Beta Server Office Hours/Minutes/2009-12-03

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This meeting was held on December 03rd, 2009


Please enter items here for discussion at the next meeting.

Resolved Items

Meeting Minutes

  • Lil entertained with his giant bear.
  • Oskar got here late.
  • Talked about resources on ADITI.
  • Oskar and Lil will be attending the Core Triage weekly on AGNI.


Transcript of Oskar Linden's Beta Server Office Hour for December 03rd, 2009:

[15:04]  Oskar Linden: hey guys
[15:04]  Oskar Linden: whew
[15:04]  Oskar Linden: not too late
[15:04]  Yann Dufaux: hey Oskar ㋡
[15:04]  Drew Dwi: hellos
[15:04]  Oskar Linden: lil what are you doing?
[15:04]  Drew Dwi: big o.O
[15:04]  Psi Merlin: Hi Oskar
[15:04]  Lil Linden: Lil Linden Bear presides over this meeting
[15:05]  Oskar Linden: alright let me get my notes in order
[15:05]  Oskar Linden: sorry I'm late guys
[15:05]  xstorm Radek: Oskar thank you for helping me get in
[15:05]  Oskar Linden: I had a tattoo consultation :-D
[15:05]  Drew Dwi: is there an agenda on the wiki for this? :X
[15:05]  Yann Dufaux: my place! ㋡
[15:05]  Yann Dufaux: hehe ㋡
[15:05]  Oskar Linden: there is
[15:06]  Oskar Linden: let me pull that up
[15:06]  Drew Dwi: kk thanks
[15:06]  Oskar Linden: hey drew. I got you msg, but haven't had a chacne to respond yet
[15:06]  Drew Dwi: no worries, figured you'd get around to it eventually
[15:06]  xstorm Radek: this beta server is not like it was back in 2005 or 6 or even 7
[15:06]  Oskar Linden: lil and I were talking just yesterday about aditi resources
[15:07]  Lil Linden: how was it back then?
[15:07]  Drew Dwi: laggggy!
[15:07]  xstorm Radek: you needed a viewer made for it to get in to it
[15:07]  Drew Dwi: I remember when voice came out on the beta grid
[15:07]  Drew Dwi: the thing was dying every 10 minutes cause so many people tried it
[15:07]  xstorm Radek: and you did crash a lot
[15:08]  Oskar Linden: it's not that
[15:08]  xstorm Radek: so many anti voice people lol
[15:08]  Oskar Linden: for office hours though we keep our meetings text only
[15:08]  Oskar Linden: here is the agenda, but it's a tad out of date
[15:08]  Oskar Linden:
[15:08]  Drew Dwi: yea, no mean when it was first released, andd thanks
[15:08]  Oskar Linden: Lil and I have been hammered with 1.34 stuff
[15:09]  xstorm Radek: but this server is filled with lots of trash to to much trash
[15:09]  Psi Merlin: I first came over for mono - sort of been here ever since.
[15:09]  Drew Dwi: is it ok for me to add one thing to the end of that list?
[15:09]  Oskar Linden: let me update that real quick here
[15:09]  Oskar Linden: yes
[15:09]  Oskar Linden: under any other business
[15:09]  Drew Dwi: kk, adding now
[15:10]  Oskar Linden: so we didn't meet last week because of thanksgiving
[15:10]  Oskar Linden: that's why the page is out of date
[15:10]  Latif Khalifa: i see the rolling restart for 1.34 is scheduled for the next week
[15:10]  Oskar Linden: it is
[15:10]  Yann Dufaux: 1.34 stuff, i,m curious , do you have more coffee maker? ㋡
[15:10]  Oskar Linden: lil do you have the link to the release notes handy?
[15:10]  Oskar Linden: and have they been updated? :-D
[15:10]  Lil Linden: yep, one sec
[15:11]  Lil Linden:
[15:11]  Yann Dufaux: thanks lil ㋡
[15:11]  Drew Dwi: access denied D:
[15:11]  Latif Khalifa: give me your password now xD
[15:11]  Lil Linden: haha
[15:11]  Drew Dwi: hee
[15:11]  Lil Linden: sorry one sec
[15:12]  Oskar Linden: ok I updated the page
[15:12]  Oskar Linden:
[15:12]  Lil Linden:
[15:12]  Xugu Madison: So, in short, you changed mostly stuff we can't see? :)
[15:12]  Drew Dwi: kk, tack'd on my item in Any other business
[15:12]  Oskar Linden: so I have not created a sims to add to aditi page yet, but lil and I talked about that yesterday
[15:12]  Lil Linden: Pretty much :)
[15:13]  Psi Merlin: We should have some handy linfo/links for the beta servers on the OH wiki page - I'll see about doing that later.
[15:13]  Yann Dufaux: oh, nice for the (???) i'm happy yay! ㋡
[15:13]  Oskar Linden: that's what server is though. a lot of stuff that you can't see
[15:13]  Oskar Linden: we upgraded a lot of the deploy tools
[15:13]  Drew Dwi: yes, the mysterious simulator :P
[15:13]  Oskar Linden: but there's no point calling that out since it has no effect
[15:13]  xstorm Radek: i see there is some thing going on with how the regions setup will be put down
[15:14]  Yann Dufaux: (the thing!)
[15:14]  Oskar Linden: we oftentimes put in little pieces of projects that won't be made public for many months to come
[15:14]  Oskar Linden: the second link:
[15:14]  Oskar Linden: is where I try to call attention to the touched areas
[15:14]  xstorm Radek: Oskar will the regions have a 2 m space next to adult sims ?
[15:14]  Oskar Linden: to help you out
[15:15]  Oskar Linden: not that I know of xstorm
[15:15]  Oskar Linden: why?
[15:15]  Yann Dufaux: Server crash modes fixed (realy?)
[15:15]  Oskar Linden: yes yann
[15:15]  xstorm Radek: i see them on the test server
[15:15]  Oskar Linden: see what on what test server?
[15:15]  Yann Dufaux: yay, great! :D
[15:15]  xstorm Radek: a 2 m gap next to adult sims
[15:16]  Oskar Linden: what test server?
[15:16]  Psi Merlin: I've seenSnark crash a couple of times on Agni with 1.32 which is very unusual.
[15:16]  Oskar Linden: I can guess what that is Psi
[15:16]  Oskar Linden: and we're working on it
[15:17]  Oskar Linden: Lil, what did we decide the resource allocation for sims looks like on ADITI?
[15:17]  Lil Linden: Not sure I know what you're asking
[15:18]  Lil Linden: how many sims we have for each version?
[15:18]  Oskar Linden: yeah
[15:18]  Lil Linden: ah, it should be ~10sims
[15:18]  Psi Merlin: OK - I guess I'll wait for a fix.
[15:18]  Lil Linden: for each old/current/next version
[15:18]  Oskar Linden: ~10 sims for each
[15:18]  Oskar Linden: I don't think we need 10 for n-1
[15:19]  Oskar Linden: psi, it's not really a simulator bug
[15:19]  Oskar Linden: I think it is hardware specific
[15:19]  Latif Khalifa: 1-2 should be sufficient
[15:19]  Lil Linden: that's cool, we can spread 'em out as necessary
[15:19]  Psi Merlin: Ah OK
[15:19]  Oskar Linden: psi: it's kinda luck of the draw if you get those machines
[15:19]  Yann Dufaux: hey twisted!!
[15:20]  Oskar Linden: I guess we can talk about that later lil
[15:20]  xstorm Radek: why is the server seem to be copy at times ?
[15:20]  Oskar Linden: seem to copy?
[15:20]  xstorm Radek: chopy
[15:20]  Oskar Linden: well it could be any number of many things?
[15:20]  Oskar Linden: which viewer are you on radek?
[15:20]  Latif Khalifa: is it me or does lag seem to get worse and worse on agni? sim freezes etc
[15:20]  xstorm Radek: its like the cache is getting updated a lot
[15:21]  xstorm Radek: snowglobe
[15:21]  Drew Dwi: it only happen here?
[15:21]  Psi Merlin: Sim freezes build in number and duration over time Latif
[15:21]  Oskar Linden: this is the same question as "why is SL slow?"
[15:21]  Latif Khalifa: Psi, i know, but with 1.32 they seem to get worse, faster
[15:22]  Oskar Linden: and it's hard to say "it's slow because of ..."
[15:22]  xstorm Radek: bs speed 10000
[15:22]  Alpha 5: speed is currently 1
[15:22]  Drew Dwi: try that little lag help thingy, it kinda tries to explain
[15:22]  xstorm Radek: bs speed 900
[15:22]  Alpha 5: speed is now 900
[15:22]  Latif Khalifa: Oskar, no this is the question "how come sim is designed in a single threaded giant loop that allows slow operations to lock it down for up to a minute"
[15:22]  Oskar Linden: we have recently grouped together a team to investigate lag related issues
[15:22]  Yann Dufaux: Oska, somes sl have a pike of memory use .... with somes windows ...
[15:22]  Psi Merlin: Yes - I've seen that. I've also notices some odd patterns which could be sim, or som object.
[15:23]  Yann Dufaux: Oskar, sorry my typos ㋡
[15:23]  Oskar Linden: np
[15:23]  xstorm Radek: copy and drift
[15:23]  Oskar Linden: I don't know Latif
[15:23]  Yann Dufaux: and some people, have just 2048mb like me with windows 7, and two soft of sl open ㋡
[15:23]  xstorm Radek: chopy and drift
[15:24]  Oskar Linden: drift?
[15:24]  xstorm Radek: yes a little drift
[15:24]  Johan Laurasia: I think he means when an avie keeps walking
[15:24]  Yann Dufaux: car drift? lol
[15:24]  xstorm Radek: prim drift
[15:24]  Johan Laurasia: oh
[15:24]  Johan Laurasia: havent seen prim drift at all
[15:24]  Oskar Linden: physical prims?
[15:24]  Drew Dwi: I feel like we are playing a game, he says something and we all try to guess what he means xD
[15:25]  xstorm Radek: yes
[15:25]  xstorm Radek: physical
[15:25]  Johan Laurasia: perhaps the wind is blowing it?
[15:25]  Yann Dufaux: ah you talk about flying bus or flying subway? ㋡
[15:25]  Oskar Linden: is that the viral physics hack?
[15:25]  Oskar Linden: I was looking for a pjira on that? anyone know what it is?
[15:25]  xstorm Radek: ? blowing me when i fly up ?
[15:26]  xstorm Radek: thats a new one
[15:26]  Johan Laurasia: yeah, no, I woudnt think wind would be a factor that, how much drift are we talking, and what attachement are you using to fly with?
[15:26]  Johan Laurasia: or vehicle
[15:26]  Yann Dufaux: cause some times, when the prims, or build cross an region the prims go to fly ㋡
[15:26]  xstorm Radek: im a avatar
[15:26]  Oskar Linden: I think he's talking about the viral physics hack
[15:26]  xstorm Radek: not a vehicle
[15:27]  Oskar Linden: where avatars get pushed
[15:27]  xstorm Radek: that may be
[15:27]  Oskar Linden: it's a havok 4 glitch
[15:27]  xstorm Radek: my avatar is faster than the norm
[15:27]  Oskar Linden: I was looking for the pjira last night but couldn't find it
[15:28]  Johan Laurasia: so you're wearing an attachement for flight assist
[15:28]  Object: Hello, Avatar!
[15:28]  Object: Hello, Avatar!
[15:28]  Oskar Linden: hi Tia
[15:28]  xstorm Radek: my avatar has a membrain that has a script that boosts all its movments
[15:28]  Tia Myrtle: hi
[15:29]  Oskar Linden: so do you guys get the notices when I send them out to the group on AGNI?
[15:29]  xstorm Radek: hi
[15:29]  Drew Dwi: yes
[15:29]  Drew Dwi: thats how I made it here today :P
[15:29]  Oskar Linden: cool. :-)
[15:29]  Latif Khalifa: yeah, me too hehe
[15:29]  xstorm Radek: im not part of that group how do i join it ?
[15:29]  Oskar Linden: ok so last week when I sent out the list of regions that were running 1.34 you got it
[15:29]  Oskar Linden: just join the group Second Life BETA on agni
[15:30]  xstorm Radek: oh im part of the beta one lol
[15:30]  xstorm Radek: we was talking about xstreet to day in it
[15:30]  Oskar Linden: right
[15:30]  xstorm Radek: till some one slap us in the back of the head
[15:30]  xstorm Radek: lol
[15:31]  Oskar Linden: it was more of a nudge
[15:31]  xstorm Radek: ;-)
[15:31]  Latif Khalifa: i have LoLa monitor it for me since my group list is full :)
[15:31]  Oskar Linden: ah
[15:32]  Oskar Linden: so we might get one or two more revisions of 1.34 on here before release next week
[15:32]  Oskar Linden: couple minor bug fixes
[15:32]  Oskar Linden: so unless you guys find something major the 1.34 you see on here will roll to the grid next week
[15:32]  xstorm Radek: will that avatar havok glitch get fix ?
[15:32]  Oskar Linden: and by major I mean something that is newly broken since 1.32
[15:32]  Leyla Linden is Online
[15:33]  Oskar Linden: it won't
[15:33]  Oskar Linden: I can't even find the jira for it
[15:33]  Johan Laurasia: lol
[15:33]  xstorm Radek: damn
[15:33]  Drew Dwi: are only new things being fixed?
[15:33]  Leyla Linden is Offline
[15:33]  Oskar Linden: existing bug fixes have made it into 1.34
[15:34]  Oskar Linden: they have been part of 1.34's code for weeks now
[15:34]  Drew Dwi: hmm, I don't have enough access to try a repro on a bug I added to that 'other items'
[15:34]  Oskar Linden: the only thing that is going to stop us from release is a showstopper bug that is newly introduced
[15:34]  xstorm Radek: :-S ok so what about the old bugs to do with Havok ?
[15:34]  Oskar Linden: well they will go into the queue
[15:35]  Oskar Linden: the viral drift issue concerns me
[15:35]  Oskar Linden: but no one can point me to a jira
[15:35]  Oskar Linden: in other news
[15:35]  xstorm Radek: hhhmmm great so may be i need to find out why
[15:36]  Oskar Linden: Lil and I are attending the core triage on tuesdays
[15:36]  Oskar Linden: so you get 1 more hours with your 2 favorite lindens
[15:36]  xstorm Radek: :-)
[15:36]  Oskar Linden: that might change the scope of this meeting a bit
[15:36]  Johan Laurasia: the triage OH never seems to happen, there's an eternal 'OH canceled' sign there.
[15:37]  Oskar Linden: I think there's a new sheriff in dodge
[15:37]  xstorm Radek: Oskar i wish to convert LIL to look like me he did not wish it
[15:37]  xstorm Radek: lol
[15:37]  Oskar Linden puts on his spurs and deputizes Lil
[15:37]  Latif Khalifa: lol
[15:37]  Oskar Linden: don't try to change lil xstorm
[15:37]  Lil Linden: hehe
[15:37]  Drew Dwi: core triage?
[15:37]  Oskar Linden: yes
[15:37]  xstorm Radek: oh ok
[15:37]  Oskar Linden: a triage for bugs in server/core
[15:38]  Drew Dwi: not public tho..
[15:38]  Drew Dwi: ?
[15:38]  Oskar Linden: which isn't what this meeting is
[15:38]  Drew Dwi: oh
[15:38]  Oskar Linden: oh
[15:38]  Oskar Linden: I don't know if it is public or not
[15:38]  Drew Dwi: jinx
[15:38]  Drew Dwi: and ah
[15:38]  Oskar Linden: hi yaseba
[15:38]  yaseba Farella: hello
[15:39]  Oskar Linden: i'm looking for that jira now
[15:39]  Drew Dwi: yea, I did a search and couldn't find it
[15:40]  Oskar Linden: i'll mess with it later
[15:41]  xstorm Radek: Oskar do not kelly ever work on the beta server any more ?
[15:41]  Oskar Linden: all the time
[15:41]  Oskar Linden: he's just in the code not the grid
[15:41]  Oskar Linden: most of kelly's work would be done at an earlier stage
[15:42]  Oskar Linden: by the time it gets to integration it is mostly qa and release until we find specific bugs
[15:42]  xstorm Radek: yes he is very smart
[15:42]  Oskar Linden: alright, so
[15:42]  JIRA-helper: [#SVC-4632] People getting past Estate and Land bans
[15:42]  xstorm Radek: i was thinking i bet he knows why there is that havok bug
[15:43]  Oskar Linden: I just want to find the jira so I can follow the paper trail and see why it's not been fixed yet
[15:44]  Drew Dwi: alexa said they were looking at it.... but that was like... a month ago
[15:44]  Oskar Linden: there is probably a fix pending for 1.32
[15:44]  Oskar Linden: I mean 1.36
[15:44]  xstorm Radek: :-)
[15:45]  Oskar Linden: I don't think they got it ready in time for 1.34
[15:45]  Oskar Linden: I had to cut the line sometime
[15:45]  Oskar Linden: my team is hammered as it is
[15:45]  Drew Dwi nods
[15:45]  xstorm Radek: they need to give it a name
[15:45]  Drew Dwi: bans not working though .... bigg problem :)
[15:46]  Drew Dwi: i'm just good knowing its been worked on though
[15:46]  Johan Laurasia: tough to reproduce, not alot of people have estate privs on 3 or more sims
[15:46]  xstorm Radek: thats reminds me some one needs to make ban lines go up higher
[15:46]  Drew Dwi: there's a pretty good repro in there
[15:46]  Drew Dwi: can't test on here though
[15:47]  Oskar Linden: what are you trying to test Drew?
[15:47]  Drew Dwi: if its not fixed in this version, nothing to test though
[15:47]  Yann Dufaux is Offline
[15:48]  Oskar Linden: ok
[15:48]  Oskar Linden: anybody else?
[15:49]  Latif Khalifa: free cookies? xD
[15:50]  Lil Linden: mmmmm!
[15:51]  Oskar Linden: I could use a massage
[15:51]  Oskar Linden: and some eggnog
[15:51]  Oskar Linden: with peppermint schnapps
[15:51]  Lil Linden: sounds like a party
[15:51]  Latif Khalifa: hehe
[15:51]  Oskar Linden: some triple chocolate cookies from the bakery across the street
[15:52]  Latif Khalifa: you're in the seattle office?
[15:52]  Oskar Linden: I am
[15:52]  Johan Laurasia: is it raining?
[15:52]  Oskar Linden: actually it isn't!
[15:52]  Oskar Linden: that makes me think
[15:53]  Johan Laurasia: well, u know what that means...
[15:53]  xstorm Radek: last time i have ever been to a party was back in 1977 at a telex meeting
[15:53]  Oskar Linden: I want to create a weather bot
[15:53]  Oskar Linden: when it is raining in Seattle it rains above my avatar
[15:53]  Latif Khalifa: lol
[15:53]  Johan Laurasia: lol
[15:53]  Oskar Linden: I think that would be awesome
[15:53]  Johan Laurasia: would be cool
[15:53]  Latif Khalifa: it's not disimal to danish climate i guess
[15:53]  Oskar Linden: a live weather bot that made it the weather of your RL alt in SL
[15:53]  Latif Khalifa: does it snow there?
[15:53]  Oskar Linden: it snows here
[15:54]  Johan Laurasia: the hard part is linking to a web page that'll let you snag the info
[15:54]  Oskar Linden: great, I just gave a killer idea to you guys... now my SL alt will never get to make it in time
[15:54]  Twisted Laws: i want an RL weather bot so the weather on me is the same as in SL :p
[15:54]  Latif Khalifa: we get a couple of days of snow i year, not much
[15:54]  Latif Khalifa: (here being denmark)
[15:54]  Johan Laurasia: we get a couple of days at a time
[15:54]  Oskar Linden: we get a little bit of snow
[15:55]  Latif Khalifa: lola, do you like snow?
[15:55]  LoLa Varriale: Only when it melts.
[15:55]  Lil Linden needs to run
[15:55]  Oskar Linden: ok lil
[15:55]  Lil Linden: will see you guys next week :)
[15:56]  Latif Khalifa: take care lil
[15:56]  Oskar Linden: I guess we can draw this meeting to a close
[15:56]  Lil Linden: Adios all!
[15:56]  Twisted Laws: bye, cya later
[15:56]  Lil Linden is Offline
[15:56]  Johan Laurasia: It only rains twice a year in Seattle: August through April and May through July.
[15:56]  xstorm Radek: bye
[15:56]  Oskar Linden: so we've got probably til Monday/Sunday to find any amazing bugs in 1.34
[15:56]  Oskar Linden: Seattle Rain Festival: January 1st - December 31st
[15:56]  Johan Laurasia: heh
[15:56]  Latif Khalifa: lol
[15:57]  Johan Laurasia: I heard if you can see the mountains, it's gonna rain, and if you can't it's raining
[15:57]  Oskar Linden: good point
[15:57]  Drew Dwi: last quick q, that core triage you mentioned, thats not an office hour right?
[15:57]  Oskar Linden: i can see the mountains
[15:57]  Psi Merlin: One showstopper in .34 was sufficient I think:)
[15:57]  Oskar Linden: nice one psi
[15:57]  Oskar Linden: right now we only have 2 tied to 1.34
[15:58]  Oskar Linden: SVC-5082 is the other
[15:58]  JIRA-helper:
[#SVC-5082] Rez Build Failure on 1.34 Beta Server
[15:58]  Oskar Linden: and I've been talking to Andrew about that
[15:59]  Oskar Linden: well alright then
[15:59]  Drew Dwi: take care!
[15:59]  Oskar Linden: have a good one and thanks for coming
[15:59]  Latif Khalifa: take care oskar
[15:59]  Johan Laurasia: thank you Oskar
[15:59]  Oskar Linden: someone let me know if they find that havok4 viral drift jira
[15:59]  Psi Merlin: Thanks oskar