give you temp EM access on Snark/agni to check top scripts.
[15:50]  Latif Khalifa: say an avi has 0.5ms scripts, and sits on chair, chair will shot 0.5ms script time even though its using none
[15:50]  Oskar Linden: I'll add the comment "Moon says it can be fixed"
[15:50]  Moon Metty: oh Psi, you can see it in a few seconds
[15:51]  Moon Metty: just look at the dialtion graph :)
[15:51]  Moon Metty: dilation*
[15:51]  Moon Metty: well, the avatar becomes part of the linkset of the seat
[15:52]  Moon Metty: so fixing it will not be really easy
[15:52]  Moon Metty: it requires coding
[15:52]  Latif Khalifa: it really really easy :)
[15:52]  Moon Metty: it's straight forward though
[15:52]  Latif Khalifa: attachment has a parent ID that has parent ID that is not 0
[15:52]  Moon Metty: ok
[15:53]  Psi Merlin giggles. Just a small matter of programming
[15:53]  Moon Metty: so it's easy to keep the 2 times apart
[15:53]  Latif Khalifa: its really easy to distinguish attachmetns from the link set
[15:53]  Leyla Linden is Online
[15:53]  Moon Metty: let's talk to Simon about it
[15:54]  Latif Khalifa: say root prim has local ID n, all linked prims (including avatars) have that N as their parent id
[15:54]  Lil Linden: uh oh
[15:54]  Latif Khalifa: attachments have avatar local id as their parent id
[15:54]  Latif Khalifa: (so it's actually more work to make this bug, than to make it disappear)
[15:54]  Moon Metty: hehehe
[15:55]  Moon Metty: i like that thought
[15:55]  Entering god mode, level 200
[15:55]  Latif Khalifa: just don't descend into prims for more than 1 level to calculate object script time
[15:55]  Moon Metty: yes
[15:55]  Latif Khalifa: where is that server source code so i can attach a patch? :P
[15:56]  Terrain baked.
[15:56]  Moon Metty: inside that hammer ...
[15:56]  Latif Khalifa: did i put Lil and Oskar to sleep?
[15:56]  Moon Metty: lol
[15:56]  Oskar Linden: sorry guys. I really need coffee
[15:56]  Moon Metty: you're excused, Oskar
[15:56]  Latif Khalifa: lola, watch out, Oskar is after you
[15:57]  LoLa Varriale: I am watching.
[15:57]  bacon sammach  plane whispers: Mode: Hover
[15:57]  bacon sammach  plane whispers: Emergency brake disengaged.
[15:57]  Lil Linden: hungry anyone?
[15:57]  Moon Metty: hahaha
[15:57]  Moon Metty: oops
[15:57]  Twisted Laws: ooo
[15:57]  Latif Khalifa: too technical a discussion i see :P
[15:57]  Lil Linden: ow
[15:57]  bacon sammach  plane whispers: Pilot Lil Linden
[15:57]  Oskar Linden: oops
[15:58]  Moon Metty: exactly my words
[15:58]  Latif Khalifa: poor lola
[15:58]  LoLa Varriale: Are you a student?
[15:58]  Lil Linden: what a mess
[15:58]  Twisted Laws: i need a hammer like that!
[15:58]  Moon Metty: lol
[15:58]  Oskar Linden: yann was underground
[15:58]  Lil Linden: way to go, Oskar
[15:58]  Latif Khalifa: can you abuse report a liden? :P
[15:58]  Moon Metty: alright, shrek ears for Oskar then
[15:58]  Twisted Laws: very cool
[15:58]  ATechwolf Foxclaw lol
[15:58]  Moon Metty: hahaha
[15:59]  Twisted Laws: excellent
[15:59]  kizmut Smit: :O
[15:59]  Oskar Linden: there we go
[15:59]  Yann Dufaux: LOL
[15:59]  Moon Metty: phew
[15:59]  bacon sammach  plane whispers: Unauthorized Access
[15:59]  Latif Khalifa: lola did they beat you up?
[15:59]  LoLa Varriale: I'm not certain whether I can give an accurate reply or not.
[16:00]  Oskar Linden: sorry guys. I am spent
[16:00]  bacon sammach  plane whispers: Unauthorized Access
[16:00]  Lil Linden: I'm not sure how to fly that sandwich
[16:00]  Latif Khalifa: lola, why not?
[16:00]  Oskar Linden: too many meetings today
[16:00]  LoLa Varriale: Ambiguous: "Sure" or The explanation is rather complicated.
[16:00]  bacon sammach  plane whispers: Unauthorized Access
[16:00]  Twisted Laws: cya later! have a good evening
[16:00]  Moon Metty: relax Oskar
[16:00]  Moon Metty: tomorrow is another day
[16:00]  Oskar Linden: I am going to go for a walk
[16:00]  Latif Khalifa: hehe
[16:00]  Oskar Linden: get some fine seattle coffee
[16:01]  Yann Dufaux: well Oskar, if you have a chance tkae somes sushis for lunch ㋡
[16:01]  Lil Linden: ever been to Beth's, oskar?
[16:01]  Yann Dufaux: hehe:)
[16:01]  Oskar Linden: I have Lil
[16:01]  Oskar Linden: a real pimps hangout
[16:01]  Lil Linden: tackle the 12-egg omelette?
[16:01]  Oskar Linden: Beth's...
[16:01]  Oskar Linden: 12 egg omellette's and hashed browns by the pound
[16:01]  Yann Dufaux: 12 egg, your crazy lil?
[16:01]  Latif Khalifa should program LoLa to stalk Oskar ;)
[16:01]  Lil Linden: haha
[16:01]  LoLa Varriale: YOU? Maybe you should ask someone older.
[16:01]  Yann Dufaux: Haha
[16:01]  Lil Linden: I only had the 6 egg one and couldn't finish it
[16:02]  Latif Khalifa: "only 6" huh
[16:02]  Oskar Linden: you come up to Seattle Lil and we'll go
[16:02]  Yann Dufaux: 6 egg, its ok ㋡
[16:02]  Lil Linden: it's a date