Rico Warilla

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Rico Warilla

President of [Amsltech] and a virtual persona of Dr. Mario bka [Doc Reo] aka [Mareo-Ahmir Lawson]. Originally Rico Warilla was written to be Rico Dawson. Dawson was a character in a script called "Starving Artists". This was a film/ television concept in 2003. The concept was originally written by William Folger of Industree Entertainment. Although Rico Warilla, is an entirely different character.

As a resident of Secondlife in 2006, Rico grew to learn about SIM security, terraforming, building, scripting and the community. As a part of the entry level security team for Bart Heart Estates (BHE), Warilla quickly learned land management techniques. After successfully purchasing land from BHE, Brautigan & Tuck Holdings(BnT), [Governor Linden] and a few other companies, By 2007 Warilla had been building, scripting and developing products with the SL AirCavalry.

As the Operations Officer to Major General Hermans (ret), later replaced by Major General Snook (ret) Colonel Warilla worked closely with SL AirCavalry Division Command. During that time he serve as a security liaison to BnT, and BHE. Rico joined Mark Locks team of NG Security specialists at BnT. Then he moved on to becoming a BnT Security Manger. While continuing to act as the security manager, Warilla was later promoted to VP of Marketing at BnT, before finally taking Amsltech into use for real world applications.

He also worked closely with Colonel McKay, Strategic Air Command, Major Kokobide XO, HR and Medical Command. Rico Warilla is still currently the Major General of AirCav division command.