Beta Server Office Hours/Minutes/2011-04-28

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This meeting was held on April 28th, 2011



Upcoming Stuff

  • "mesh-prep" branch.
    • framework and infrastructural changes for AGNI to support mesh.
    • llCastRay
    • SVC-5880
    • Havok 2010.2
    • 10cm gap elimination
    • bug fixes
  • On ADITI now.

Interesting Stuff

  • Public Grid Tool
  • new chat wikifier


Transcript of Oskar Linden's Beta Server Office Hour for April 28th, 2011:

Transcript for Thursday April 28, 2011

[15:00] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) has entered the region.

[15:00] Fancy Greeter Oskar Linden has arrived! (Or, returned?)
[15:00] Coyot Linden hi, folks
[15:00] the parody of (ansi.soderstrom) maybe oskar will give me the rights to clean up from time to time
[15:00] The Nerd ohi
[15:00] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) hey everyone
[15:00] the parody of (ansi.soderstrom) hi lindens
[15:00] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) Greetins to all Lindens past and present.
[15:00] the parody of (ansi.soderstrom) hi residents
[15:00] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) gimma a minute while I finish the meeting agenda
[15:00] the parody of (ansi.soderstrom) hi bears
[15:00] Monster LagGroup (eddi.decosta) hi there ㋡
[15:00] Moy (moy.loon) has entered the region.

[15:01] Latif Khalifa hello
[15:01] Gearsawe Stonecutter the cube is jsut and animatied texture no bandwidth
[15:01] Ann Otoole that modulating glow stuff is not really good for people on ISP accounts with metered byte use
[15:01] Lares Carter heya Oskar
[15:01] Psi Merlin has entered the region.

[15:01] the parody of (ansi.soderstrom) haha @ ann
[15:01] Ann Otoole and it slows the connections down in general
[15:01] Moy (moy.loon) SL is not very good for people with limited bandwidth
[15:02] RedMokum Bravin Nevertheless some autoreturn here wouldn't be so bad.
[15:02] the parody of (ansi.soderstrom) has left the region.

[15:02] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) Moy has stated a trueism
[15:02] Moy (moy.loon) Another truth, is I do agree with auto return here
[15:02] Stickman Ingmann has entered the region.

[15:02] The Nerd the rEAL TRUTH
[15:02] Latif Khalifa hey Kelly
[15:02] Moy (moy.loon) It's like, a pubbie dropped half of their freebie inv
[15:02] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) is dragon going to show up too?
[15:03] the parody of (ansi.soderstrom) has entered the region.

[15:03] Latif Khalifa it's meant to test your resitance to kitch ;)
[15:03] 4 Wheeler You aren't the owner
[15:03] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) Yes by some of it is quite charming.
[15:03] 4 Wheeler You aren't the owner
[15:03] Stickman Ingmann Stop being not the owner please.
[15:03] RedMokum Bravin Or it is meant to promote Radegast :-p
[15:03] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) what is all that spam?
[15:04] Latif Khalifa that's Moy and his ADD
[15:04] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) "The bland shall leadeth the bland, and both shall fallest into the kitch."
[15:04] RedMokum Bravin Kallista :-p
[15:04] Coyot Linden lol, Kallista
[15:04] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) so here be the agenda
[15:04] the parody of (ansi.soderstrom) a cloudy meeting today
[15:05] oobscure (opensource.obscure) has entered the region.

[15:05] Psi Merlin Hi Oskar, Coyot, Kelly
[15:05] Coyot Linden Hi, Psi
[15:06] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) hey kallista can you record the notes for me again please? :-)
[15:06] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) Aye Aye Oskar
[15:06] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) just in case my new thing fails
[15:06] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) nods
[15:06] Coyot Linden MMmmurph!
[15:07] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) this time I won't even look at it just send it
[15:07] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) alright. well thanks everyone for coming and being patient while I finished up the release notes
[15:07] Pauline Darkfury has entered the region.

[15:07] SMILE (sigma.avro) has entered the region.

[15:07] Object Touched.
[15:07] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) how's the week been for everyone?
[15:07] Latif Khalifa interesting
[15:07] Stickman Ingmann I've had worse.
[15:07] NielArcher has entered the region.

[15:07] Lares Carter a busy one
[15:08] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) lagged
[15:08] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) Really folks.....
[15:08] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I've had one of those days where I hit CTRL-C when I meant to hit CTRL-V
[15:08] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) :-)
[15:08] the parody of (ansi.soderstrom) has left the region.

[15:09] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) other than keyboard shortcut snafu's I've been doing alright
[15:09] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) yesterday was a bit stressful
[15:09] the parody of (ansi.soderstrom) has entered the region.

[15:09] Coyot Linden No, but I hit control-c when I mean clover-c all the time
[15:09] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) Le Tiger, again?
[15:09] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) we'll start a the top of the agenda and work down
[15:09] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden)
[15:09] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) Monty's "Fast Assets" project from Magnum got the promotion
[15:09] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) it went out smoothly
[15:10] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) monty is working on some statistical analysis of improvement but doesn't have anything ready
[15:10] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) chuckles at the 499

[15:10] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) he's quite busy with some other new projects
[15:11] the parody of (ansi.soderstrom) sorry, 499 is foxed
[15:11] the parody of (ansi.soderstrom) *fixed
[15:11] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) foxy fixes
[15:11] Coyot Linden s3xy
[15:12] SMILE (sigma.avro) 6 dimensiosn ?
[15:12] the parody of (ansi.soderstrom) now you can jabber again about something without asking the 499
[15:13] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) we did have a security fix that we had to slip into the releases this week
[15:13] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) if you noticed the version numbers jumping around that's why
[15:13] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I updated the release notes to mention that
[15:13] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) but I can't go into any more detail
[15:13] Coyot Linden has a projet to randomize version numbers

[15:13] F L I P (flip.idlemind) Can you go into any more detail?
[15:13] Coyot Linden just to make them easier to read. ;)
[15:13] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I'm sorry FLIP I cannot
[15:14] Latif Khalifa It removes some playstation network code from login :P
[15:14] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) it's content theft related and the less info out there the better for everyone
[15:14] Coyot Linden ROFL
[15:14] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) even for fixed issues
[15:14] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) heh
[15:14] Coyot Linden Damn, Latif, I nearly spit up my coffee!
[15:14] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) speaking of this is one week I am VERY glad I do not work for SONY
[15:14] Latif Khalifa hahaha
[15:14] oobscure (opensource.obscure) xD
[15:15] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) not sure there's any real easy way to worm out of that one
[15:15] Moy (moy.loon) Three years ago SL was just as secure though :(
[15:15] Pauline Darkfury Yeah, life is going to be unpleasant for them for a while
[15:15] NielArcher what happened to SONY?
[15:15] Coyot Linden Any service that believes that it is ironclad secure is mistaken.
[15:15] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I hope it's a wakeup call for lots of tech companies to do sec audits
[15:15] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) lol
[15:15] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I am also glad I do not have a ps3
[15:15] Latif Khalifa someone broke into their network and stople 70m accounts, including login password and creditcard
[15:15] Ann Otoole in order to better protect themselves from internet crackers, sony has decided to move their servers to a more secure physical location. *snort*
[15:16] Latif Khalifa In short: a total disaster
[15:16] Pauline Darkfury They admitted they were at fault, near enough. That was actually the sensible thing to do, denying it would have potentially made the legal fight even worse for them. So, respect to them for at least coughing to it and notifying people
[15:16] Pauline Darkfury RL contact details too, to make the CCs easy to use
[15:16] Coyot Linden I believe the new secure location goes by the name "Daiichi"
[15:16] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) 70million letters...
[15:16] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) shakes his head at the idea of sending CCN info in cleartext

[15:16] Ann Otoole yea and they are required to report the breach by law so at least they obeyed the law right?
[15:16] Latif Khalifa and non hashed passwords
[15:16] Moy (moy.loon) A week late
[15:17] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) salty hashes are good for all
[15:17] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) speaking of salt
[15:17] The Nerd mmmm
[15:17] RedMokum Bravin On the other hand SL manages to forget my payment info again and again and making it unnecessarily difficult to enter the data once more.
[15:17] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) this is a great segway into LeTigre this week
[15:17] Pauline Darkfury Well, it's not beyond some major corporates to try to downplay these things or be less forthcoming, Ann, regardless of the law
[15:17] the parody of (ansi.soderstrom) vwr-salt and svc-hash
[15:17] Latif Khalifa I hope LL stores passwords hashed, but I have seen some evidence that they are not.
[15:17] Moy (moy.loon) They're hashed
[15:17] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) not clear that Japanese law requires them to notify
[15:17] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) after the LeTigre roll support notified me that lots of breedable horse owners were unhappy
[15:17] Coyot Linden They are stored in Soft's back pocket. Not.
[15:18] Latif Khalifa Moy, how do you know they're stored hashed?
[15:18] Moy (moy.loon) With no salt though (atleast that's how it was in 06-08)
[15:18] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) because their salt blocks and horse food was disappearing
[15:18] Pauline Darkfury yeah, which law applies is complex, given it's a worldwide thing
[15:18] RedMokum Bravin Oh... that means sick horses all over the grid.
[15:18] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) after soe research it was determined that the cause was a LeTigre fix
[15:18] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) and since those salt licks add 1% to happiness over time people were becoming unhappy
[15:18] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) we had to make the call to switch LeTigre over to the main branch
[15:18] RedMokum Bravin They should get rid of their breedable scam... .but still.
[15:19] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) Kelly, what was the nature of the issue?
[15:19] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) or maestro
[15:19] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) :-D
[15:20] Pauline Darkfury SCR-55 has details for those that want them
[15:20] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) what happened is that the objects would disappear on rez
[15:20] Tammy Nowotny has entered the region.

[15:20] Fancy Greeter Dan Linden has arrived! (Or, returned?)
[15:20] SMILE (sigma.avro) these rez only one time ?
[15:20] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) hmmmm yeah
[15:20] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) for no copy objects that cost L$$$ it's a bit of a nightmare
[15:20] Coffee Maker Request accepted, Please wait..
[15:20] Tammy Nowotny hello
[15:21] Pauline Darkfury Yeah, they are consumables for the horses. no-copy and limited use, they have a counter that drops to zero then vanish
[15:21] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) you have a fix already right kellz?
[15:21] Coffee Maker Thanks you, Have a nice day Tammy
[15:21] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) hi Tammy
[15:21] the parody of (ansi.soderstrom) pauline is kidding me with SCR-55 ???
[15:22] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) we're saving it for next week then right?
[15:22] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) ok
[15:22] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) BlueSteel is Andrews maint-server once again
[15:23] Coyot Linden Yes, scheduled for RC next week if all goes well
[15:23] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) that will probably get the promotion next week
[15:23] Coyot Linden +1
[15:23] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) oh, and Dragon said he can't make it this week
[15:23] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) he said he's sorry
[15:23] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) we have a little more QA to do on the "mesh-prep" branch
[15:24] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) but it might be able to find a slot next Wednesday on AGNI
[15:24] Moy (moy.loon) :o
[15:24] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) Request: searchable database of channel -> region names.
[15:24] Coyot Linden might
[15:24] SMILE (sigma.avro) :!
[15:24] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) _might_
[15:24] Pauline Darkfury has a list of what regions are in each channel
[15:24] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) including all the Aditi regions?
[15:25] Stickman Ingmann Eve Online has a freely distributable database that contains all connected star systems, stations, planets, contacts, etc. LL could do something like that for regions.
[15:25] Pauline Darkfury Oooooh, so is mesh-prep is close to RC, any chance of 64m prims before mesh lands?
[15:25] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) mesh-prep is coming close
[15:25] Pauline Darkfury Ahh, no, pretty sure gridsurvey is just Agni, thought that was what was being asked for
[15:25] Moy (moy.loon) That means raycasting on the maingrid?
[15:25] Gearsawe Stonecutter The 10m prim limit on the latest mesh server release is a bug I hope.
[15:25] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) soon(tm)
[15:25] Moy (moy.loon) brb, new pants
[15:26] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) heh
[15:26] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) looks like moy might be wanting a region change too
[15:26] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) 64 M is dependant on cross region encroachment getting solved, the from Andrew some weeks ago.
[15:26] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) you still have a region right moy?
[15:26] Tammy Nowotny when js mesh coming to the mainland, and how will you deal with the fact that many users are using non-v2 viewers?
[15:26] draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam) he doesnt
[15:26] Moy (moy.loon) I gave my last one to a friend awhile back
[15:26] Moy (moy.loon) But, I know of a few places that are dieing for raycasting!
[15:27] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) we don't have a release date for mesh Tammy. non mesh capable vwrs will not be able to see mesh contant but will be able to see other objects
[15:27] The Nerd ban 1.x :p
[15:27] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) they'll see a placeholder object
[15:27] Tammy Nowotny that will be problematic
[15:27] the parody of (ansi.soderstrom) "place your advertising here"
[15:27] SMILE (sigma.avro) and colide on them
[15:27] Gearsawe Stonecutter just like when tatoo layers came out. same thing
[15:27] Coyot Linden thinks the placeholder object should say "Upgrade to Viewer 2"

[15:27] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) I was on the mesh grid with 1.x and ther were spheres (I think)
[15:27] Tammy Nowotny what is the current %age of users using v2?
[15:27] The Nerd nah it will be much worse
[15:27] Ann Otoole with a texture that says "You would see something really cool here if you had a current viewer!"?
[15:27] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) there will be a transition phase
[15:27] ANSI Soderstrom Oskar Linden changed some settings on ANSI´s Avatar
[15:27] The Nerd since you can't simply backport mesh like you could with alpha layers
[15:28] F L I P (flip.idlemind) "Upgrade" to Viewer 2 is debatable
[15:28] Latif Khalifa Tammy, less than half
[15:28] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) Searsaw, tatooes get baked into the 'users image'
[15:28] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) some tech upgrades come qith growing pains
[15:28] Gearsawe Stonecutter okay then sculpts
[15:28] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) s/qith/with/
[15:28] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) most software is perpetually in ebta these days
[15:28] Tammy Nowotny I spotted an object on the main grid which looked like a mesh object loosk when vekwed with a non0mesh viewer, probably just a coincidence, though
[15:29] Moy (moy.loon) v2 is so much faster and more stable than v1 for me :o
[15:29] The Nerd it's LL's fault for keeping V2 closed source/NDAed for a year and it's the TPV coders' fault for being lazy and unflexible
[15:29] Script Counter
[15:29] Latif Khalifa Homeless, it went back to alpha with web profiles. The curse of v2 brought down EC2 ;)
[15:29] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) right
[15:29] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) that's what it was
[15:29] Pauline Darkfury So, realistically, what's the earliest mesh itself is likely to land on Agni?
[15:29] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I don't know Pauline
[15:30] SMILE (sigma.avro) wich server type ?
[15:30] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I'm hoping for this year, but if I commit to that it won't make it
[15:30] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) so I won't commit to it :-D
[15:30] Pauline Darkfury Can't even estimate it in terms of not likely in the next 3 months? (or equivalent)
[15:30] Stickman Ingmann If you do comment, I'll be sure you hold you accountable for causing bad luck.
[15:30] Stickman Ingmann "What's the worst that could happen?"
[15:30] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I can't Pauline
[15:30] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) you're welcome to go to the mesh team and ask them
[15:31] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) but I'm not going to give out dates that they haven't discussed
[15:31] SMILE (sigma.avro) thus, castray will be much sooner on main grid ?
[15:31] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) it's not my place
[15:31] Stickman Ingmann They're used to being asked every week. They sometimes have very clever answers.
[15:31] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) castray will hit the grid sooner
[15:31] Moy (moy.loon) Mmm
[15:31] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) chuckles I was betting late 2Q2011, now its late 4Q2011

[15:31] Coyot Linden Pauline, there are way too many variables in huge project like Mesh to make an estimate worth giving
[15:31] Pauline Darkfury Ok, just with mesh-prep being close, but I'll take from this that mesh isn't likely to be the week after mesh-prep
[15:31] Latif Khalifa It doesn't really matter even when the date is given. I have heard at least 4-5 different days when group chat was going to get fixed, for real this time.
[15:31] Tammy Nowotny May 3 is next Tuesday
[15:32] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) mesh-prep is a branch with infrastructural changes that AGNI needs first
[15:32] Latif Khalifa Just listen to Philip Linden last year SLCC speech ;)
[15:32] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) mesh will not be coming out the week after that
[15:32] SMILE (sigma.avro) when I try to see physics of meshes, my screem becomes blak (mesh viewer)
[15:32] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) but it makes the transition easier
[15:32] ANSI Soderstrom Oskar Linden changed some settings on ANSI´s Avatar
[15:33] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) "mesh-prep" has the llcastray function and Havok 2010.2 and the elimination of the physical prim gap
[15:33] Stickman Ingmann But not the 64m prim limit?
[15:33] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) no
[15:33] Stickman Ingmann Is the 64m prim limit nothing more than a configuration change? Or is a code change?
[15:33] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) yes
[15:33] Latif Khalifa lol
[15:33] SMILE (sigma.avro) friction and byouancy as well ?
[15:33] Stickman Ingmann Wait what?
[15:33] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) :-D
[15:33] Latif Khalifa "smart" :P
[15:33] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) Never ask a programmer and OR quesion.
[15:34] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) sorry homeless
[15:34] Pauline Darkfury I really don't understand the reasoning behind holding 64m until cross-region is done, tbh. People can drop 64-256m prims today, the grid doesn't suffer too horribly from it
[15:34] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I don't hav ea date for you
[15:34] Ann Otoole you could be working on textures homeless :)
[15:34] Stickman Ingmann LL is responsible for motivating their residents. How dare they hamper motivation.
[15:34] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) it wasn't my call Pauline
[15:35] Stickman Ingmann Oskar, I'm being told to ask if Lindens are flammable.
[15:35] Pauline Darkfury Yeah, understand. Thanks, Oskar :)
[15:35] F L I P (flip.idlemind) Yeah but you can't "officially" drop 256m prims
[15:35] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) highly flammable
[15:35] draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam) if not wearing asbestos trousers
[15:36] NielArcher "How d'you make a linden go WOOF"...
[15:36] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) maestro, kelly, coyot, anything upcoming you want to mention?
[15:36] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) If wearing asbestos trousers they are hazmat
[15:36] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) cool kelly. the floor is yours
[15:37] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) ossm
[15:37] F L I P (flip.idlemind) Define "much better"?
[15:37] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) :-)
[15:37] Latif Khalifa I've done my test, it derezzes 5x faster than the original LeTigre, slightly faster than production sim
[15:37] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) well said
[15:37] F L I P (flip.idlemind) Riiight
[15:37] Latif Khalifa still causes freezes more than LSL2'
[15:37] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) maestro is not easy to impress
[15:37] Pauline Darkfury I'll repeat my 5030 script torture over here when I get a moment. Should the servers here be approx the same speed as Agni?
[15:38] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) approxiamately
[15:38] Latif Khalifa Kelly, tuesday I think
[15:38] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) the sim.noob count is far lower
[15:38] Coyot Linden sorry, I was distracted by some ossm from Kazu. I dont have anything to add
[15:38] Script Counter
[15:38] Latif Khalifa I have some evil rezzers there
[15:38] Latif Khalifa on Fame
[15:39] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) so speaking of using ADITI to the fullest and helping you guys out I put some time into the public grid tool I haven;t had time to reimplement
[15:39] Latif Khalifa but I will test the derez freeze again
[15:39] F L I P (flip.idlemind) I'm still not sure why there are freezes at all. What exactly did "threaded rez" do?
[15:39] Latif Khalifa compared to LSL2 specifically
[15:39] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) long story shirt, I had a public grid tool at one point in time then the hosting company ate my server code and dropped everything and I lost it all
[15:39] Monster LagGroup (eddi.decosta) yiks, no fire for me lol ㋡
[15:39] SMILE (sigma.avro) oops, a system with a botle neck kelly ? dangerous !
[15:40] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) T-DE-Rez. nice
[15:40] Latif Khalifa Flip, I have asked Simon repeatedly shy only threded rez, and not derez since this is where half of the freezes come.
[15:40] Latif Khalifa I never got an answer
[15:40] Latif Khalifa why spend all that time on threaded rez
[15:40] Latif Khalifa and ignore half of the problem (on derez)
[15:40] Latif Khalifa makes no sense
[15:40] Stickman Ingmann Better to solve half the problem than none of the problem?
[15:40] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) speaking of those millions of things to do
[15:40] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) comments, soto voiced, that she like to see the list.

[15:41] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I have a proof of concept out for my little grid tool thingy
[15:41] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden)
[15:41] Stickman Ingmann I would also like to see this list. :)
[15:41] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) that's it
[15:41] Latif Khalifa Kelly, I'd think that when you make threaded rez, it would cust much less to add threaded derez at the same time than to split it out as separte thing 3 months later
[15:41] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) kind of straightforward
[15:41] Gearsawe Stonecutter the list will not fit in a note card.
[15:41] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I've got some updates to do to it
[15:41] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) but it works
[15:41] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) shows regions
[15:41] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) and what channels they're running
[15:41] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) wiit.
[15:41] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) Woot
[15:42] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) you can tp to the regions from there
[15:42] Latif Khalifa Kelly? Really? You remember the code down the road and can just pick it up like that. You must be a much better coder than the ones I know :)
[15:42] Pauline Darkfury cool, useful
[15:42] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) it will show red for regions that are offline
[15:42] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) yellow for unresponsive
[15:42] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I hope it will be useful
[15:42] F L I P (flip.idlemind) There's a "BlueSteel Sandbox 1" on Aditi?
[15:42] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) no
[15:42] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) this is my test setup
[15:42] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) with beacons on AGNI still
[15:43] Stickman Ingmann Oskar, are we likely to see a tool like this for the main grid? Or is this just for the beta grid?
[15:43] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I just have little towers in each region I want to report to this tool
[15:43] Stickman Ingmann A searchable list like this would be very, very nice.
[15:43] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) there's no real point for it on main grid
[15:43] Stickman Ingmann How did you make it? Just have a prim in the region spit things to the server? I have a few regions I'd like to monitor.
[15:43] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) it will help out here though
[15:43] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) Hmmmm I can thing that having that report regions with TD < .05 would be really useful.
[15:43] Pauline Darkfury in terms of comparing performance and behaviour between beta builds and main grid, it might be handy to have 1 or 2 sandboxes here with main grid versions
[15:43] Lares Carter Will give you out towers again, Oskar?
[15:44] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) that's all it is just a scripted prim in each region sending channel info to a php page
[15:44] oobscure (opensource.obscure) sometimes I test something looking for similarities and knowing where to find a specific server channel is useful to me
[15:44] Coyot Linden towers are L$500000 each
[15:44] Stickman Ingmann I'll have to make my own at some point, then.
[15:44] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) Please pretty please.....
[15:44] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I'll put towers on every region on ADITI that needs one
[15:44] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) Sardar and Siba
[15:44] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) you can see it in the corner of this parcel
[15:44] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) tall, black, ominous
[15:45] Coyot Linden Just like Oskar
[15:45] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) ;-)
[15:45] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I've got some tweaks to do to it
[15:45] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) we';; put it in the market
[15:45] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) it's a pretty simple little setup
[15:45] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) that url will stay the same
[15:45] The Nerd has left the region.

[15:46] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I'll make a few tweaks when I have time
[15:46] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) hopefully tomorrow
[15:46] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) so that's that
[15:46] Lares Carter Gonna bookmark that url, thanks Oskar. Was looking forward to seeing your tool return.
[15:47] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) once it's a little more polished I'll send it around
[15:47] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I've started using a new chat wikifiar tool
[15:47] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) wikifier
[15:47] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden)
[15:47] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) do you guys like the format of that?
[15:47] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) it supports display names
[15:48] Coyot Linden *cough* Oskar's tool returning *cough* little more polished *cough* *cough* *cough*
[15:48] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) hush coyot!
[15:48] oobscure (opensource.obscure) seems cool to me Oskar
[15:48] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) it supports them better than any other wikifier tool out there
[15:48] draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam) i like andrew's
[15:49] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) it's tank masters fault
[15:49] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) Nothing supports Dn very well.
[15:49] Stickman Ingmann Andrew Linden just made his own chat wiki tool a while back. Said the ones out there didn't do what he wanted. You'd think you guys would coordinate.
[15:49] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) he has the longest DN
[15:49] Pauline Darkfury yeah, rebalancing the columns would be good, but looks nice apart from that
[15:49] Object To join our group 1) open your chat history, 2) click on the link, and 3) press the Join button.
[15:49] Object secondlife:///app/group/19657888-576f-83e9-2580-7c3da7c0e4ca/about
[15:49] Object To join our group 1) open your chat history, 2) click on the link, and 3) press the Join button.
[15:49] Object secondlife:///app/group/19657888-576f-83e9-2580-7c3da7c0e4ca/about
[15:49] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I've seen his script
[15:49] Object To join our group 1) open your chat history, 2) click on the link, and 3) press the Join button.
[15:49] Object secondlife:///app/group/19657888-576f-83e9-2580-7c3da7c0e4ca/about
[15:49] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I used the tree kyomoon one for a long time
[15:49] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I tried this one out this week
[15:50] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) the colors help show who's important to listen to though right? ;-)
[15:51] Pauline Darkfury seems like plenty of contrast between the text and bg colors used
[15:51] Latif Khalifa looking what people use display names on that chatlog, it would be much more useful just to disable them for logs
[15:51] Gearsawe Stonecutter so you are saying read only the tan background text
[15:51] Latif Khalifa no useful information that I can see
[15:51] Tammy Nowotny LOL Latif
[15:51] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) :-)
[15:52] Tammy Nowotny another consideration with display names i that m,any of them use exotic characters for decorative effect
[15:52] Latif Khalifa Tammy, I have only seen them used like that
[15:52] SMILE (sigma.avro) sees kalista belly junmping with no nreasons

[15:52] Latif Khalifa If I was 13 I mind find "cool, see upside down letters" :P
[15:52] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I'll pass that info on to Darrius
[15:53] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I think Latif needs a hug
[15:53] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) he's feeling old
[15:53] Pauline Darkfury the odd characters in DNs shouldn't be an issue, they are UTF-8 in-world, web does UTF-8 just fine
[15:53] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) grouphugs Latif

[15:53] Ann Otoole so many display names have adult content now that i don't even want to see or acknowledge them.
[15:53] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny)
[15:53] Latif Khalifa Oskar, after reading that trasnript, I think you need that hug way more than I do :)
[15:53] NielArcher wow Oskar is so big he counts as a group now !!
[15:53] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I'm happy with my upside down display name
[15:53] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) but I'll take a hug
[15:54] Latif Khalifa I only see it in the transcript, good thing one can turn them off
[15:54] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) :-)
[15:54] Coyot Linden On agni, my display name is in Japanese
[15:54] Coyot Linden er, was
[15:54] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) ok so we've got 6 minutes left
[15:55] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) any questions, rants, cookies?
[15:55] Coffee Maker Request accepted, Please wait..
[15:55] Gearsawe Stonecutter remeber to look under "u" for oskar from now on.

[15:55] draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam) still has no clue why it still displays your display name if it matches your user name

[15:55] Moy (moy.loon) How many days is soon(tm) for the mesh-prep to hit agni? ;~)
[15:55] the parody of (ansi.soderstrom) can i be a beta-linden to clean up morris ?
[15:55] Coffee Maker Thanks you, Have a nice day Oskar
[15:55] SMILE (sigma.avro) yes a request, I lost 50 000 beta lindens changing pasword
[15:55] SMILE (sigma.avro) lol
[15:55] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) soon(tm) < eventually(tm)
[15:55] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) It's interesting that I had to set my DN here because it didnlt carry over from Agni
[15:55] Coffee Maker Request accepted, Please wait..
[15:56] Latif Khalifa Dates don't matter anyway
[15:56] Coyot Linden Kallista, same for me
[15:56] draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam) ooh interesting kelly
[15:56] Coffee Maker Thanks you, Have a nice day Pauline
[15:56] Coffee Maker Request accepted, Please wait..
[15:56] SMILE (sigma.avro) yes, and DN is not updated on aditi
[15:56] Stickman Ingmann I believe I'm on the latest beta, which should be live now? And I'm not seeing two display names if they're the same.
[15:56] Coffee Maker Thanks you, Have a nice day Oskar
[15:56] F L I P (flip.idlemind) Hey, has anyone ever heard of a particular object (a sculpt) that, if your viewer renders it, it crashes your graphics card driver?
[15:57] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) sure FLIP
[15:57] Latif Khalifa can you even change DN on aditi with web profile thingie? last time i tried it failed
[15:57] Coyot Linden Snow Crash
[15:57] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) griefers use them
[15:57] the parody of (ansi.soderstrom) yes @ flip
[15:57] the parody of (ansi.soderstrom) i see them every day
[15:57] Moy (moy.loon) That's simple FLIP, it just abused fillrate, and causes cards to become 'overstressed'
[15:57] the parody of (ansi.soderstrom) shortly, very short
[15:57] Latif Khalifa the first time i tried web profiles here it changed my agni DN
[15:57] Pauline Darkfury yeah, have heard of such things, Flip. Too many vertices or something like that
[15:57] Latif Khalifa perhaps it was fixed since
[15:57] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) it has latif
[15:58] NielArcher Latif, you can now. I changed mine on agni
[15:58] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) Ahhh, draconis neurocam != Draconis Neurocam
[15:58] F L I P (flip.idlemind) I've been told it's been fixed in Viewer 2, but is there anything that can be done about it on the server. (Like, you try to rez such a sculpt and the server goes "hellz nah!")
[15:58] Tammy Nowotny is it possible that the clocck on Aditi wd be 10 seconds slow?
[15:58] Moy (moy.loon) Lots of large alpha faces stacked, there's no depth map involved for alpha things, so it has to draw every single face, and when the polys are large, they take a while to render, mix that up with 200k+ large alpha polys that take up a lot of screen space, and it'll lag anyone
[15:58] SMILE (sigma.avro) in any case I changed pw about 10 days ago, and DN was not updated on aditi
[15:59] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) the tool might not copy DN
[15:59] Latif Khalifa it doesn't copy groups either, only inventory as far as i can see
[15:59] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) well thanks for coming today everyone
[15:59] Tammy Nowotny the clock on the viewer waited till 3:59:10 to rll over from 3:58
[15:59] Latif Khalifa groups here are as prospore left them
[15:59] Pauline Darkfury It copied some of my groups
[15:59] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) yeah I noticed groups, I was a member of groups that are defunct on Agni
[15:59] oobscure (opensource.obscure) thank you
[16:00] draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam) thanks, kelly, oskar, coyot
[16:00] SMILE (sigma.avro) thanks for your time Lindens. Byby all
[16:00] Pauline Darkfury Thanks, Lindens, take care, have a good one :)
[16:00] Tammy Nowotny I notice that too Kallista
[16:00] Coyot Linden yw
[16:00] Latif Khalifa thanks for the information oskar, kelly, coyot
[16:00] Tammy Nowotny bye Lindes
[16:00] oobscure (opensource.obscure) take care everybody
[16:00] Tammy Nowotny bye everyone
[16:00] NielArcher thanks guys
[16:00] Lares Carter Thanks for your time, Lindens
[16:00] Stickman Ingmann Thanks, bye!
[16:00] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) have a great weekend everyone!
[16:00] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) I'll get the chat.txt to you right away Oskar
[16:00] the parody of (ansi.soderstrom) save our bears
[16:00] SMILE (sigma.avro) has left the region.

[16:00] Latif Khalifa i should go program some evil bots on Fame
[16:00] Stickman Ingmann has left the region.

[16:00] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) come to my starcraft party if ur in Seattle
[16:00] Coyot Linden The right to arm bears
[16:00] the parody of (ansi.soderstrom) tc all
[16:00] Gearsawe Stonecutter has left the region.

[16:00] NielArcher starcraft party?
[16:00] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) l8r)