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Brautigan & Tuck Holdings (ACE:BNT) is an estate company/conglomerate that is the virtual world operation of M2B LLC. BNT owns/manages 49 sims across SL with themes ranging from business, residential, to educational and military. Known collectively as "Ancapistan", the estates of BNT recognise the property rights of their residents, and provide top quality customer service, sim security, and infrastructure. BNT's company website is which includes their land sales directory, listing many available properties of all kinds. Their sales and customer service personnel include: Duchess Shepherd, Kaddan Yue, Heather McKay, Cliff Eclipse, Hamncheese Omlet, Dylan Talon, and Rico Warilla..

BNT is an Extended Support Customer of Linden Lab, is a Registered Solutions Provider, Registration API participant, and is one of the Community Registration Beta project participants.


Founded in October of 2006, BNT is one of the older estate companies in Second Life. It was founded by CEO IntLibber Brautigan and his first partner, Tavi Tuck subletting land in the Surreal Estates.

A main target of the 2007 wave of PN griefing, BNT first assumed a 'War on e-Terror' posture to the security situation, developing the best security service in SL, Ng Security, and some innovative security devices like the Rat Thing agent profiler. Ng also infiltrated griefing groups to study them and engage in psyops. With greater understanding of the causes and participants in griefing, Ng changed its focus to adopt a 'juvinile crime' model of dealing with griefing, with economic opportunities and paths to legitimization for griefers who wanted a clean slate and a fresh start. With the cooperation of Linden Lab's Michael Linden, BNT's Ng team made significant strides in 'defanging' griefing groups by unbanning creative, productive members and giving them creative outlets and economic opportunities.

BNT was also the largest business ever to 'go public' on an inworld stock exchange, going public on the World Stock Exchange in April of 2007, raising L$13.5 million, which funded BNT's expansion from then 12 sims to 34 sims. Since that time, BNT has further expanded to 50 sims.

With over 50 sims, it is one of 35 estates receiving Extended Support from Linden Lab. With a professional, mature and experienced staff, BNT is able to provide 24/7 customer service in several languages.

BNT provides services to virtual and RL corporate clients, like Woodbury University, MBC, SL-Newspaper, Space Daily, and many others. In October of 2007 BNT founded the Ancapistan Capital Exchange to servie its Ancapistan continent and the SL community.